Oh My Gulay – More than just a Vegetarian Restaurant!

Let me point this out first. I’m not a vegetarian coz Its hard to pretend to be one. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love vegetarian food. In fact, I often find that vegetarian food is more delicious than anything that has meat in it.

Chow Chow Noodles
Chow Chow Noodles

I think it’s because vegetarian chefs are much more careful and conscious of the flavors they use in their recipes. It’s just a theory, but it would explain why vegetarian foods are so damn good.

vegetarian lumpia salad
Lumpia Salad

One of the best vegetarian restaurants I’ve ever eaten in is Oh My Gulay in Baguio City. This place is a freaking gem of a find. Not only is the food great, but the place itself looks like a big amusement park filled with incredibly fun art, crazy passages and twists in the architecture, and a real sense of the surreal.

vegetarian putaneska
Anak ng Putaneska

The food though is the real adventure. The Chef, Marlon Caranto makes each dish on the spot and seasons every dish to perfection. Usually I’m a hot sauce nut, but not at Oh My Gulay.

crepe with peaches
Super Sosy Crepe

Here is what I had for lunch today. The Super Sosy crepe which is stuffed with peaches and sweet cream and drizzled in chocolate ( 70 pesos), Chow Chow Noodles, egg noodles cooked with fresh veggies, soy sauce and hoisin ( 120 pesos), and some ice cold Lemonada (60 pesos). I know, it’s a lot of food, but it was worth it because I don’t get to eat food like this all the time.

I went back the same day to have early dinner, I had some Dayap Iced Tea (60 pesos), a Lumpia Salad of tofu, greens, and Asian dressing (110 pesos), and the Anak ng Putaneska which I saw on someone else’s table earlier. Capers and olives cooked in heavy garlic and served with fresh pasta. The spicy smell made my mouth water even while I was stuffing my face with the Super Sosy. It’s just 120 pesos, unbelievable!

I love this place. If Im gonna be staying here in Baguio City longer, I think I’d give up meat so I could spend more time eating Oh My Gulay’s amazing chow!

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