Get Dunked with OREO in these selected Malls

If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary to do from late August through October, why don’t you just get dunked with OREO at these selected malls. The whole world loves OREO cookies and now is your chance to either be one or watch as others become OREOs. Everyone knows that an OREO is two chocolate cookies filled with a delicious white, creamy filling. The best way to eat an OREO is to twist the cookies apart, lick the creamy filling, and then dunk it into a glass of ice cold milk.

Get Dunked with OREO

It’s the dunking that will be the highlight at these fun filled mall events! The “OREO Get Dunked” velcro wall is the chance to put on an OREO cookie suit and dunk yourself against the wall! A special feature at these malls will be special parent-child tandem suits for a very strong bonding leap of faith! (more…)

Twist, Lick, Dunk Game while playing Bonding Puzzle @

So, what is this whole twist, lick, and dunk thing anyway? Well, it’s simple. OREO cookies are the most beloved cookies in the world and the way kids all over the world love to eat them is to take the two delicious chocolate wafers which have creamy white yummy cream inside them and twist them apart.

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Next you can lick the creamy white filling from both chocolate cookie sections, and finally- as if that isn’t enough – you dunk those tasty chocolate cookies into a big, tall, cold glass of milk. Actually, there is one step left and that is to eat the cookies! (more…)

San Marino Tuna Paella : Surprisingly Sensational

PAELLA de lata? Possible! Only with San Marino. From the innovative brand that brought the Corned Tuna that everyone just can’t get enough of, comes a new tuna variant that will definitely become another surprise hit among the Filipino consumers.

San Marino Tuna Paella

Paella, a well-known Valencian rice dish that made its way to our islands as did its Spanish originators, made its way also to our hearts and became a regular favorite on Filipino menus. Paella, however, is not an everyday dish because it is both costly and takes a lot of time to make – especially the seafood variety, which everyone particularly loves. (more…)

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