Greenwich Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas For Men

Following the success of the cheesiest campaign from the country’s No. 1 Pizza Chain last April, Greenwich gives a new and exciting take on what being cheesy is all about. Couple of weeks ago, several male bloggers were invited in Greenwich SM Megamall to taste their newest offering : The Greenwich Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas FOR MEN.

Greenwich Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Overload
Greenwich Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Overload

Aside from the Overloaded Cheesy Pizzas, we also served my all-time favorite Lasagna Supreme and their new desserts like Brazo de Mercedes and Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake.

We all know that men love pizza – men enjoy eating pizza whether they are hanging out with friends, watching an exciting basketball game, enjoying a movie or just chilling out at home.

Greenwich Philly Cheesesteak Overload
Greenwich Philly Cheesesteak Overload

While the most popular notion of being cheesy are often identified with men expressing their romantic side towards their female partners, men also have those situations where they are cheesy with their closest male friends as well. Of course these cheesy situations are not romantic at all, and quite positively humorous in hindsight. Nonetheless, these are equally heartfelt.

Putting all these insights and inspiration together, Greenwich once again brings the cheesy experience to a whole new level.

Lasagna Supreme with 1 pc. Garlic Stix
Lasagna Supreme with 1 pc. Garlic Stix

“We wanted to sustain the excitement our 1st cheesy campaign had, but at the same time, we also wanted to make it uniquely different and even more exciting,” says Greenwich Brand Manager, Mr. Allan Tan.

The Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas for Men introduces 2 new and exciting pizza flavors that promise to be, not just the cheesiest, but the meatiest pizzas in the country as well! While still overflowing with 2x more cheese, these new pizza flavors also boast an overloaded amount of meat toppings.

Overstuffed Brazo de Mercedes, Php 99
Overstuffed Brazo de Mercedes P99

The NEW Philly Cheesesteak Overload – This heavyweight pizza overflows with a half-pound of roast beef and oozes with a double layer of mozzarella and cream cheese. It is the perfect cheese and meat experience.

The NEW Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Overload brings a whole new uniqueness to Pepperoni pizzas. It clearly puts all other pepperoni pizzas to shame as it’s filled to the brim with 100% more pepperoni and 2x more mozzarella cheese. This is the ultimate cheese and pepperoni experience that’s irresistible to all pepperoni lovers out there.

Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake, Php 99
Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake P99

Bite into the cheesiest and meatiest pizzas in the country today with the New Greenwich Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas for Men and discover just how meaty, being cheesy can get!

For that cheesy and meaty experience anywhere, call 5-55-55 for Metro Manila Delivery.

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