Juicy Jollibee Chicken Barbeque : Delicious Inside and Out!

Since the lauch of Jollibee Chicken BBQ late last year, it instantly became my favorite all day meal.

Together with fellow foodies and some of the country’s top Chef’s, we were invited by Jollibee in an exclusive event held in Linden Suites to taste the Juiciest Chicken Barbeque in town.

Jollibee Chicken Barbeque Juicy
You really want Juicy?

What makes it different? The first thing I noticed was how tender and juicy the chicken was due to its trademark sauce which seeps all the way through the meat giving it a very sweet and smoky Pinoy barbeque flavor. Originally the chicken was served only with a sweet barbeque sauce but recently they have been offering a “Toyomansi” sauce to give customers more options for taste.

Tristan Encarnacion and Lyn Ching
Chef Tristan Encarnacion and Lyn Ching tasting the famous Chicken BBQ

It’s basically a combination of soy sauce and vinegar and comes with fresh calamansi. I found this sauce to be a welcome change from the normal BBQ sauce that is offered.

Jollibee also recently rolled out some exciting new combos again to give customers a wider array of choices. During the event, I tried the 1-piece Jollibee Chicken Barbeque with rice, while my friend Arpee and Noreen tried the Chicken BBQ with spaghetti value meal and the 1-piece chicken BBQ with Palabok value meal.

The chicken is also offered in a bucket of 12 pieces which is good for family picnic, small gathering or if you just want to pig out. You can also choose to split the bucket with 6 Chicken Joy and 6 pieces of Chicken BBQ if you want some variation.

I thought it was weird to pair the Jollibee Chicken Barbecue with Spaghetti and Palabok but wait till you taste it – You will surely come back for more:)

Jollibee Chicken Barbeque Juicy
Lyn Ching with Jollibee Executives

I found the different combinations and options not just interesting – it was also an exciting discovery. BBQ chicken can often times become a boring and run of the mill dish but with now with Jollibee there are many more ways to enjoy this favorite dish…. The Pinoy Way!!!

You can visit any Jollibee store nationwide to enjoy Jollibee’s Juicy Chicken BBQ, Or you can call 8-7000 for Jollibee Express Delivery (Metro Manila stores only).

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