Caffe Ti-amo invades Manila

I’ts still Summer and the humidity in the Metro can become stifling at times. Now here’s the Good News! Another restaurant called Caffe Ti-Amo is now here in Manila to provide much needed relief since Italian gelato is their specialty.. prepare for some Gelato Looooove:)

Chocolate Gelato
Nothing beats Chocolate Gelato

In addition to the gelato they also have freshly brewed coffee, fruit based smoothies, waffles, fruit shakes and herbal teas. I love the gelato here since it is not too sweet which can be a huge turn off for me.

Gelato Waffles
Irresistible Gelato Waffles

Lots of people wonder just what exactly is the difference between ice cream and the Italian gelato. While we were interviewing the manager of Caffe Ti-Amo, I found out that gelato has half the fat of regular ice cream and uses only organic ingredients. Another reason why I love their gelato aside from the fact that it won’t make you fat, it also has a fabulous smooth consistency unlike ice cream and other gelatos I have tasted.

Honey Bread with Vanila Gelato
Honey Bread with Vanilla Gelato

Since I arrived early in their store opening, they offered me a sample of their Affogato which I find comparable to Starbucks version but it has vanilla gelato on top to make it more special.  The honey bread is an excellent choice here as well, imagine a thick honey break with vanilla gelato, blueberry and cinnamon on top.

Yogurt Mischiato
Yogurt Mischiato

One interesting dessert on their Menu is Mischiato – a Korean version of halo-halo. I first tried it in Anvaya Cove and I really liked it. Its like our very own halo-halo without saging na saba (banana), kamote (sweet potato), Ube (purple yam) and sago (black pearl / tapioca). 

Coffee Mischiato
Mischiato with Coffee Gelato

Among the galato flavors they have, I love their version of green tea. The green tea gelato has a tendency to be somewhat bitter but after putting caramel syrup on top of it, I cant describe it but its definitely good and the caramel seemed to do the trick.

Green Tea Mischiato
Mischiato with Green Tea Gelato

Food servings in Caffe Ti-Amo is good for sharing, so make sure to bring friends if you don’t want to end up bloated:)

Caffe Ti-amo Store Opening
Store Opening

Hopefully they will expand and put a Caffe Ti-Amo in major malls in Metro Manila. If they expand like they did in Korea, they will outnumber Starbucks, like they do there.

Caffe Ti-amo
Cafe Ti-amo’s first store

Caffe Ti-amo is located in the upper Ground Floor of  SM North EDSA Annex:)

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  • Brian Asis says:

    This is just pure love 😀 I just wonder how they fare against other gelato stores. This could be worth a try.

  • Marie says:

    I would love this for sure, ty for posting

  • internet fax says:

    Those gelato dishes look absolutely marvelous! Wow! I’m SO HUNGRY right now. Thanks.

  • ziggy says:

    is this the new venture of Jollibee Foods Corp? I heard they partnered with some company from Singapore for this one.

  • Alex says:

    would you have their contact numbers? i would like to know more about prospects for franchising. thanks!

  • mitzi says:

    i would like to know more abt caffe ti amo, coz i’m interested in getting a franchise…i love their waffle with 2 scoop of gelato ice cream…love it…

  • stan says:

    their hot choco with ghirardelli syrup is by far the BEST hot choc drink i have tried 😉

    the sweetness is just right with just a tad bitterness – its divine 🙂

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