Win a Starbucks 2010 Planner from Singapore

Year 2009 is about to end and as we welcome the new year, we always plan ahead and even some of us are still writing their own New Years Resolution.

Starbucks Planner contest
Win 2010 Starbucks Planners from Singapore

Need a new Starbucks 2010 Planner? Everyone seems to be crazy collecting stickers from Starbucks to avail of their 2010 Starbucks Planner giveaway.

I just got two 2010 Starbucks Planners from Singapore and Its now up for grabs. How to Join? Checkout the contest mechanics below ->

How to Join:

  • Contest is open to Philippine residents only.
  • Join the contest posting your top 3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila in the comment box.
  • Contest runs from December 17 to December 27, 2009.
  • Winners will be announced on December 28 through this blog and will be contacted via e-mail.

You may also want to join Out of Town Blog’s contest called Want to Win a Schützen planner?

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  • karen claridad says:

    top 3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila:
    – Lolo Dad’s
    – Red Kimono
    – Dampa (Baclaran/Paranaque)

  • My top three would have to be Shinjuku, Dayrit’s, and Shang’s Circles

  • jona says:

    My top three restaurants in Manila are:

    1. Mann Hann– for it’s stir fried clams with tausi and pancit pata
    2. Savory– chicken of course
    3. Taste of Asia — salt and pepper pork

  • Rem says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila are: Elbert’s Steak Room, Paparazzi Italian Restaurant, and Inagiku Japanese Restaurant. Hope I win! Merry Christmas!!

  • AudreyRose says:

    Here’s my top 3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila: Red Crab/Crustasia, Conti’s Pastry & Restaurant and Racks.

  • Gemma Manzanero says:


    Below are my top three restaurants in Metro Manila:


    Asia has arguably the best cuisines in the world, and one restaurant excels at most of them (the Southeast Asian ones, anyway). Banana Leaf dishes out greatest hits from Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam with flair and the stamp of authenticity only chefs native to the region can give. If you doubt, just peer through the kitchen window at the Malaysian and Indian cooks tossing roti canai like pizza. At Banana Leaf, the recommended mode of eating is pan-Asian, letting your taste buds travel like a parachute journalist. Sample Singapore in the mussels or clams stir-fried in chili sauce. Visit India through tilapia fish drizzled with Assam sambal. Taste a bit of China in that comfort-food classic, Hainanese chicken rice. Banana Leaf deflates the myth that Filipinos don’t like spicy food. And the atmosphere is strictly casual, communal and laid-back — eating from a banana leaf (with your hands, preferably) tends to reinforce a relaxed vibe.

    Banana Leaf is on the 2nd level of The Podium, Ortigas Center, tel. 687-6808 and 687-6818, with four other branches in Greenbelt 3, Makati; Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati; The Block in SM North Edsa; and Robinsons Place Manila.


    Let’s be honest: there’s very little authentic “American cuisine” because America is a melting pot of tastes and cultures. But nothing beats a good hamburger. I’ve sampled delicious, overgrown burgers here, but the best to my taste is the fare at Burgoo. Everything’s big — portions you’ll be savoring for a few extra meals, at least — but it’s surprisingly hard to get a delicious patty of ground beef just right, and Burgoo manages it. The Grilled Chicken American and buffalo wings are standouts, and the fries, onion rings and milkshakes are a delicious treat as well.

    Burgoo branches are at Gateway Mall, Greenhills Promenade, Tomas Morato, Robinsons Galleria, Power Plant and SM Mall of Asia.

    For other great burgers, go to Chili’s (an American franchise, locations in Greenhills and Greenbelt 2, Makati), try out the exotic Wagyu Burger at Malcolm’s Place, Makati, and savor the reliably wonderful Americaine at Café Breton (SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 4, The Podium).


    For classic French cuisine, the new player in town is Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie. It boasts a show kitchen, a great wine bar and excellent pastry, of course. But you’ll come back for classic favorites like seared duck foie gras, Russian Osetra caviar, or to try surprising items like the duck consommé (served with a foie gras ravioli at center) or Chilean sea bass on pumpkin Mousseline. Pricey, but worth the experience.

    Aubergine is located at 32nd and 5th Bldg., Fort Bonifacio. Tel. 856-9888.

    Other options for French classic cuisine include hotel eateries such as Prince Albert Rotisserie (Hotel Inter-Continental, 815-9711 loc. 571) or Red (Makati Shangri-La Hotel, 840-0884), or Billy King’s old staple, Le Soufflé, at The Fort (887-5108 to 09), Rockwell (890-6543) and Citibank Tower, Makati (750-5810). Despite its Pinoy-sounding name, Lolo Dad’s Cafe on Quirino Ave., cor. Leon Guinto St. Malate, serves up classic French cuisine ”with gusto” like panfried duck liver, roast rack of lamb, steamed seabass, duck confit and double espresso soup.


  • Meikah Delid says:

    My top 3 restaurants in the Metro are as follows:

    1. Italianni’s – service and food are winners. There’s not a dish in Italianni’s that you regret having ever!

    2. Spiral Restaurant of Sofitel Philippine Plaza – Nothing tops this combination: excellent food, good customer service and a fantastic view of the Manila Bay. Only in Spiral!

    3. Marriott Cafe of Shangri-La Plaza Hotel – Newly opened, yet it’s getting to be the new dining destination in Metro Manila. While seated for their sumptuous meals, you get a view of the greens from Villamor Air Base Golf Course. Truly a gastronomic delight! 🙂

  • Pat_J says:

    Tokyo Cafe

  • Khursten says:

    love these three:

    1.) Seryna in Little Tokyo – nice heartwarming washoku restaurant.
    2.) Amici – pricier than the last, but I really love the whole cafeteria-esque Italian restaurant. I realized after going to Italy, the flavors are no different, at times it’s even better. Oh, their gelato is good too!
    3.) Dong Bei – I’d give anything to have those dumplings again.

  • YUE says:

    2:Maru-chan(Cheap & tasty ramen place)
    3:Capricciosa (I go there quite a lot these days)

    Sorry if its not so new for you. (;^^)

  • Jeenee says:

    Chocolate Kiss, The Old Spaghetti House, Dampa. Merry Christmas!:)

  • genevieve co says:

    3.le souffle

  • Aileen Apolo says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurant’s in Manila:

    (1) Henry’s Place at Burgos Circle
    (2) Dayrit’s
    (3) Chi’s Brick Oven (BF)

  • Arvin Ello says:

    My Top 3 restaurants would be:
    (1) Yaku Japanese Grill,
    (2) Tempura,
    (3) Conti’s.

  • Melody says:

    my top 3 restaurant in metro manila:

    1. Omakase
    2. Gloria Maris
    3. T.G.I. Friday’s

  • Bachuchay says:

    My Top Three favorite Restos are:

    1. Italliani’s
    2. Savory
    3. Sugi

  • Mariellen Cruz says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila are:
    1. Itallianis
    2. Shangrila Circles
    3. Tony Roma

  • Allan Reyes says:

    1.North Park

  • Alma Reyes says:


  • Kathleen Lopez says:

    My top three favorite restaurants in Metro Manila are:

    1.) Lolo Dad’s Brasserie in Makati because of their Lamb Chops – just the right tenderness, with juicy goodness and bold flavor. Definitely a sure winner to anyone’s taste! 🙂

    2.) Sentro 1771 Restaurant in Makati, Greenbelt 3 for their Sinigang na Corned Beef – a very unique version of the traditional sinigang. You’ll absolutely go back for more.

    3. ) Zamboanga Restaurant in Malate because of their Kare-kare Seafoods – If you’re into seafoods, its a must.

  • Suzanne delos santos says:

    Top 3 favorite Restaurants

    1. California Pizza Kitchen
    2. Sentro 1771
    3. Museum Cafe

  • Romuald Maranoc says:

    1. Tony Roma’s
    2. Conti’s
    3. Italliani

  • clarice says:

    My top 3:

    amici – i love its homey ambiance and of course, its gelato!
    cibo – great food at affordable prices!
    senju – excellent food, fantastic service!

  • fritzie gomez says:

    top 3 best restaurant

    1. fish & co
    2. tempura
    3. Chillis

  • francis rojas says:

    top 3 resto

    1. Manhann
    2. Max’s
    3. Gloria maris

  • Julie Annie Marie Ferrer says:

    1.Bacolod Chicken Inasal – Robinsons Place Manila
    2.Lolo Dads

  • Maureen says:

    My top 3 would be:
    1. Mickey’s Delicatessen
    2. The Chocolate Kiss Cafe
    3. Cabalen (eat-all-you-can, baby!)

  • Vivian says:

    1. Jatujak – my favorite Thai resto; food is reasonably priced and they have the best Thai iced-tea and bagoong rice.
    2. Shanghai Bistro – our familys’ favorite Chinese fine-dining place. Food is always of great quality.
    3. CPK – we love their pizzas and their pastas, too! It’s a great family restaurant. My kids love it here.

  • Colwin says:

    1. Cafe Breton – Tomas Morato Branch. *

    2. Chef Choi – Greenhills.

    3. Gloria Maris – Greenhills. 🙂

  • Ronald says:

    1. Shanghai Bistro- i think their beef steak here is the best
    2. Trellis – the best sisig
    3. Wok Yan – i’ll keep on coming back here for their “sipa”

  • Jessica says:

    Top 3 fave restos:
    1. Dad’s
    2. Max’s
    3. North Park

  • Marianne says:

    My top 3 restaurants in Manila:
    1. Dencio’s
    2. Chili’s
    3. Gumbo

  • rodeliza lacaba says:

    my top 3 resto here in metro are:

    1. maxs – SM Manila
    2. Chocolat- MOA
    3. Old Spaghetti House- SM manila

  • Ria Jose says:

    My top 3 restaurants in Metro Manila:

    1) Conti’s
    2) Nihon Bashitei
    3) Cibo

  • Jane says:

    My top 3 restaurants in Metro Manila:

    1. Fish & Co. – the fish & chips is just one of the dishes I love
    2. Italiannis – healthy all the way
    3. Amici – pasta forever!

  • Rosselle Guico says:

    My top three favorite restaurants in Metro Manila are:

    1. Chef d’ Angelo

    2. North Park

    3. Misato

  • GayzMB says:

    My Top 3 Restaurants in the Metro were the ff:

    1. CUILLERE – carabao milkshake. dbest!



  • cherry says:

    my top 3 fave resto in the metro …
    1. chelsea – the fort
    2. cyma
    3. cafe breton

  • Abegail Galmesa says:

    My top 3 are:

    1. Delifrance
    2. California Pizza
    3. Pancit Malabon

  • Alvin says:

    My Top 3 Restaurants:
    1) Conti’s – Serendra
    2) Shinjuku – along Makati Avenue
    3) Emerald Garden – along Roxas Boulevard

  • Jennifer Manangan says:

    My top 3 Restaurants here in metro manila

    – Pancake House – yummy dishes
    – Greenwich – simple but delicious
    – Burgoo – love the stake

  • Jennifer Manangan says:

    My top 3 restaurants in manila are

    – Burgoo -love the steak
    – Greenwich – simple but delicious
    – Pancake House – breakfast meals are so yummy

  • Apple says:

    My top 3 restaurants are :

    1 Tempura
    2 Chilis
    3 Baang coffee at morato

  • aaron says:

    My top 3!!! ^_^

    Elbert’s Steak Room

  • ria villareal says:

    my favorite restaurant:

    1. Cyma
    2. Circles – makati shang rila
    3. chillis

  • Nollie Austria says:

    Top 3 Fav Resto:

    1. Sugi
    2. Itallianis
    3. North Park

  • Gail says:

    My 3 most favorite restos in the Metro:
    ~ Burgoo
    ~ Bacolod Chicken Inasal
    ~ The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

  • ria says:

    my top 3 restaurants:

    1. North Park.
    2. Sentro 1771.
    3. Balducci’s in Serendra.

  • Since I’m a fan of pizza and pasta…
    – Yellow Cab
    – Teriyaki Boy
    – A veneto

  • Leslie Cruz says:

    My top 3 restaurants in Manila:

    1. Burgoo – Podium / Rockwell

    2. Texas Roadhouse – High Street

    3. Tony Roma’s – Alabang Town Center

  • Marizen Villamora says:

    My top three favorite restaurants are Sizzling Pepper Steak, Burgoo and Mannangs restaurant in Megamall. Sizzling Pepper Steak’s Hamburg combos are fantastic. The portions are large and the vegetables are fresh. The sizzling hamburger is mouthwatering and absolutely delicious. On the other hand, Burgoo’s grilled porkchops are my favorite. Served together with potato wedges and corned salsa, it was a real treat that I never get tired of ordering. Mannang’s sizzling tofu was a mainstay in my orders because I don’t feel guilty indulging in it because even if it’s very tasty and delicious, it’s still health food.

  • Louange says:

    Favorite restos in the metro:

    Five Cows
    The Sandwich Guy

  • Heidi Lanzador says:

    1. Italiannis
    2. Fish & Co.
    3. Mann Hann

  • Juvie says:

    This are my top 3 restaurants:

    1. Martin’s Cuisine – Chinese Cuisine
    2. Trinity Dampa – Filipino Cuisine
    3. World Chicken – Mix

  • 1. Spiral Restaurant
    2. Italliani’s
    3. Cyma

  • Leilani Cruz says:

    my top 3

    schwarzwalder german restaurant



  • carla says:

    My fave restaurants in the Metro are Five Cows, Pho Hoa and Chocolate Kiss! 😀

  • rochelle says:

    in no particular order:

    – Izakaya Kikufuji
    – Tokyo Cafe
    – Swagat Indian Cuisine

  • aeirin says:

    1. Dampa
    2. T.G.I. Friday’s
    3. North Park

  • Leonardo G. Llagas says:

    My top 3 Fave restaurants

    MAX’s for the chicken

    Jollibee for chicken

    KFC for the chicken


  • ma.victoria m. cinco says:

    haven’t tried much new resto’s around… so, my old time fave would be:

    ding hao

  • Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    In no particular order, they are:

    Tokyo Tokyo, Sbarro and Shakey’s

  • MJ says:

    Three fave resto’s? definitely it’s Som’s near Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Friuli for cheap Italian cravings within UP Teacher’s Villlage and of course Chocolate Kiss for their Devil’s Food Cake;)

  • Chris says:

    I eat the most times here (so therefore, they’re my faves 🙂 ):

    1.) Dad’s/Saisaki
    2.) Sala Bistro
    3.) Jimmy’s Bar and Grill

  • Helen Paler says:

    My Top 3 restaurants

    1. TGIF

    2. Fish and Co.

    3. Tony Roma’s

  • Bagel Betorin says:

    1. Chonam
    2. Adarna
    3. Max

  • Cherry says:

    My top 3:

    1. Toho (BF, P’que)
    2. Amici
    3. Old Spaghetti House

  • Laura says:

    1. Cyma
    2. Pho Hoa
    3. Cibo

  • Mylene says:

    my favorite restaurants in now particular order:

    – Paparazzi
    – Sugi
    – Elbert’s Steak Room

  • Mylene says:

    my favorite restaurants in no particular order:

    – Paparazzi
    – Sugi
    – Elbert’s Steak Room

  • Jeremiah says:

    1. Amici
    2. Metro by TokyoTokyo
    3. Gerry’s Grill

  • mai dujunco says:

    my top three:

  • crysh says:

    my top 3 favorite restaurants are Dampa, Italiani’s, Dencio’s. 🙂

  • Colwin says:

    1. Conti’s

    2. Congo Grill

    3. Max’s

  • Ronald Ong says:

    my top 3

    1. HEAT @ EDSA Shangri-la
    2. Abe
    3. Via Mare

  • Chris says:

    My top 3 restaurants are: Cyma, North Park and Agave

  • janine says:

    Top Picks:
    1. Cyma
    2. Kitchen
    3. Cibo

  • Michelle says:

    1. Fridays
    2. Pho Hoa
    3. Circles

  • hanfaye says:

    The third spot goes to… *drumroll* CHOCOLATE KISS!

    Second place goes to… *drumroll* BIGOLI!

    and the first place goes to……. DENCIO’S 😀

  • my top 3 restaurants in Manila are

    -Pancake house

  • pam says:

    My Top 3 restaurants:
    1. Zong
    2. Conti’s
    3. Italliani’s

  • torque15 says:

    yellow cab, italliani’s, cibo

  • Gerlie Rivera says:


  • shirley ngo says:

    my top 3 fave restos:

    1. dencio’s
    2. fish & co.
    3. saisaki

  • ollie balete says:

    top- 3 restos for me would be:

    1. Max’s
    2. Cibo
    3. Savory

  • Jan Rico says:

    Top 3!
    1) Max’s
    2) Pancake house!
    3) Cafe Breton

  • ars68 says:

    Congo Grille

  • shirley ngo says:

    The top 3 restos or me:

    1. dencio’s
    2. fish & co.
    3. dampa

  • Stonibert Lim says:

    1.) KIMPURA – the tastes of their food never fades even after all these years
    2.) SPIRAL – the best buffet in town, complete and yummy.
    3.) HANOBE – great chinese food in the middle of QC

  • sea says:

    gerry’s grill, old spaghetti house, and seafood island

    thank you!

  • resly says:

    best resto

    Tokyo tokyo

  • Joy Cruz says:

    my favorites:

    jasmine (new world hotel)

    prince albert rotisserie (hotel intercontinental)

    alba restaurante espanol (bel-air, makati)

  • Merlinda B. Little says:

    My fave restos are Max’s, French Baker and World Chicken!!!!!!!

  • John Lerry Palma says:

    1. Five Cows
    2. Cyma
    3. Il Ponticello

  • jo marie says:

    top 3 manila restaurant:

    1. Dome cafe
    2. conti’s pastry shop and restaurant.
    3. Sugi

  • Ramon Chan says:

    1. Highlands steakhouse
    2. Inagiku
    3. Cafe Juanita

  • My Top 3 Restaurants are as follows:

    1. CPK (California Pizza Kitchen)
    2. Chelsea
    3. KFC

  • Melissa says:

    1. Italianni’s
    2. Dencio’s
    3. Lolo Dad’s

  • Lalaine says:

    My top 3 fave restaurants are:

    1) Sbarro
    2) Yellow Cab
    3) Bigby’s Cafe


    My 3 top favorite restaurants in Manila (by virtue of our dining frequency) are:
    1. Cibo
    2. Omakase
    3. Phoa

    oh and did i mention that i really, really like that planner?! hehehe!

  • 1. Pizza Hut
    2. Andok’s
    3. Mang Inasal

    wish Starbuck’s have a restaurant! hek hek hek! peace out!

  • John E. says:

    My top 3 are:

    1. Fridays Glorietta
    2. Outback Glorietta
    3. Max’s

  • 1. Sumo Sam
    2. Ledge
    3. Lily’s kitchen

  • Cherry says:

    1. Toho (BF, P’que)
    2. Amici
    3. Old Spaghetti House

  • Shabby says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants are Isshin, Italianni’s, and Army Navy.

  • kate says:

    wow! i’ve never really though of my favorite restaurants until now. I mean I like eating out so it’s hard to choose. But here are my faves (i guess) according to how many times we visit them.

    my top 3 restaurants are:
    1. Cibo
    2. North Park
    3. Cafe Mediterranean

    I hope i win 😀

  • Pop_Beans says:

    1) Mann Hann
    2) Pizza Hut
    3) Dads/Kamayan/Saisaki

  • bella says:

    MY TOP 3 Restaurants

    1. JOLLIBEE – my all time favorite…. (Wahahaha)..eating at Jollibee makes me remember my childhood days! Isa pa!Isa pang Chicken Joy!

    2.ARISTOCRAT – Fine dining it is!

    3.Pizzaniro – here is where i spend quality time with my friends….I love the 32 inch pizza! yummy!!

  • jamie says:

    dusit thani
    pho hoa
    the old spaghetti house

  • anne says:

    me n my family travel all the way from pampanga just to eat at –

    1. TGI Fridays – jack daniel sauce!
    2. Elbert’s Steak – that philly cheese..ohh
    3. Contis – empanadas..brownies..


  • chai says:

    Flap jacks
    Crocodile grill

  • Encar Basa says:

    Merry Christmas!

    There are so many great restaurants here in the Metro. This is a tough one.

    Here is my top 3 ( in no particular order)
    1. Mamou- located at Serendra, The Fort, Makati
    2. Omakase- located in Muntinlupa and Quezon City
    3. Sentro 1771- Greenbelt, Makati City

  • Top restaurants in Metro Manila.

    1. Rasa (Araneta Cubao)
    Asian Cuisine with different twists and flavors!
    This is where I tasted ice tea with dragon fruit seeds!

    2. iRepublik (Tomas Morato)
    Ilocano dishes at its finest!
    The flavors would compel you to chew and
    relish the flavor, Sarap to the last butil ng bigas!

    3. Eat My English (Ortigas)
    This one is not reallt part of metrowalk but its
    along the same street. It can convert itself from a
    restaurant to a hip bar. Great food and affordable prices!

  • Don Dieta says:

    My top 3 restos!
    1. Gloria Maris
    2. Conti’s
    3. A veneto

  • Paolo P. says:

    1. Shinjuku
    2. Peking Garden
    3. Dencio’s

    simply put.

  • Picking one’s top 3 favorite restaurants is a subjective opinion. My choice of restaurants may vary from others’ as I take into consideration other factors as well.

    1. TGI Fridays – This has become one of the places I usually frequent to when I was still with my former girlfriend. Thanks to Jack Daniel’s taste, and the free desserts (Mocha Mudpie and Oreo Madness) Friday dubdubs always give us when we go there, Friday’s has become one of the most memorable places for us.

    2. Cocina Juan – A little restaurant along the street of Maginhawa in Quezon City. Their Chumichurri sauce stands out and tastes great. Not to mention their other foods (burritos, nachos, etc.) that taste great as well. It has become a default place for my friends and I to enjoy each other’s company and experience the wonderful food.

    3. Dencio’s – Nice food and service. And, it has been the place for a number of reunions and family gatherings I attended to.

  • Ann says:

    Crocodile Grill – seafood pasta
    Sbarro – pizza
    Super Bowl – lemon chicken

  • Cath says:

    3 favorite restaurants in Manila

    1. sbarro
    2. kenny rogers
    3. recipes

  • Ma. Paula Rhove R. Ortega says:

    1. Gerry’s Grill
    2. Gumbo
    3. Dampa


  • I’m such a muncher. And these are my fave stops.

    1. Sbarro
    I uber love their Chicago deep dish and zitti specially if its with the white sauce. ummm..yummy.

    2. Mangan
    If you’re craving for something that’s oh so pinoy, check out Mangan’s best dishes. And I uber recommend their sinigang na hipon. Plus, they’ll give you free camote strips as appetizer while you wait for your order. They have branches in key places all over the Metro but I suggest that you try their spot in MOA.

    3. North Park
    Love their brocolli dish and lemon chicken. Bestest of all North Park I’ve been to is the one in Trinoma. Actually, masarap talaga all of their offerings.


  • 1. Café Mary Grace
    2. Red Mango
    3. Taco Bell

  • sherwin g says:

    my top 3 restaurant

    1. heaven n egg
    2. Tempura
    3. Racks

  • Oliver Datinggaling says:

    1. Kimono Ken
    2. J.T. Chicken inasal
    3. Conti’s

  • kahodin says:

    3 fave restos: burgoo’s, congo grille, cibo

  • wujum says:

    1. Kimpura (wish Glorieta branch was still open)
    2. Spiral (best buffet ever, very expensive though)
    3. Mexicali (best Mexican-American burritos!)

  • joyce says:

    my top 3 fave resto:
    1. Sugi
    2. Amici
    3. North Park

  • MARILEN says:

    1. Bubble Tea House – yummy and affordable Japanese food
    2. Dad’s – you cannot ask for anything more
    3. Shakeys – food are sinfully delicious

  • Machi says:

    1. Mann Hann

    -comfort food. My parent’s favorite. Whenever we eat out, its either Mann Hann or Causeway. We seldom eat at other restaurants. Our favorite branch is in SM North Edsa because of their “personalized” service (Suki na kasi kami). I love their silken tofu, beef with broccoli, pork asado, pansit, etc etc etc. Very affordable for the food’s serving and deliciousness.

    Mouth waters…drool.

    2. Causeway Seafood Restaurant in Banawe

    -who doesnt like affordable dimsum that is being served in carts beside your table. My favorite is the beancurd dimsum. I love beancurd skin. :D. All you have to do is forget that youre on a diet and eat to your heart’s content. Wont burn a hole in your pocket.

    3. Balsa in Malabon

    -fresh seafood (baked tahong is a must try). Crispy but not-too-oily sisig. Affordable price. Romantic but homey ambiance.

  • angeline says:

    1. antonio’s
    2. la tienda
    3. lili’s at the hyatt

  • don says:

    1. antonio’s
    2. cyma
    3. gloria maris

  • Judson Hernandez says:

    1. North Park
    2. Super Bowl
    3. Sbarro

  • Colwin says:

    1. Gloria Maris

    2. Congo Grille

    3. TGI Fridays.

  • Calvin says:

    1. Savory – need i say why?
    2. Ma Mon Luk – best siopao ever
    3. Bubba Gump

  • Hope Lee says:

    my top favorite restaurants in the metro are:

    1. Cafe Mediterranean (love the garlic sauce and the veggie pizzas!)

    2. Healthy or Mini Shabu-Shabu (wanna have a healthy and fresh meal)

    3. dad’s saisaki kamayan (when i want to eat to death! haha!)

  • Jan Dustin Gopez says:

    1. Angeles Fried Chicken-for their camaron
    2. Aristocrat- for their seafood kare-kare
    3. The red crab-for their crabs


  • abigail ong says:

    Since i lived in Chinatown, the top 3 best place to eat in Chinatown is Sincerity Fried Chicken in Nueva St., Tasty Pork Chop in Masangkay St. and Pata Rice at Wai Ying in Benavides

  • Cheftonio says:

    I LOVE eating out so much I eat out 7 times a week!

    Anyway, my top 3 faves (disregarding price and cuisine type)
    1. Mr. Kebab (West Ave)
    2. Causeway (Banawe)
    3. MannHann (San Juan)

  • Alvin says:

    Top 3 Favorite Restaurants here in the Phils (Manila)
    1. Tempura for Japanese
    2. Causeway for Chinese
    3. Binalot for Filipino

    Advance Merry Christmas 🙂

  • amity ong says:

    1. Don Henrico’s
    2. Italianni’s
    3. Secret Recepies

  • sandy mu says:

    1. Spiral
    2. Circles
    3. Aristocrat

  • czaroma says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants:
    1. Savory
    2. Sbarro
    3. Dampa – SIS Restaurant

  • VVV says:

    1) Amici in Don Bosco
    2) Dampa in Macapagal
    3) Chocolate Kiss in UP

  • kaori says:

    My Top 3:

    C2 Classic Cuisine

  • travelista says:

    My top three restaurants in Manila are:

    1. Conti’s
    2. A veneto
    3. Pepper Lunch

  • The_Silencer says:

    My Top Restos:
    1. Zao – Neo-vietnamese resto (@ the Fort) – Best food and service.
    2. Brazil Brazil – Great grilled buffet (@ Metrowalk)
    3. Sumo Sam – Tasty Japanese Resto (@ Rockwell)

  • tess says:

    My top 3 restaurants are:

    Serye Cafe Filipino – for their Boneless Crispy Pata and Bibingka

    Cibo – for their pasta

    Sentro 1771 – for their Corned Beef Sinigang

  • Anthony says:

    1. Cibo
    2. California Pizza Kitchen
    3. T.G.I. Friday’s

  • mai says:

    1. Cafe Juanita
    2. Shokuji in Salcedo Village
    3. Flaming Wings in BF Paranaque

  • kasai says:

    My 3 top fave food servers are:

    Crocodile Grill – Love their seafood’s

    Aristocrat (Malate) – Love the Filipino cuisines

    Jollibee – always! their fried chicken & Spaghetti top it with peach mango pie & Rocky Road sundae .. makes you really full ( Forget about the calories sometimes har har har)

  • emiliana says:

    My favorite restaurants are :
    1) DADS
    2) Josephine’s (Tagaytay) – delectable Filipino food at its best!
    3) Casa Armas – spanish cuisine

  • Emmanuel says:

    Soms – Rockwell (Thai Resto) -> i love the chili beef, tom yam, and the nai cha! The restaurant is quite secluded but it’s worth the travel!

    Sinangag Express (a.k.a. SEx) -> corned tapa for the tapsilog and chilled taho are my two all time favorites. The prices are very affordable.

    Highlands China Palace in MOA (Chinese Resto) -> They cooked the Peking Duck we ordered into 3 different dishes. All are yummy! I also like their transparent kitchen.

  • Polly says:

    my fave restos are-

    Outback Steakhouse

  • Sam says:

    my top fave restos:

    1. SEAFOOD ISLAND (Trinoma) – for the garlic chicharon bulaklak
    2. ROCKEFELLER (Greenbelt) – for the rockefeller oyster
    3. SLICE N DICE (Q.C.) – you’ll get steak & yummy gravy for only P99

  • Vince Chua says:

    Top 3 restos in MM

    1. Abe
    2. Contis
    3. Peking Garden

  • Belinda says:

    my top 3 fave restaurants
    1. Avenetto
    2. Mann Hann
    3. Chilis

  • Colwin says:

    1. Gerry’s Grill

    2. Cafe Breton

    3. Peking Garden

  • aimee says:

    -cafe caruso

  • ana says:

    1. shinjuku – best ramen ever!!!
    2. bellinis – cozy comfy place and yummy italian food 🙂
    3. cyma – yummy version of adobo 🙂 🙂


  • Brown Pinay says:

    1. Dad’s
    2. TGIF
    3. Amici

  • Dax Daquiz says:

    3 favorite restaurants in Metro Manila

    * Contis

    * Cafe Mediterranean

    * Fish and Co.

  • Curtney Ann says:

    These are my favorite restaurants:

    1) Italliani’s
    2) Dad’s
    3) Dencio’s

  • Nina says:

    My Top 3 places for comfort food:
    1.) Little Asia (You can point at any menu item with your eyes closed and you can still be sure it’s good!)
    2.) Cafe Mediterranean (Great food without the guilt)
    3.) Alba’s (One word: Canonigo!) 😉

    It’s such a struggle to limit it to two, so please allow me to add a few more: 😉
    4.) Tokyo Cafe (Synonymous to “comfort” food. Even their sandwiches are extraordinary too. Yum!)
    5.) Classic Confections – (Absolute best desserts!)

  • Giecel Olaer says:

    My Top 3 Favorites Are:

    1. Gloria Maris – Greenhills
    2. MAXX’s – Anywhere!!!
    3. Ippon Yari – FCIE Complex


  • My Top 3 Resto’s!!!

    1. A-Venetto – Itallian food has never been yummier and cheaper! This is one classy resto with authentic tasting Pizza and Pasta won our heart with its affordable meals!

    2. Tony Roma’s – Ribs & Steak! The best Grilled Ribs in Town!
    Note: Their Baked Potato Skins (topped with cheese + bacon) is a MUST Try!

    3. Spiral – Damn their buffet is sure to fulfill any craving, name it they have it!

  • Andrew says:

    Pepper Lunch
    Buffalo Wings and Things

  • Billy says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants are:

    Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant
    Red Kimono
    Jerry’s Grill

  • sherwin erive says:

    mine would be
    1. Mangan
    3. kanin club

  • Chit says:


  • bevs says:

    Pizza Hut
    Pepper lunch

  • Gail says:

    California Pizza

  • Shiela says:

    Grilled Tomato

  • bonks says:

    Here’s my top three.
    Khao Pad
    Mann Hann
    Don Henrico’s

  • Nash says:

    My top three restaurant in Metro Manila are:

    1.Flap jack
    2. Abe Restaurant
    3.Black Bird’s Sea Food Island

  • ArnieSumalde says:

    North Park

  • Sherwin says:

    My top 3 favorite restaurants are:

    1. 77 Bar and Restaurant – the best tambayan!
    2. Saisaki – for buffet!
    3. Lime 88 – it serves the best aligue pasta!

  • Miguel Reyes says:

    Top 3 Restaurants in Metro Manila:

    1. Congo Grille
    2. Fish and Co.
    3. Seaside or “Dampa” Paluto Restaurants =p~

  • millette says:

    My top 3 restaurants are:

    Casa Armas
    Outback Steakhouse

  • Colwin says:

    1. Rai Rai Ken

    2. Tokyo Tokyo

    3. Kimono Ken

  • koi says:

    1. burgoo
    2. tempura
    3. cpk

  • mark says:

    1) Bubba Gump
    2) TGIFriday’s
    3) TOSH

  • Vea Alvaro says:

    1. Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5
    2. Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3
    3. Mesa in Greenbelt 5

  • Emmanuel says:

    1. Highlands China Palace @ MOA
    2. Som’s (Thai Restaurant) @ Rockwell
    3. Manong Pepe’s @ Taft Avenue

  • kitkathie says:

    My top three are:
    1. Spiral
    2. Omakase
    3. Antonio’s Tagaytay

  • The Old Spaghetti House

  • Ella Javier says:

    Top 3 Fave restaurants:

    1. Texas Smoke ‘Em (Greenbelt)
    2. Pink Pepper Steak (Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato)
    3. Clawdaddy (Bonifacio High Street)

  • Roi says:

    1. Komoro Soba
    2. Almon Marina
    3. Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

  • Razon’s of Guagua – Just love the Halo-halo there!
    North Park

    Just simple and affordable resto will do. 🙂

  • aianne roxas lim says:

    i love:
    1. itallani’s
    2. amici
    3. pepper lunch

  • May Ann says:

    My favorite restaurant in Manila are the following:
    1. Cafe Mediterranean
    2. Café Mary Grace
    3. Gloria Maris

  • CM says:

    The Old Spaghetti House
    North Park

    Yummy! ?

  • Colwin says:

    1. Flavors of China

    2. Peking Garden

    3. Amici

  • omar says:


  • Cherry says:

    1. Amici
    2. Toho (BF, P’que)
    3. Old Spaghetti House

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