Pancit Malabon Express secret revealed

Have you had a fast-food burn-out recently? When pizzas, burgers and fried chicken are just “blah” to your taste buds and you are looking for “local” comfort food? And thoughts of countryside savories abound in your head?

Pansit Malabon Express
Pinoy Food at its best!

But, you are trapped in the urban jungle? Search no more! Dial 828-88-88 Pancit Malabon Express’s delivery service.

All the goodness of traditional Pancit Malabon delivered right at your doorstep.They claim to have the best Pancit Malabon because of their trade secret……….. their very own pure patis and tinapang bangus cooked in their own smokehouse.

pinoy paella
Malabon Seafood Rice

Sliced hard-boiled eggs, shrimps, slivered squid and pork, ground tinapa (smoked bangus) , ground chicharon (crispy pork skin), cabbage, onions, rice noodles and achuete oil mixed together for a superb seafood rice noodle concoction . Go to to see how this native noodle dish is made.

They’ve got more! Order a pancit sa bilao and you get free barbeque. Their barbeque are made from thin slices of pork tenderloin and comes with a flavorful sauce that is not to sweet , a perfect compliment to the Pancit Malabon.

Pancit Malabon Express delivery service
Pancit Malabon

Their grilled boneless bangus is stuffed with tomatoes , onions , garlic and a stick of lemongrass. All the goodness of home cooking!

If you are craving for a more filling savory local dish, try their seafood rice. At first glance it looks like a paella. But the taste is so different because it is actually bagoong rice with seafood topping.

Pancit Malabon Express
Don’t forget its 828-8888

Want to share your Pancit Malabon story? Blog about it, notify us via the comment section about your blog entry and win P1,000.00 worth of gift certificate from Pinoy Cravings.

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