Crispy Lemon Chicken @ Ariels House Boracay

Wanna try Lemon Chicken Boracay Style? Try eating Lemon Chicken at Ariels House – a restaurant located only few meters from the famous White Beach.

best lemon chicken
Best Lemon Chicken in the Island

One of the things I love about White Beach is the fact that you can find so much incredible food there. No matter what you are looking for, you can probably find it. Of course, if you know where to look you will find food that will nourish your body and give you the fondest memories of your trip. One of my newest discovery and now one of my favorite spots to grab a bite to eat is Ariel’s House located in Boracay Beach Club.

If you are looking for a great place to sit and have drinks, enjoy the ambiance of White Beach, watch the bikini babes, and in general just have a good time, Ariel’s House is the place to be. It turns into a great party spot at night, but my favorite time to be there is around lunch time. The crowds are usually more manageable and you can find a table to sit and enjoy your food.

best boracay restaurants
Ariel’s House Specialty

If you are curious what to order, don’t worry everything is good. My personal recommendation though is the Crispy Lemon Chicken. Served hot and crispy with a mouth watering lemon sauce that is both sweet and sour at the same time. There is nothing better. Treat yourself right by ordering a beer or a shot of Mezcal to go with it.

inside boracay beach club
Boracay Beach Club

The waitresses are friendly, the food is great, and the location is prime. Oh, one more thing that makes it fantastic is that this isn’t some tourist meal that will cost you 5000 pesos either. Ariel’s House has some of the most reasonable prices near the White Beach.

with Olga Kovshanova – BBC’s Director of Sales & Marketing

In addition you can arrange tours to Ariel’s Nature Point, find reasonably priced accommodation, and instead of wondering who the corporate sloth who gets your money is, you can usually find the beautiful Russian Director of Sales & Marketing working at his place too.

That’s my kind of place for sure. Of course, it really is hard to go wrong in Boracay.

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