Century Corned Tuna Food Bloggers’ Cook-off

Last Saturday was a busy day for Food Bloggers. After attending a Kraft Eden Cheese event at the Manila Hotel, we headed to The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street for another exciting event – The “Century Corned Tuna Bloggers’ Cook-off“.

Century Corned Tuna Canapes

Century Corned Tuna Canapes

Being a Chef Wannabe, I always find time to attend an event specially if there’s a Cook-Off or any activity that involves cooking or baking. We arrived way too early in the venue since there’s surprisingly no traffic in Roxas Blvd and Edsa. Upon arrival, I met old friends in Print Media and I was introduced to Chef Rosebud – the beautiful host of Quickfire, one of my favorite among local cooking shows.

The cook-off concept was prepared ala Iron Chef. A similar set of ingredients were provided to both competing teams with the goal of creating an appetizer and a main dish using Century Corned Tuna which should be finished in an hour.

recipes with tuna
Century Corned Tuna Canapes

After the food preparations, the food will be judged based on the following criteria : Plating (20%), Originality (20%), Taste (25%) and the Innovative Use of Century Corned Tuna (35%).

food recipes with tuna
Century Corned Tuna in Fusilli Pasta

Our team decided to prepare Corned Tuna Fusilli Pasta and Corned Tuna Canapes since its easy to prepare and the taste is already somehow familiar.

Red Salted Egg
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

While the two teams are busy cooking, Chef Rosebud and JM Rodriguez prepared some exciting games for the bloggers and celebrity guests. We were able to finish first and while waiting for the other team to finish, I decided to prepare additional set of Corned Tuna Canapes for others to enjoy:)

Bloggers Cook-Off Ingredients
The Ingredients

Team B which was headed by Ajay were able to cook Corned Tuna Quesadilla for appetizer and Asian-inspired Tuna Pasta with Spinach, Asparagus, Almonds and Miso.

Thats Me:)

Thats Me:)

Team B was declared as the winner for the Food Bloggers cook-off and after the announcement, I congratulated Ajay and the rest of her teammates. Our team got Century Bangus Fillet (box of six) for each member as a consolation prize.

Fresh Asparagus
Fresh Asparagus

That event was actually one of the best food event that I have attended this year. Now I’m so eager to look for recipes that I can cook and feature in this blog with the use of Corned Tuna and Century Bangus Fillet. Soon!!!!

The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street

The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street

*Apologies for lack of photos, we were busy cooking during the event:) (thanks to Ryan Resurreccion for some photos posted here)

Thank you Century Corned Tuna, Rogue Digital and The Stock Market.

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