Krispy Kreme History, Hot From the Oven

Witness history in the making as these two American icons deliciously come together.

krispy kreme Oreo Doughnut
New Oreo flavored Doughnut

While nobody will ever get to see Marilyn Monroe and James Dean act side by side, or listen to Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra do a duet, there’s still a chance to see two of Americana’s defining figures unite. Now, with America’s favorite doughnut, Krispy Kreme, teaming up with the country’s favorite cookie, Oreo, not only can everybody have a piece of history – they can also take a bite out of it.

As delights craved and cherished everywhere, the rich, sugary pastry and round, cream-filled biscuit do not lack its share of fans who swear by their decadent joys: NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, pop star Beyoncé and even hot Hollywood celebrities Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman all profess their love for the oven-hot glazed doughnut. Meanwhile, the chocolate-and-cream favorite is a sweet success not only among its American fans, but all over the world as well – recently even becoming the biggest -selling cookie in China. And the undeniable popularity of both paves the way for two icons to make history together.

krispy kreme chocolate kreme cakes
Chocolate Kreme Cakes

So what’s the perfect excuse for this union? Well, Krispy Kreme has decided to celebrate its 72nd year by teaming with Oreo to bring the newest offering in every Krispy Kreme branch. With the launch of the Chocolate Kreme Cakes made with Oreo cookies, local patrons of the doughnut store just got another exceptional treat to line up for.

“As we celebrate our 72nd anniversary, we want to give our Krispy Kreme fans a lot of reasons to enjoy it even more,” says Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager, Krispy Kreme Philippines. “Without doubt, our customers will savor the sweet union of these two well-loved favorites.”

With a moist chocolate cake covered with Krispy Kreme’s rich chocolate glaze, topped with either vanilla or chocolate kreme and generously sprinkled with OREO cookies, this latest mouth-watering offering is guaranteed to become a decadent hit, right next to other Krispy Kreme favorites like the Chocolate Glazed and the Original Glazed doughnut.

So fall in line and be among the first to grab the latest hot and fresh offering from Krispy Kreme. With the new Chocolate Kreme Cake, everyone is sure to experience delicious indulgence as they bite into a sweet part of doughnut history.

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