I Luv Backyard BBQ Grill Boracay

I’ve been wanting to visit this restaurant since January but I guess I have a different line up of restaurants to visit back then. Last Sunday was my last night in the island so I asked Nina if she wants to tryout the restaurant too, she said yes so we ended up ordering and waiting for our food in their dining area.

Honey Mustard Babyback ribs
Honey Mustard Spareribs P225

I love the dining area’s interior design, its western, a bit humorous and very Pinoy too. I ordered Honey Mustard Spareribs while Nina had their Best Belly (grilled pork liempo).

Best Belly
Best Belly P190

After waiting for over 20 minutes, the food was finally served. I think the food servings was good enough for its price but the way they serve the barbeque is a little bit unusual for me. Picture a barbecue dish on a sizzling plate with mixed veggies and fried egg???

Honey Tea
Honey Tea P180

The spareribs taste good and the meat is tender but I just think Gashof’s grilled spareribs is still the best in the island.

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I Luv Backyard BBQ Grill Boracay
Owned and Operated by :
World Dining Concepts Company
D’Mall D’Boracay Balabag
Boracay Malay, Aklan

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