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As a first time visitor in the Island of Boracay, Shellaise shares one of the things she enjoyed in the island… What else? It’s the Food! read on:)

Zesto Pesto
Zesto Pesto P195

Of all things to forget when packing for a trip to Boracay, I forget to pack flip-flops. So after leaving the bags at the hotel I trudged through the sand and heat in my shoes to purchase a very expensive pair of knock off crocs. I rolled up my jeans, slipped on my new flip-flops, packed my shoes in a plastic bag and followed Melo as he seemed to walk aimlessly about.

I guess the pesto pasta at Mrs. Fields didn’t satisfy his complex carb needs because the next thing I knew we were sitting in a cottage like coffee house for more breakfast. “Real Coffee &Tea Cafe” the sign outside the make shift coffee house read.

Pancake with Fresh Fruit
Pancake with Fresh Fruit P210

This quaint cottage basically offers breakfast around the clock and is popularly known for an original recipe, calamansi muffins. “Everyone loves these muffins” Lee Rosaia, owner of Real Coffee & Tea Cafe brags. I went on to ask her if she’s ever made them for people back home (California) to which she joking responded by saying that she smuggles calamansi whenever she goes home.

For the sake of experience, I ordered the Zesto Pesto sandwich, also an original recipe, made from mixed chicken, mayo, and pesto laced with lettuce and topped with tomatoes and onions on toasted bread. The blend of flavors were wonderful, it was simply delicious. Priced at only Php195.00 this sandwich is both healthy and satisfying.

Calamansi Muffin
The Bestseller Calamansi Muffin P45

While enjoying my sandwich Melo was savoring his calamansi muffin (Php45.00) and Pancake with fruit (Php210.00). The large sized pancake is served with a mix of banana, pineapple, mango, papaya and watermelon. It was nothing out of the ordinary but it was still scrumptious. I guess it’s the combination of a homey slash relaxed ambiance and good food that has made this coffee shop very popular among the foreign and local visitors.

real coffee
This Way Please:)

Aside from the food we tried, Real Coffee and Tea Cafe serves cupcakes, cookies, omelets, and other sandwiches. Lee’s daughter, Nadine, along with a team of female locals that have learned the cook the recipe and assist in running the shop. Established in 1996 Lee Rosaia, her daughter, and their “Real Coffee” has found a second home in Boracay.

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