Singapore Chicken Rice invades Manila

When I think of Singapore, I always ended up craving for Laksa and Chicken Rice. Last week, I got an sms invite for a food tasting event in one of the newest fast food in Cubao – The Original Singapore Chicken Rice. Finally, the delicious White Chicken Rice is now available in a food chain and its really really affordable. Can you imagine a set meal of Chicken Rice, ginger and chili sauce, chicken soup and freshly squeezed Calamansi Juice for only P110?

Singapore Chicken Rice
Famous Chicken Rice

Singapore Chicken Rice all started in Mandarin Orchard Hotel in Singapore and made famous by Chef Steven Lim. Now this famous award-winning food from Chatterbox is now being served in almost all five star restaurants around the world. After Chef Steven Lim – the Food and Beverage director of Mandarin Orchard Hotel retired, Shyan Lim, his son continued the legacy by establishing a restaurant wherein everyone can enjoy the popular dish in a very affordable way. (more…)

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Heart Warmers : Singapore’s Hot Desserts

Text and Photos by : Leona Nepomuceno

After enjoying the cool desserts and snacks around the Bedok Hawkers Center, I cannot resist trying out their warm to hot counterparts pictured in the backlighted menu of a vegetarian stall. It reminded me of my favorite comfort food, “guinataan halo-halo” and the rest of its variants like bilo-bilo ( sticky rice balls) mais (sweet corn), and munggo(green or red bean). Most of the items in the menu are too exotic for my taste. Can you imagine snacking on “ papaya fungal “ and “Red date fungi”?

Singapore's Hot Desserts

From the menu, I chose a mono-colored warm soup in black, the sesame paste. I was imagining the scent of toasted and crushed sesame seeds , nutty and buttery. (more…)

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Chocolate is always sweeter than Roses

Roses are red. Violets are blue. But they’re deeply unoriginal, and costly, too.

So instead, why not spread the sweetness of the season by indulging in a love triangle—all you have to do is log on to for great ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day in sweeter and more original ways.


What’s Not to Love?

Digital Love

Log on to and check out the Toblerone Fanpage where a community of like-minded, chocolate lovers await. This interactive site invites users to share their thoughts on different V-day traditions and gift ideas making it easier for singles and couples to share the sweetness of February. (more…)