Le Saint Michel Crepes : The best Crepe in the Island

Whenever I visit Boracay, I always make sure to tryout new crepe flavors @ Le Saint Michel Crepes.

Golden Heart Crepe
Best Crepe in the Island – Golden Heart P145

It was during the DBP Roro Race Boracay Leg when I first got the chance to taste their famous crepe.

Great Heart Crepe
Great Heart P145

When it comes to Crepe, I love the sweet ones more than the one with savory fillings. The first crepe I had in the crepe bar was called “Great Heart” – it has Fresh Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream and chocolate syrup on top.

Banana Chocolate Crepe with Ice Cream
Banana Chocolate P145

On my second visit which was last April, I tried their Banana Chocolate Crepe – it has sliced Cavendish banana with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Le Saint Michel Crepes
Boracay Crepe Bar

My third was last May when I had “Golden Heart” – another sweet crepe with fresh Mango and Peach with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup.

A crêpe is a type of very thin pancake which was originated in Brittany – a northwestern region in France.

Le Saint Michel Crepes
Le Saint Michel Crepes

Considered as a national dish of France, Crepes nowadays is one of the most popular snack or desert in almost any part of the globe.

The restaurant is located right beside Aria Italian Restaurant in D’Mall Station 2 in Boracay.

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