The White Rabbit Restaurant Singapore

It was part of my stress relief trip to visit this popular Singapore restaurant called “The White Rabit”. Apart from the reason that its included in our itinerary, I became interested to visit this restaurant after reading some good reviews about their food and service.

prawn salad
The White Rabit Singapore

Good thing we have Wilson Wong, our knowledgeable and hospitable tour guide that lead us to the restaurant and helped us start rediscovering Singapore’s rich culinary tradition.

Who would have thought that this old British Army Chapel back in the 50’s can be transformed into a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is only few minutes away from the busy streets of Orchard Road but the area has a totally different character. Dining in the restaurant provides a very relaxing mood that can heighten your spirit while enjoying the music with your friends.

review White Rabit Singapore
I love Prawns:)

It was the first stop in our itinerary after leaving our things in the hotel and based on our overall experince, I can say that this restaurant was seriously a good place to eat. The first thing that captured my attention relentlessly was it’s astonishing décor. It has an outstanding interior with beautifully colored flooring set up and elegant mosaic tiles.

The space was lofty and what seemed an eye candy was the exotic furniture well placed in the distinct standing timber walls. I was really amazed on the restaurants simplicity and good interior design. The translucent glass windows, the ethnic styled lamps and the grills added a splendid beauty to the to the restaurants simple structure.

vegetable salad
Salad of chilled tiger prawns

I am a glutton and I’m not ashamed declaring it. Lol. I love food and I always look forward for great variety of meal. Thanks to STB for letting me discover this restaurant.

While the waiter takes our order, she suddenly asked me if I’m filipino and told me that she recalled me dining in the restaurant before. I just figured it out that It could be Arpee, since they also visited the restaurant a couple of months back.

highly recommended singapore restaurant
Singapore’s Best

For starters, Wilson tried the Chestnut and sweet onion soup with trompette mushroom and gruyere croutons while Jan Shim and I tried Salad of chilled tiger prawns with avocado puree, cherry tomatoes and diced sweet Philippine mangoes.

For the main course, I tried their roast bream served wilted spinach, chopped tomato and whelk salad while Jan and Wilson tried their Chestnut stuffed farm chicken served with carrot puree, brussels sprouts and thyme jus. I liked their roast bream, it has crispy skin, tender meat and you can really taste its freshness.

The White Rabit Singapore
Singapore’s Best kept Secret

I always look forward to experience new rich tastes, which The White Rabbit Restaurant helped me to get through with. I was really pleased with the varieties one can explore in the menu sheet and as far as I have tasted every dish is special in its own style, uniquely different and rich in taste.

Oh It was indeed a marvelous meal. What added to the credit was the superb service the waiters provided to us. If you are looking for a drink that is refreshing, there is a different lobby serving an array of drinks and cocktail in the bliss of soft music and air-conditioned comfort.

hotel singapore
Best Food in Singapore

This is what I call the icing on the cake. Do you want to know the secret why they have a good customer service? I found out that most of their staffs are Filipinos and that includes two bartenders, six captains and one kitchen staff.

I got all that I wanted from this restaurant visit and one thing I would definitely say is that the White Rabbit Restaurant is one of the best in Singapore… hmmm so far:)

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Tel: +65 6473 9965
Open Tuesday – Sunday lunch and dinner

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