Sweet and Sour Pork @ Singkit Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Dumplings or Jiaozi has become widely popular all over the world, in fact you can find it in any restaurant near you. It is probably one of the best Chinese culinary contribution that has been perfected since the Sung Dynasty.

Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork P108.00

Traditionally, Chinese families get together to make Dumplings for their yearly celebration of Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Thanks to Galleon Trade, Filipinos have been enjoying this food even before Filipinos first tasted Paella.

Last Month, I went to Harbor Square to attend an Acer Laptop launch. I came too early so I decided to roam around and look for something to eat. It was my first time in Harbor Square and I was surprised to see another areal in Manila that is fastly becoming a food hub. (more…)

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Ambos Mundos : Nostalgic Dining in the Heart of Manila

Tuloy kayo Sir! (Come in!) – An old waiter welcomed us as we enter the restaurant. It all started here, this restaurant shaped the Manila Culinary Scene – I told myself while sitting inside the restaurant and rediscovering one of Manila’s best kept secret.

philippines oldest restaurant
Morcon P207.00

Ambos Mundos means “both worlds” according to Carlos Celdran – Manila’s most admired tour guide. I first learned about this restaurant from a fellow tourist while I’m discovering Sagada’s Food landscape. Together with a fellow foodie, we decided to brave this challenging streets of Manila to tryout this restaurant who started it all. (more…)

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Gloria Maris Dimsum Buffet

I just love Chinese Food! Well, Who doesn’t? Whether its a traditional Chinese Soup or a selection of light dumplings, each dish combines a good mixture of ingredients and a perfect balance that you can find in its flavors, aroma and food presentation.

Dimsum Buffet
Dimsum Buffet

Yum Cha, or eating Chinese Dimsum is the traditional dining of serving a wide range of light dishes served alongside Chinese tea as an early morning or afternoon snack. (more…)

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Pancake Meal @ Big Mouth Boracay

Each time we eat-out, foods that were served maybe more than satisfactory most of the time but some of them may lack on proper presentation which may sometimes include inappropriate dips, bland tasting sauce and garnish that doesn’t really match with the food.

Pancake Meal
Pancake Meal – All day breakfast – P165

One fine example was when I had my first meal in Boracay couple of weeks back. I visited the SEAIR office to rebook my flight since I’ll be staying a couple of nights more in the island. (more…)

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Julie & Julia Movie Review

Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do You Have What It Takes?

julie child and julia movie
Julie and Julia

First of all, I just want to tell you that I’m not a movie fan and definitely not a movie reviewer. I just had to say yes when I got invited by Columbia Pictures for Julie & Julia special screening coz this movie is all about three things that i I love doing… Cooking, Blogging and Eating.

Upon arrival in the Columbia Pictures office, the screening room is already full of movie critics and newspaper columnists which made me feel that there was a huge disconnection between me and the crowd but when the movie started, I just felt that I’m with my own chopping board while cooking with Julie Powell and Julia Child:)


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Le Saint Michel Crepes : The best Crepe in the Island

Whenever I visit Boracay, I always make sure to tryout new crepe flavors @ Le Saint Michel Crepes.

Golden Heart Crepe
Best Crepe in the Island – Golden Heart P145

It was during the DBP Roro Race Boracay Leg when I first got the chance to taste their famous crepe. (more…)

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Rum Cake with Dates Recipe

After baking Chocolate flavored Rum Cake, I realized that I still have half bottle of rum so I decided to bake another version.

Dates Rum Cake
Rum Cake with Dates

This time, the cake has dates as one of the main ingredients but don’t worry, the baking procedure is almost similar with theĀ  Chocolate Rum Cake Recipe. (more…)