Paella Marinara Lunch Buffet @ Dos Mestizos Boracay

Day 3 in the beautiful Island of Boracay : Its still windy and yes my stomach is still acting up but diarrhea cant stop my food hunt. After a short stop in the nearest Internet cafe, Nina and I walked towards Station 3 to tryout the Paella Buffet lunch at Dos Meztisos.

Paella Marinara @ Dos Mestizos Boracay
Paella Marinara Bueffet P250

We ordered Callos and Paella Buffet Lunch which can be availed for only P250 per plate.

callos recipe

The buffet Paella Lunch was served on refill basis and they will only serve you another plate of Marinara Paella upon request.

Mestizos Boracay
Complimentary French Toast

While waiting for the Paella Marinara, Callos was served together with the complimentary french toast. The Callos was extra ordinary, the meat was so tender and the taste is truly unforgettable.

Banana Shake
Banana Shake

After almost 25 minutes, the Paella was finally served. Its a perfect blend of rice, squid, clams, and shellfish but the taste is too plain for me.. nothing extraordinary.

Tapas Bar Boracay
Spanish Restaurant in Boracay

The Restaurants location makes this place very relaxing since its far from the party area and the crowded D’Mall. I’ll probably go back and tryout their Tapas and their famous Sangria.

Dos Mestizos
Sitio Manggayad, beside PNP Police Detachment Station 3
Boracay, Aklan
(036) 288-5786

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  • tuesday says:

    Marinara paella – I love love love that! I have not been to Boracay. Maganda ba?

  • @tuesday – I hope you can share the recipe if in case na try mo na magluto hehe… Boracay is Super!! I love it;)

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