Get Dunked with OREO in these selected Malls

If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary to do from late August through October, why don’t you just get dunked with OREO at these selected malls. The whole world loves OREO cookies and now is your chance to either be one or watch as others become OREOs. Everyone knows that an OREO is two chocolate cookies filled with a delicious white, creamy filling. The best way to eat an OREO is to twist the cookies apart, lick the creamy filling, and then dunk it into a glass of ice cold milk.

Get Dunked with OREO

It’s the dunking that will be the highlight at these fun filled mall events! The “OREO Get Dunked” velcro wall is the chance to put on an OREO cookie suit and dunk yourself against the wall! A special feature at these malls will be special parent-child tandem suits for a very strong bonding leap of faith!

OREO has always been a special cookie for both parents and children. If you’ve never shared an OREO with your parents you’ve missed out on some of the smiles of love that families share. If you’ve never shared OREO’s with your kids, now is the time! The Get Dunked Events are happening at malls near you!

In addition there will be OREO face painting, OREO word game booths (like Find the Word), OREO sticky darts, and a whole lot more activities designed with parents and kids in mind. The OREO ‘Get Dunked’ events will take place on August 29 at the SM Megamall, September 12 at Trinoma, September 26th at Market Market, and the Festival Mall on October 3rd. Don’t miss all the fun and good times.

Once again here are the dates of the events:

August 29 – SM Megamall
September 12 – Trinoma
September 26 – Market Market
October 3 – Festival Fall

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