Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe Boracay

While roaming around Dmall Shopping Center, the rain suddenly came down and in just a split second, I found myself sitting and waiting for my breakfast to be served in Lemoni Cafe.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Bacon You Want?

Lemoni is one of the best restaurants in Boracay, in fact they were included in the 2009 Philippine Best Restaurants guidebook.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
The Big Breakfast P265

It was already past 9 in the morning so I decided to order their huge All day breakfast called “Big Breakfast”.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Baked Potatoes and Mushrooms

Based on their menu description, Big Breakfast includes eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes and bread for only P265.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Huge Wheat Pandesal

It took them less than 15 minutes for them to have the food served – fast enough considering that everything was served freshly cooked.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Eggs and Sausages

I was surprised when the food was served coz it was really huge and worth the price. Picture a two large pieces of wheat Pandesal, two sunny side up eggs, 1 and 1/2 cup of baked small russet potatoes with mushrooms, five strips of bacon, sliced sausages and a small saucer of mixed fruit in season.

Mango Madness @ Lemoni Cafe
Mango Madness P120

I also ordered Mango Madness Cheesecake, I find it similar to the one served in Bizu but Lemoni’s version has lesser mango toppings.

Their Danesi Coffee is a must try – thought Im a bit confused if the beans are Arabica or Robusta… hmmm maybe mixed?

Danesi Coffee @ Lemoni Cafe
Danesi Coffee P75

After finishing the huge breakfast plate as if there’s no tomorrow:) , I had to request for a glass of water since they don’t serve unless you request for it (Oh yeah water conservation).

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Mango Cheesecake

I almost freak out when I saw white particles in my glass of water but I realized that its just lemon dews, After all the cafe was named after it.

Big Breakfast @ Lemoni Cafe
Mixed Fruits in Season

Overall, I can say that It was another wonderful dining experience. I’m not considering going back anytime soon since I want to tryout as many restaurants as I can but this restaurant will remain as one of favorite in the island.

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Lemoni Cafe
117 D’ Mall Balabag
Boracay Island
Managed by Lemonhead Holdings Company, Inc
Phone Number: (63 36) 288-6781, (63 36) 288-6782

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