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  1. June 16 : Fran
  2. June 17Luscious Ryan
  3. June 18 : Carla
  4. June 19 : Iris Pulga
  5. June 20 : GeoRge
  6. June 21 : Rachel
  7. June 22 : Iris
  8. June 23 : Jane
  9. June 24 : Animetric
  10. June 25 : Terence
  11. June 26 : Tricia
  12. June 27 : Jade
  13. June 28 : Frances Ivy
  14. June 29 : Leona
  15. June 30 : Grace de Leon

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  • I grew up without a dad. I never knew the feeling one having one. But I knew that he’s out there silently caring for me. I don’t consider myself unlucky just because he wasn’t there and still isn’t here. I know he knows that until this day am longing for his love. It took me years to learn to forgive him, but this Father’s Day, I am letting the world know that I have forgiven him. I want to thank you Dad for the life you gave me, I wouln’t be who I am now without you. It’s awkward but still I need to tell you, Happy Father’s Day and I Love You Dad.

  • fran says:

    October 2008 was a nightmare for everyone in our family — this was when Papa suddenly fell ill and immediately had to undergo a major brain surgery. suddenly, our colorful world turned dark. we were at a lost. at that moment i thought i have to bid him goodbye…
    This year, we are celebrating Father’s Day to let Papa know how much we love him and how thankful we are that he fought through the battle just for us.
    For such a great dad, we’re preparing a special lunch with his favorite dishes. Hope he’ll like it 🙂

  • Peter Lei says:

    I don’t really come from a sentimental family but I’d say the sweetest (well I wouldn’t really refer to it as sweet but this contest is all about sweetness) gift I ever gave my dad was a Samsung scanner-printer-copier for his office.

    My dad’s the type who would never think of buying any of these new-fangled gadgets. What’s more, he always discourages us from giving him gifts. I’d see him walk to this shop all the way across the other street just to do all his photocopying. I thought what the heck, I’d just get him the Samsung. It was on the pricey side but my dad now saves money on zerox plus he doesn’t have to walk so far. He’s not as young as he used to be and so I try my best to make things more convenient for him whenever I can. I’d say it’s really one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever bought. 🙂

  • Iris says:


    There are so many things that I want to say to you, but I don’t have the courage to do it. Love and hate, two words to describe my feelings for you… I guess you know what I meant.

    Hate? I do not hate you for what you are.. However, I hate those “unpleasant things” you did to us. I hate those years that you are not on our side. It was hard for us to see our own mom hurting. You let us down and betrayed our trust..

    But I thank you, for those experiences made me stronger. It made me the person I am right now. Also, thank you for admitting your mistakes and coming back to our lives. I hope you keep in mind the promise you made; the promise you made with mom to stay married until “death do, us apart”. Please don’t let us down again. Though we are still hurting, it feels different when you are back.. We are complete again.

    Love? of course, I still love you. Let’s forgive and forget the “unpleasant past”. You taught me that everything happens for a reason, that love is possible and if God throws you a curve ball, that whatever is next to come is meant to come.

    I don’t remember when was the last time I told you that I love you but I think we both know that we don’t need words to understand one another. That actions speak louder that words…However, I want you to know, though you had mistakes in the past, it does not makes you a lesser Dad. You are still a great Dad..

    Happy Father’s Day

  • GeoRge says:


    You and mom had the right ingredients to begin with. You prepared the best for me in the process of growing up.

    Now, after going through the various phases in life which include the many ups and downs, the generous pouring of your support, and the tender sprinklings of love and advice…

    Today, I am sweet and loved by many.

    Happy Fathers’ Day from your donut,


  • Iris Pulga says:

    My papa is a man of few words. He seldom talks and never blabs but when he does I know that I would listen.

    When I got pregnant he told my then boyfriend (now my husband) “All I am asking is you take good care of my daughter, and if time comes that you already want to stop loving her, just give her back to us…” Those were the sweetest, tear jearking words papa ever said.

    So this father’s day, I have no other words for Papa but

    “Thank you and stay being the best!”

  • ralph says:

    tatay, you may not be the most demonstrative and affectionate dad there is in this world, but i love you just the same. you have your own special & quirky ways of making yourself endearing to us. those simple, unguarded moments, with no words spoken but with with your actions it radiates everything that is called love. i remember one time when i came out of the swimming pool & without me asking you gave me your small comb from your back pocket. now that you are in your senior year with a receding hairline i will give you a special one of a kind comb made from carabao horn. hows that, mr. suave ?

  • Jennifer says:

    After years of not being with my dad, I’m not sure how to react now that he’s here with us. In turn, he doesn’t seem to know how to either. Dad, I know we’re both treading on egg shells here but I think we’re making steady progress. We’re getting to know each other all over again and remembering the things that we used to do together. Even the smallest things mean so much to me now. Just the other night, you cooked instant noodles for me because we were both night owls and couldn’t sleep a wink. At that point, I felt like a little girl all over again, excited over a bowl of steaming noodles. We may still have a long way to go but I don’t mind. All that matters is that you’re back here with us now. Happy Father’s Day, daddy. Next time, I’ll cook the noodles for you.

  • Animetric says:

    My dad is a diabetic, but he loves sweets. Whenever I would stumble upon sugar-free candies and treats at the grocery store I always make it a point to get him some. He can’t really go out much since he is undergoing therapy. He has had several mild strokes and he can’t walk as well as he used to.

    This father’s day I plan to treat him to a nice Chinese meal at Gloriamaris, and surprise him with a sugar-free cake. To be honest I’m sick of Chinese food because it’s always what we have during parties but I figured it’s a small compromise considering I can make that day special for dad.

  • jun says:

    I’ve never said I love you, Papa, i don’t recall if I told you when i was much much younger. I remember your soothing voice and imposing physique – we were always secure in your presence. That time when you showed your spiritual side had me awed. i never equated fathers with soul things before.

    I say I love you Papa today. I know you will receive it with gladness.

    Papa, I love you.

    Happy Father’s Day in heaven.

  • Monette says:

    Unlike other kids, we were not able to spend a lot of time with my “tatay”. Not because he doesn’t want to but because he has to work hard to raise his seven children. He was a bus driver almost his whole life. He wakes up at 3am and goes home around 12mn. Now that I’m a professional, I wonder how he was able to do it all. He was able to buy a jeepney after he retired and when he had a stroke last 2007 he had no choice but to stay home and just have a driver took over and just give him a little percentage of the earning.

    Since he is a widower, he spends most of his time just looking at the jeepney and trying to figure out how to take care of his “baby”.

    Since I live in Manila and he’s in the province. I’m planning to go home on Father’s Day and buy a new set of tire for his “baby” and maybe ask him to go out with us, maybe just to drive around the area so we can spend some bonding time together.

    I would probably hug him and just say “Tay, Happy Father’s Day”. Not too fancy and just straightforward but he will definitely feel the sincerity of my hug. That even if we were not able to spend a lot of time together. I truly deeply appreciate everything he’s done for us.

  • Toni says:

    I asked my Dad out to dinner and a movie — how very dateish ‘no? That was the point. I wanted to celebrate that Saturday with the very first man I really loved. While he isn’t a very demonstrative man, I knew he liked being pampered that day. We watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday together (he LOVES Mr. Bean) and had dinner at a restaurant where we dined and bonded over our favorite dishes. It’s been two years since that sweet date. I haven’t asked him out again. Maybe it’s high time I did. Perhaps we can make this a date for three — I’ll bring his first grandchild with us. 🙂

    I love you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!

  • carla says:

    I know that I have not been the best daughter. But you loved me unconditionally. You have always been proud of me although I have never given you anything to be proud of. You were the sweetest, warmest dad in the world. You always knew when I needed you. I just wish I was there when you needed me. I wasted time, and now, you won’t hear me even if I say happy father’s day.

    I still wish you a happy father’s day. I know that when you see us, you are smiling down from heaven. I hope that we make you proud.

  • Lalaine says:

    To my papa… Happy Happy Father’s Day! I love you and I will always be grateful having you as my father. Thank you for giving our family a comfortable life even if it means you’re not with us always. I LOVE YOU PAPA!

  • Sheryl says:

    I’ll post it nalang in tagalog para maexpress ko ung feelings ko. Here’s mine:

    “Siguro sa 8 years na pagstay ng Papa ko sa abroad, ni isa hindi namin nacelebrate ung Father’s Day na kasama siya. Although nagbakasyon siya nung last 2004, kaso di naman napangabot sa Father’s day ung pagalis nya dahil first week palang ng June umalis na siya pabalik ng abroad. Hindi talaga maiwasan ung maging malungkot, kasi mapapanood mo sa mga shows sa TV, patungkol sa Father & Daughter, Father & Family, Father & Son. Minsan iniimagine ko nalang ung Papa ko na kasama namin siya. Yun nga lang hanggang daydream nalang un, pero alam ko para naman din sa kinabukasan namin ung pag stay nya dun sa abroad para magtrabaho.

    For 8 years na andun siya, hindi ko masasabi na sweet daughter ako sa kanya. Pero bilang isang anak, kelangan natin magpasalamat sa magulang natin. Sa magulang na kahit kelan di tayo tatalikuran, iwanan man tayo ng mga taong nakilala natin o kaibigan natin.

    Sa 8 years na un, dahil nga malayo siya sa amin, at di namin siya kapiling. Gumawa ako ng sarili kong greeting card para sa kanya using Photoshop, nilagyan ko ng pictures and design at syempre ung message na gusto ko ung mapapangiti siya at maluluha sa umpisa palang ng greeting card at sinend ko sa kanyang e-mail address. Mahaba pa nga ung nasulat ko, humingi ako ng patawad sa nagawa kong kasalanan sa kanya, nagpasalamat sa lahat ng sacrifices na ginawa niya sa ibang bansa, na kahit mag isa siya doon, walang ibang kasama, kinaya parin nya para lang sa amin. Natuwa siya sa pinadala ko sa kanya, dahil ung buong family pictures nilagay ko dun, sabi nya sakin “Nak, salamat sa pinadala mong greeting card, pati pala ung latest picture nyo andito, anlaki nyo na…

    Hindi ko man maibalik sa kanila ni Mama ung 100% na pagsisikap nila, ang tingin ko isa sa pinaka magandang gift kahit hindi niya/nila birthday ay ung makatapos ako ng pag-aaral. Yun lang lagi ang sinasabi nila sakin, un lang ang pwede nilang maipamana samin, handa silang mangutang, magpakahirap para lang sa pag-aaral namin.

    At bilang anak, sinikap ko talagang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral last year… nakagraduate ako sa high school at sa tingin ko, masaya sila para sakin dahil nakita nilang nagsikap ako. Mas maganda kung hanggang sa college ay matapos ko rin, para naman ako ang susuporta sa kanila hanggang sa pagtanda nila.”

  • Kenshin says:

    I’m going to make an extra big card for my dad this Father’s Day, help him wash the car, and treat him to a movie from allowance money I saved because my dad loves movies. Thank you for being the coolest dad ever!

  • Rachel says:

    I am a rebel… or atleast I was. I had my own reasons, and I believed in these reasons so much to the point that I intentionally inflict pain to everyone around me. I had no future. I hated the world. I hated everyone. I hated myself, my life… my father. I blamed him for every bad thing that happened to me since he left. Respect was something unknown to me whenever I’m in front of him.

    And now I despise myself everytime I try to remember what I did to my papa. Every cell in my body wants to deny that that person was me. But I know I cant turn back time. I know I cant take it all back. But I have to try and win his trust back…if it’s my final act.

    January 23, 4 years ago, he left a note for me. And he wrote…”Anak, alam kong para sayo e wala na akong ginawang tama. Pero isa lang hihilingin ko. Sana kahit wala akong kwentang ama para sayo, sana bukal sa loob mo akong payagan na ihatid kita sa altar sa kasal mo. Payagan mo man lang akong hawakan ang kamay mo at halikan ka sa araw na un. kahit un lang. Pwede na akong mamatay pagkatapos.”

    It was exactly 1 week before my wedding day.

    I swear, everyday was father’s day after that. It doesn’t matter if it’s January or June, but I make it a point that I show my dad how much i love him every single day. I send him emails or text messages everyday. I send him tokens every now and then (key chains, mugs, t-shirts, anything that i can find during a day at the mall actually). I give him manicure/pedicure when I have the time. I even dye his hair myself!

    To papa, the word “thank you” will never cover everything that you have done for me. You never gave up on me. You were always there for me, even if I was turning my back to you. You and mom, you gave your everything to me and my sister.

    So on this father’s day, allow me to make my own request, the same way you did before…. payagan mo akong alagaan ka at mahalin ka ng walang limitasyon. payagan mo kong halikan ka at yakapin hanggang kaya ko pa. hayaan mong ako naman ang magbigay sayo ng lahat ng kailangan mo. Ako naman Pa, babawi ako.

    To my idol.
    For being the most loving and caring husband to my mom.
    For being the coolest Lolo to my daughter.
    For being the most supportive father in law to my husband.
    To the best father in the whole world, happy father’s day.

  • deng says:

    Throughout the years, you’ve worked so hard to provide us a good life.No one compares to you pa, you mold me to become a better person. I wont be the person I am right now if not with you. I owe it all to you. I love you pa. Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

  • When I think about the fleeting years that were gone for good, I can’t help but smile at our memories Daddy.

    I’d go back if I could. It seems like only yesterday when you were always there when I need some advice. You stood by me and made me feel safe and welcome even at times when I didn’t make it easy for you.

    I wish I could repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me.

    You’ve been a perfect Father and a Friend even when we don’t agree.
    You always told me that I will grow up to be anything I wanted and you were right. The one thing I grew up to be, is grateful to have a Father as wonderful as you.

    I love you, Papa. Sending this message across the heavens, where you dwell among the angels.

  • Terence Trinidad says:

    God took the strength of a mountain,
    The majesty of a tree,
    The warmth of a summer sun,
    The calm of a quiet sea,
    The generous soul of nature,
    The comforting arm of night,
    The wisdom of the ages,
    The power of the eagle’s flight,
    The joy of a morning in spring,
    The faith of a mustard seed,
    The patience of eternity,
    The depth of a family need,
    Then God combined these qualities,
    When there was nothing more to add,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
    And so, He called it … Dad

  • Ingrid says:

    The best thing I ever “gave” my dad was a beautiful granddaughter. My daughter calls him “Dada”, the same name I used to call him when I was a child. Seems like they’re set for life as it is obvious that they enjoy each very much! 🙂

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAD! 🙂 First a dad and now a lolo 🙂 Happy Father’s day!

  • Angelo says:

    Daddy, though you’re far from home and working hard for our family. I will always do my part on helping Mommy in household chores and always do my best in my studies. I will give you medals each year…

    That’s what you always wanted from me. I’ll never let you down…

    I Love You So Much

  • Gladys Co says:

    I wrote this in our father’s day card.. He’s our stepdad and was with us since i was 6 and my brother was 2.

    [i]dear papa,
    Happy Father’s Day.

    We don’t get to say this often, but we want to thank you for being a part of our life. For treating us as your own children. Especially to my brother who from the time he was born never had the chance to have a father. You have been a very good role model to him.

    Most especially, i can’t thank you enough for loving my mom. She has gone through a lot and your support has really made her stronger. You were there to listen to her although she’s really makulit. You gave her the love that she deserves since she was a child. I can see how happy she was that she chose you to come into her life and be the instant father of her children.

    Now that you’re older, it’s time that we give back what you have sacrificed for me and my brother. Let us take care of you and mom.

    well, he is sick now, so we are celebrating this father’s day at the hospital.. I hope the card makes him feel better. 🙂

  • I may not be a perfect daughter Daddy, but I am very happy on how you raised us. Thank you for all those years that you prepared my breakfast and “mainit na tubig for my paligo” before I go to school. I love you, happy Father’s day!!!

  • ella says:

    hi daddy..your the best dada in the whole world..were blessed to have you in our life..thanks for being there to us,for being a good provider.a best friend,@ always treating me & my little sis as a princess..
    we are the luckiest person in the world because we have a best and loving father lyk you.
    we love you dada….take care always..mwahhh!!!!

  • boy kuripot says:

    Being a guy, it’s very hard to express how much I love my dad. It was only when he was admitted in the hospital for a stroke did I show how much I loved him. I was the one who stayed and took care of him even if it meant missing out a lot on school work, I was a college student then. Though he did not say a word, I could see in his eyes how much he appreciated the sacrifice I made. Happy father’s day Pa! Love You!

  • Dorris says:

    me and my dad are so close together and the sweetest thing I’ve done to my dad, was I treated him in a 1 week vacation here in Philippines. Since he is so much engaged with his work. I gave him a 1 week rest from his work for him to enjoy his life that being apart from his daily endeavor… he was so amazed and had so much fun during that vacation we made, atleast he had enjoyed even for just a week.

  • Gem says:

    We usually don’t celebrate Mother’s day and Father’s day because we believe everyday should be their day, but last year I decided to celebrate Father’s day in a extravagant manner. Together with my siblings we brought him and our whole clan to Laguna and rented a private pool complete with videoke and rooms to celebrate Father’s day. The day was pretty amazing especially to my dad and I know deep inside it is one of the most happiest day of his life.

  • dyeniramos says:

    My TATAY…a jack of all trades…very creative and hardworking. Not showy of his emotion but I would always feel his love even if he reprimands me often. One incident when I was about 5 0r 6 years old that I will never ever forget is that he would wake me up very early in the morning (5am) just to give him a kiss before he goes to work. Now that he is retired I strive hard to give him comfort that he deserves.

    Happy Father’s day TATAY! MAHAL KITA TAY!

  • Rodeliza Lacaba says:

    When I was a kid, my tatay and I used to dream together. As we were about to sleep, he would often tell me stories about his foreigner friends (by the way, he was a taxi driver in NAIA). He always makes me amazed of little different languages he learned from them. And he’d tell me a lot of his childhood experiences! We dream of having a farm one day. He said we will raise chickens and hogs. He said he’ll teach me to plant vegetables. I love it when it’s stormy cause that’s when we will have time to sip coffee together beside our window pane. He would also show his version of dogs, rabbit and dinosaurs using his hand’s shadow when it’s brownout. Those were the days…our bonding moments.

    Now that I am already a college, I may no longer get amazed with his stories. We may not have enough time to bond and enjoy more things together. I may be too busy now. But I will never ever forget how grateful I am to have a father like him. Tatay. My one and only tatay, Rodolfo Lacaba. With him, I always have a reason to come home. Seeing him in good condition and healthy being is all I ever wanted.

    Not only because it’s father’s day. No need for seasons and special days. Because everyday would always be a special day for us. And as long as we’re alive, or even life after death, or even on my next life, hindi ko ipagpapalit ang tatay ko…sya pa rin.

    I may not have any special presents for him, but I guess masaya na siya kung ako ang maglalagay ng efficasent oil sa balikat nya…

    Love u tay!!! -oday

  • Melissa says:

    My sweetest gift to my dad was an mp3 player with all his favorite songs from the 60’s to the present. He really loves to listen to music and now everytime he does he can be reminded of me as well.

  • Lisa says:

    Dearest dad,
    On this special day
    Let me thank you in the best way
    I can find words to say…

    You are the gentle wind; carrying me to haven through the storms
    You are my guardian angel; guiding me on the right path
    You are a magnificent person, who shines light ridding my darkness
    You blessed me sincerely with a life filled with happiness
    You are everything that brings good to me
    For all that, a thank you is far from enough I deem
    But hear the words from my heart which are flowing through my veins
    Look in my eyes and you shall see brighten skies
    That’s because you are the perfect Father to my eyes
    And there’s no other day for me to say:
    Thank You!

  • i helped Daddy washed our car and i always give him his slippers every time he arrives from his work. Then me and my baby sister will give him big sloppy kisses and a great big hug. Last Wednesday I made him a cheese sandwich and brought it to his work. Daddy was so happy. I love daddy so much. I will treat him to a movie next month. We will watch Ice Age 3 and Hannah Montana, just the 2 of us. But I still have to ask money from Mommy because my savings is not yet enough. I love you Daddy, Happy Fatrhers Day

  • Illin Rodriguez says:

    My dad is known for his tenacity and hardwork. He was merely a little boy when his own father was taken from him because of an uneventful accident. Ever since then, he has faced challenges placed before him head-on. From his humble beginnings in the province, he ventured off to the city to find a better life. He was always the achiever, from being salutatorian in his high school days, to being a talented sales rep in Makati. Now, he is rightfully enjoying the fruits of all his hardwork, and he would always show us, his four daughters, how these two characteristics were of greatest importance.

    Last October 2008, he received the greatest news that he was being promoted as Country Manager of the company of which he has been with for almost 21 years. He humbly let us know of this by just forwarding the announcement letter to my email. With this, me, my sisters, and mom thought: “how do we make him feel special about this?” We instantly agreed to make-do with whatever we had that night. When he came home, we turned off all the lights and our house, and when he came in our living room, we all jumped on him and greeted him with shouts of congratulations, hand-drawn posters saying “Congratulations Papa! We love you!” It was a simple, yet heartfelt gesture we made for the first and most precious man in our lives 🙂

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY PAPA! you will forever be the first man in our lives! :):) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  • bought my father cell phone for his birthday last june 14, 2009. he did not ask for it, but i figured he nedds to replace his old one..papa henry is the best father ever

  • cardegz says:

    I came on a broken family, my father had their new family already, but our communication are always their,a simple greet or i call to say hello or how are you is very important ,he not also forget her responsibilities to us as father,he are very supportive and protective in a simple way, we never forget him what ever happen …:-)we always love him..he knows that we are here to care and protect him also.

  • MSDIAZ says:

    If there is one thing that makes my 63-year-old father happy, that is going to several DVD shops almost everyday to scout for movies of his age either to buy one or have them reserved.

    One time, before my father left the house to do his usual routine, I secretly put extra money on his wallet. When he arrived home, he was so ecstatic not only because he got to find some great DVDs but also, he was able to buy more that his own budget could afford. He asked who among us, his children, put the extra money on his wallet of which I only acted as if clueless. But my heart was smiling gladly because I know in my own little way, I was able to make my father happy. My heart was also laughing at the same time because the day ends without him knowing who the angel was. *ehem*

    It doesn’t have to be Father’s day for us to show our appreciation to our dads. It doesn’t also have to be carried out in the grandest manner though it would also be great. Everyday could be Father’s day =)

  • Vincent says:

    About 3 years ago, I gave him a watch wherein there’s a picture of us. With the help of my grandma, I was able to buy and personalized the item. Until this very moment the watch is still working and he’s still wearing it from time to time.

  • Cyndrill says:

    I was going to be away for Father’s Day since I needed to leave our hometown. I know it was going to be really unusual. I was used to celebrating that special day with my dad beside me. I wanted it to make him feel that I’m still there so I decided to write him a card to let him know I still remember. At first, it felt really awkward. I was not used to write him sweet and thoughtful messages that a teenage daughter would want her dad to know on Father’s Day. But I know that he would appreciate it a lot so I made up my mind and came up with a Father’s Day card. I wrote all what I really wanted to say to him as a father. Before I left, I placed it in his drawer and let him feel that I can never forget him on Father’s Day even though I am away.

  • Erica Joi Ang says:

    Hi Dad! Your the greatest on earth.
    I thank God for having you as my Dad.

    You are always there whenever I needed help.
    Your guidance has made me do my best.

    I’m only 12, but I promise you someday I’ll make you proud.
    You’ve done great. And I love you so so much.

    Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad.


    A father who’s special
    and wonderful, too,
    Who’s loved very much
    every day the year through —
    A father like that
    is a father like you!

    Wishing You
    a Very Happy
    Father’s Day

  • HECTOR OMEGA says:

    When I was little,
    I looked up to you
    so much, Dad…
    I thought you were
    the strongest,
    most wonderful dad
    in the world…

    Now that I’m grown up,
    I still feel that way.

    Happy Father’s Day
    From Hector, With Love

  • Earlene says:

    Every year, my sister and I would try to make Father’s Day a very memorable day for our dad. One time, we sang a song that we composed especially for father’s day. Another time, we also made a poem. This year we want to service our dad. For example, making drinks for him, bringing food, helping him, bringing things that he needed, and more.

  • itt says:

    id save my allowance for a week or two or three and use it to buy lunch/dinner for the family during his birthday and other special occassions like ofcourse, father’s day . it was a big deal for me since i was still in GS and hs at that time and my allowance isnt that big either. so what i usually do is i buy a stick of bbq or 2 pcs of siomai and half a cup of from the school cafe and that’s what ill eat while im saving my allowance:)

  • bryan says:

    I greeted my papa on the wrong date (last June 14). I wasn’t so aware that Father’s day is on the third week. Hehe. But then, it’s ok. It’s the thought that really matters after all, not the date. What’s important is that I was able to tell him how grateful I am to have him!

  • andre says:

    I just got home last week just perfect to celebrate with him on one of the most important days. I gave him a 1 week out of country trip… He was so excited.. Enjoy

    Mahal Kita Tatay

  • arlyn omega says:

    i share a story about how good is my father….i am single mom and its hard to tell to my parents that i was pregnant then…it took me 7 months pregnant to tell to my father especially coz i thought they might be get angry..and its hard for me then…but as soon as i told to my mom in writing..i was about going to office when my father send me a message on my mobile..telling that i call him when i arrived in the office…i was very scared at first coz i dont know what to tell and do..i was hesitate to call but then i called him..and he can tell is ….my daughter “how are you?”why dont u tell to us earlier?i was crying hard because of happiness coz my father accepts my situations and never get angry….i thankful for my father and also my mother….

  • arlyn omega says:

    even we usually understand each always and get argue at things….i still love my father…no matter what he is still my father…and i hope he will too becomes mature and anything he will do and thinks…

  • Jinet says:

    My dad’s gone, so I’m always including him in my prayers. You’re the best dad. Thanks!

  • aaron says:

    My gift to my dad is the Video of my Baby on her first smile and shout on you tube and lots of Pictures posted on Flicker. He is working abroad right now and seeing the pictures and video of her first grand daughter makes him Happy this fathers day. Same effect to me as well.. Papa, Happy Fathers Day!… =)

  • Churwyn says:


    Father wouldn’t call us by name. He need not to, a whistle would do. The world seemed to come to a halt every time we heard him whistling—distinctive, authoritative, threatening. We would leave behind whatever we were up to pronto, dash straight to the house, and put on a brave front to face punishment personified. There was nothing more humiliating than to be taunted as crybabies by friends next moro-moro or baril-barilan sessions.

    “Pa, we will not do it again,” my younger brother and I would lunge out our never-to-do-it-again dialogue to father. “He did it first,” accused my brother.

    “No, Pa, he did first,” I would rebut amidst tears brewing to fall.

    Whack. Whack. Whack. All cries had turned to deaf ears. Father’s leather belt slithered on our tender skins.

    Everything did change as the years passes by. Now, I am 19 years old. I am still afraid of Father. But it isn’t the kind of fear that awakens me in the middle of the night shaking and sweating. Nor is it the kind of fear that inhibits me from pursuing responsibilities whose ends are undefined. Rather, it is one that begets respect and harbors no bitterness, no matter how complex and harsh the previous life was. All these years I have learned that the life I lead has an effect in the life I now live, and the life I now live will have an effect on the kind of life I will live.

    I don’t hear Father whistling these days. I even haven’t had single intimate contact with his belt for years now. I had out lived it. Age has taken its roll on him—cataract blurred his vision, his skins sagged, and arthritis has slowed down his strides. Father is after all not invincible.

    In my childhood I often wished for heaven to look down on me, intervene in my behalf, and take pity on my miserable plight. I seldom make wishes these days but a wish stands firm and true—for Father to be young and able to spank me again. Maybe this time tears would roll down to kiss a smiling lip. To the best Papang in the world, I love you so much and Happy Father’s Day.

  • Joy Mesina-Bahia] says:

    My daddy recently passed away…I remember doing all sorts of sweet stuff for him but I guess writing a poem for him (as message during eulogy) and designing his tomb marker (in a way that I thought was “so him”) top my list. Here goes my poem:


    The time has finally come
    Our dear Daddy is now gone
    His soul was surely filled with glee
    That early Friday morning, April 3.

    This passing has long been his wish
    So his Daddy and Nanay, he could kiss
    As they usher him through the gates of heaven
    And be happy in their arms again.

    Many years ago, he started to prepare us
    For the time that he would return to dust,
    Made us see his death as a happy day,
    That in my prayers, “Take him, Lord”, I sometimes would say

    He was tired, I know, and deserved to rest
    The days that he lived, I’m sure, were the best.
    But it pains me still to see him stiff
    I love him and he was a precious gift.

    Oh, Daddy, I promise to remember you
    As you said we should all do
    I will keep your memory alive
    I promise to do this for the rest of my life.

    Go, Daddy, fly high
    Don’t worry about us, don’t sigh
    To you I have this one last wish
    Sincerely, may you rest in peace.

    by: Joy Mesina-Bahia

  • JB says:

    I’ve never had a memorable experience with my Dad, ‘coz he’s not with us anymore. But it would be my forever wish that one day, we’ll meet up again and just be the best daughter I could be for him. I miss my dad. :’(

  • Vey F. Manzano says:

    Yesterday, Father’s Day, when my daughter & I woke up, I whispered to my daughter to wake up daddy & greet him Happy Father’s Day! and she did.

    At the church, I brought my daughter to the Sunday School, they colored a teddy bear & my daughter gave it to my husband. Until last night, she still greeted her daddy Happy Father’s Day!

    I am very, very thankful & blessed for having a husband who’s really very responsible, not a typical father, which makes a budget of everything, goes to the market, cooks and everything. He’s never ashamed of that thing. Thanks so much! I Love You!

  • janine says:

    The sweetest thing I did for my dad (though he got really mad at me) was when I threw a whole ream of his cigarettes in the toilet. That’s been almost 20 years ago, and he still hasn’t quit smoking, but at least he knows that I care.

  • Marvin says:

    The sweetest Father’s Day gift I’ve given my Dad is a “bonsai”. He is always out of the country then and whenever he’s in the country he loves cultivating soil and taking care of his plants. That’s why I thought of giving him a plant.

  • Jesse says:

    Daddy, Happy Father’s Day!

    Thank You for everything that you have done, are doing, and will do for our family. Even though sometimes, I don’t show it that much, I really appreciate every little thing that you do for us, especially for me. Thank you for always being patient and “matiyaga” in driving for me whenever and wherever I go.

    Thank you for always believing in me, in everything that I can do. I hope you don’t get tired of pushing me up to my best. Thank you for all your support, both moral and financial (especially when it comes to my studies).

    Sorry for everything I have done that might have hurt you or if there’s something I did you didn’t like. I’m trying my best to be the good daughter that you and Mommy deserve. Just remember that we will always be here for you.

    We love you, Daddy! 🙂

  • Roanne Lim says:

    My dad and I may not have the most perfect relationship on the planet but I will always be grateful to him for bringing me into this world. He’s not the best dad neither am I the best daughter, but he’s my dad and I’m his child. Nothing in the world can change that. Happy Fathers Day, dad.

  • As far as I can remember, the last time I gave my father a letter was about 25 years ago. It was a Valentine card that I made from art paper and bond paper in my Grade 1 Art class. Today, I’m writing him a letter for Father’s Day!

    To Tatay… you told us once that you are not a perfect father. You also feel sorry sometimes that life could have been a little better if not for your wrong decisions in the past. You even said that if only you have the power, you’ll grant us a father that we truly deserve.

    ‘Tay… We don’t need perfection, what we long is your affection. Past is past, apologies accepted. You don’t need special power to be the best father. Just cook us your adobo and kaldereta, kalimutan na natin ang problema!

    Mahal ka namin, Tatay!

  • Jerarudo says:

    Last Christmas I treat my dad to a round trip ticket to Hong Kong with my family and I believe that I can’t still pay back all the things my dad did to me. We enjoyed and played like a kid again at Disneyland HK and my dad looks like a teen enjoying the place. It is my most unforgettable day in my life. My dad is close to perfect. He’s the one who molds me to be who I am right now. He’s really the “haligi ng tahanan”.

  • Jane says:

    My dad died so suddenly and unexpectedly in 2001. He came back from a provincial trip, was taken to ICU the day after, and died the next day. As I watched the life fading from him, I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. There was no time to tell him everything I had never said but wanted to say.

    Dad, for the last 8 Father’s Days, I have missed you terribly and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. For always I will be your little girl – the one you always made “hatid-sundo” during my schooldays till I got married. And all your ‘apos’ likewise miss you. All we have now are pictures and wonderful memories of a dad who loved us so much.

    On this Father’s Day, I can no longer hug & kiss you, we can no longer enjoy your presence around the table & hear your voice or your corny jokes. But with all my heart, I dedicate this haiku (Japanese poem) I made just for you and hope that as you look down on all of us from Heaven, you will feel all the love I have for you always:

    Dad for all seasons,
    Forever in my lifeblood,
    Never forgotten.

  • karlenma says:

    i have never been really imaginative nor creative in gift-giving but my 3-year-old daughter seems to have a knack for it. you see, her father died a couple of years ago so she never really knew him. but when she heard about fathers day in sunday school, she decided to paint our family picture. she asked me to buy a balloon and tie the painting to the balloon’s string and we released it outside. she believes the balloon will take her painting to her father in heaven.

  • jewel says:

    I am not very showy in my feelings, especially to my father. He is very strict and a total disciplinarian. I also don’t remember giving him cards on his birthday when I was schooling. He is also unreasonable sometimes. He will ordered to turnoff the tv to forced us to study or do household chores. But I could feel deep inside that he cares for me. I remembered during my college days, he would call me back before I leave, asking me how much my mom gave me then he gave me extra allowance(to think that he is very frugal) while scolding me to eat properly as I looked like a refugee. On my first year of working, I gave him some of my earned money but he refused to accept it, I felt that its because of his pride. Since I was renting out in manila, we seldom see each other, we doesn’t call or text either. On his birthday that year, while he was drinking with our neighbors outside or house – I approached him to greet and then kissed his cheek, his friends was like ‘yun naman, ang sweet!!!’. He blushed, hugged me and say thanks. I can’t also believe I have done that!
    I am also looking forward to come back home every week to taste his ‘lutong bahay’ food.

  • Tricia says:

    To the father of my children,

    Getting you something for father’s day was too tricky because we’re almost always together. Plus the fact that I have just resigned from work and I’m currently jobless. Being jobless though never equated to having all the time in my hands…what with a boisterous 4-year-old toddler and an always hungry 5-month-old who thinks of me as his milk machine around. So here’s my simple thank you captured more in pictures throughout these years you have embraced the role of DAD ( You’re a natural and I thank God I’ve got you for a partner as we journey this challenging, sometimes insane world of parenthood.

  • travelista says:

    my dad retired last year from his work, in return to his hardwork we gave him one of the best gift, a trip to hongkong and macau with my mom.

    Also we always get him something every payday either gave him allowance for whatever he wants to buy, treat to a dinner or 3 bottles of Red Horse or 1 bottle of brandy with his favorite pulutan papaitan. 🙂

    This father’s day we plan to treat him to his fav resto in moa and hopefully have a surpirse jollibee adult party on his 67th bday next year.

    Luv you dada!!! mwahhh

  • itt says:

    when i was about 5 or 6 i always give him butterfly kisses

  • itt says:

    id alwaysgive him my papers if i get a hundred:

  • Jessie says:

    My father turned 60 last year. He lives in Davao and we sisters (all 3 of us) are based here in Manila. It has been awhile since we saw him (about 3 years). He has been dropping hints for us to visit him for about the first year that we were away. Eventually, he just stopped (thinking that maybe we were too busy to go home). On his 60th birthday, we surprised him by taking the earliest flight home on his special day and brought him a special “breakfast in bed” made out of his favorite EngBeeTin Ube hopia and placed them on a silver tray, complete with 60 miniature candles and red ribbons. It was the first time we saw him cry. We cried, too. 🙂

    To our papa, we love you very much!

  • adzhoc says:

    He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

    Dad, that’s exactly what you did – thanks.

  • LyraA says:

    The span of time in which he is not around is not a hindrance because every time my daddy groovy is in the Philippines, he spends glorious moments with us.

    He is an ENGINEER who is working in a boat. He is a TEACHER because he teaches me how to play tennis and guitar. He is a PREACHER because he teaches me how to pray. He is a COOK because he cooks nutritious food for us. He is a pet LOVER because he cuddles our golden retriever dog. He is a DRIVER because he drives and fetch me to school. He is a shock ABSORBER because he listens, suggests and defends me. Most of all, he is a FATHER because he is loving and kind.

    Thank you, Dad…for listening and caring, for giving and sharing, but especially, for just being YOU!!! Happy Father’s Day.

  • Lesley says:

    My dad had a difficult childhood. His parents separated and being the eldest, he had to take care of his younger siblings. He never finished high school and would tell us stories of how he walked for an hour to reach school during days when he could afford to actually go. He talks of how he hid inside the bus going to Manila because he had no money to pay for the fare and had to go to Divisoria to buy goods for their sari-sari store. He talks of how he envies the other kids because they have new shoes and he doesn’t.

    Inspite of all these hardships, this did not stop my dad to perservere and aim for a better and more comfortable life. He made sure that we did not go through his experiences. Education is always a priority and my dad made sure that we were well supported and food always on the table.

    This Father’s Day, I would like to say thank you to my dad for giving us the kind of childhood that you never had. I thank you for always being there to nurture and support us. Whatever successes we achieve today, part of it will always be because of you. I hope that I will be as good a parent to my children as you are to me.

    Btw, I got my dad a pair of shoes this Father’s Day! =)

  • Min says:

    When I was 10, I remember making a personalized Father’s Day card using a folded coupon bond. On the front page, I drew a figure representing my Dad (a man wearing a Barong Tagalog) and inside was my Father’s Day greetings and message for the best father in the world!

  • jade says:

    I don’t cook. I married a man who loves cooking, with a family who loves cooking, with all them 5boys and 1girl who loves to cook and eat. 3 of the boys, including my husband, got married to girls who doesn’t know how to cook – including me.

    My mother-in-law had a great idea to do a Father’s Day cooking challenge where the wives will cook pasta and chicken for my father in law. The husbands can help but cannot coach.

    We had the challenge last Father’s Day and I cooked the best chicken, though not the over-all winner.

    At the end of the day, everybody’s a winner – not just the contenders but the whole family. We had lots of fun. It will forever be a memory. I’m so blessed to be married to my ever supportive husband with a loving family.

    Happy Father’s Day Papa!

  • cheche01 says:

    my sweetest thing i have done for my dad when my dad had motor accident. I’m the one to take care in the hospital it is hard cause he have fracture in his legs. He got three operation to put the steel on his legs he stay in the hospital for almost 5months after the recovery the doctor advice to undergo in therapy. After 1 year i have my own family and i residing at Rosario Pasig and my dad and my mom still in cavite city. And I always keep in touch with my parents everyday thru txt or thru phone specially to my dad because of his condition.

  • russel says:

    I never used to be separated from home. That’s why I never enrolled in Baguio nor Manila in College. I felt that i am not complete without my parents and siblings beside me, or sleep without my favorite pillow and bed.

    I’ve been married for 5 years now, but initially been living with my parents. Aside from financial constraints, the reason is the fact that i will miss my mom, my brothers and sisters and most especially my dad, my bestfirend. But even if we do not want to, we need to do things or make decisions for good. We need to build our own house and establish a happy home for our family. Ever since we moved out of our house just a year ago, I never let a day go by without telling him I love him. I always make a call, and still find time to chat. I want him to know that even from a distance, my heart never fails to remember.

    I love you dad, happy father’s day to you.

  • phaelun says:

    One time I got into an argument with my Dad and I refused to speak to him the whole morning. That afternoon, I saw him checking the car that I was supposed to use on a trip the next day. It was then that I truly realized that a Father’s love is indestructible. I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself. The next morning, I cancelled my own trip, to the dismay of some people, and decided to take my Dad on a father-daughter road trip instead. He was kind of surprised that I would rather spend time with him than go on with the trip myself. I gave him a firm embrace and told him that he will always come first in my list. And both of us started to cry. It was a bittersweet moment for us. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD!!! REMEMBER, YOU WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST IN MY LIST.

  • Gail says:

    The sweetest would have to when my sister and I treated our dad to his favorite restaurant, Alba. My mom was out of the country that time so we made an effort to really make it special. And all the grandchildren were there too so it really made him happy.

  • Kate says:

    Dear Papa,

    My father is incarcerated right now in a faraway country. And even if distance keeps us apart, he is still with me in spirit.

    Papa, I just want you to know that my thoughts are with you everyday even if it’s not Father’s Day. Please stay strong and hold on for I know that God will see us through and that He will let our family be reunited again. If you remember, I dedicated this song for you when I was young:

    The will of the wind, you feel it and then,
    It will pass you blowing steady.
    It comes and it goes, and God only knows,
    You must keep your sails on ready.
    So when it begins, get all that you can;
    You must befriend the will of the wind.

  • itt says:

    cooking for him:)

  • snowee says:

    My father, my brother, my boyfriend. I call you a man of may personalities. You’re such a wonderful person. Very understanding and considerate father.

    I missed everything about you when you said goodbye last Mother’s Day (10th of May, 2009). Now it’s your day… also your 40th day… I know that your happy with our Creator

    Thank you Papa for the Memories…

  • Czaroma says:

    We don’t usually celebrate Father’s Day! But a week before Father’s Day, we’ve already bought him an Adidas slippers and gave it to him as soon as we got home! No need to wait for the day itself to let him know that we remember him 🙂

  • i grew up away from my father that sometimes i cant imagine how to live with one. me and my dad were not talking for 3 decades now. with all the things that have happen in our lives i know in my heart that i am his only daughter and he is my only father.hoping someday that when time comes we would be able to express the words that holding us back for a long time. he may not be around for me all the time or most of the time i know that he cares about me and he loves me. well i can tell you tatay that no matter what, you are still my father and i love you. your grandson wants to see you!happy father’s day!

  • rechelle says:

    Tay, it has been 8 long years since you went away and I want you to know that finally, after the long wait, I can tell you that I’ve moved on. No more tears and feeling of depression whenever I saw son and daughter walk hand in hand at the mall. I’ve always felt insecure and envious of the girls whose father were able to attend their graduation day. But then I realized that your expression of love does not end by mere physical presence, you never fail to guide me though you’re now resting. In times that I feel like giving up, that thought of you gives me the energy to fight again and go on. I will always tell myself that I should never give up because you never gave up on me. I must say that the way you taught me about being strong is a bit different. You have never mention any compliment towards my good grades and achievements. Instead, all you give were discouragements and criticisms to provoke me and to keep on doing better and better each passing day. Today, I am still keeping the strength that you have given me alive. I promise you this, I will never get tired of fighting no matter how hard the battle is. Tay, maraming salamat sa lahat lahat, sa pagpapasensya, sa pagmamahal. Sorry if I was not able to comply with your last request. Remember the day that you asked me not to go to school and stay by your side instead? Tay, I had the greatest regret when I don’t do that. When I came back, I found helpless in the bed and after two weeks, you passed away without saying good bye to me. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Now, all I can give you were flowers and candles. I am so sorry I didn’t stay. I want you to be here for me every winning moments that I have. What I do is for you, what I have no is because of you and your unique way of molding and raising me. Do I make you proud? Tay, mahal na mahal kita kahit hindi ko sinasabi madalas. Rest and stop worrying about me. You have done a good job in raising a child like me. I am thankful that you are my tatay. Happy father’s day. My worst, na-appreciate ko lang ang araw ng mga Ama nung times na hindi na kita kasama. Magpahinga ka na, ako na ang bahala, kaya ko na dahil sa mga itinuro mo. Love lots! Missing you bad..

  • rechelle says:

    Tay, it has been 8 long years since you went away and I want you to know that finally, after the long wait, I can tell you that I’ve moved on. No more tears and feeling of depression whenever I saw father and daughter walk hand in hand at the mall. I’ve always felt insecure and envious of the girls whose father were able to attend their graduation day. But then I realized that your expression of love does not end by mere physical presence, you never fail to guide me though you’re now resting. In times that I feel like giving up, the thought of you gives me the energy to fight again and go on. I will always tell myself that I should never give up because you never gave up on me. I must say that the way you taught me about being strong is a bit different. You have never mention any compliment towards my good grades and achievements. Instead, all you give were discouragements and criticisms to provoke me and to keep on doing better and better each passing day. Today, I am still keeping the strength that you have given me alive. I promise you this, I will never get tired of fighting no matter how hard the battle is. Tay, maraming salamat sa lahat lahat, sa pagpapasensya, sa pagmamahal. Sorry if I was not able to comply with your last request. Remember the day that you asked me not to go to school and stay by your side instead? Tay, I had the greatest regret when I don’t do that. When I came back, I found helpless in the bed and after two weeks, you passed away without saying good bye to me. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Now, all I can give you were flowers and candles. I am so sorry I didn’t stay. I want you to be here for me every winning moments that I have. What I do is for you, what I have no is because of you and your unique way of molding and raising me. Do I make you proud? Tay, mahal na mahal kita kahit hindi ko sinasabi madalas. Rest and stop worrying about me. You have done a good job in raising a child like me. I am thankful that you are my tatay. Happy father’s day. My worst, na-appreciate ko lang ang araw ng mga Ama nung times na hindi na kita kasama. Magpahinga ka na, ako na ang bahala, kaya ko na dahil sa mga itinuro mo. Love lots! Missing you bad..

  • Ramses says:

    Father’s Day is not only for the man of the house. Father’s Day is also for all single mothers who have taken the role of fatherhood.I am raised by a single parent, and I want to dedicate this heartwarming message for her.
    Just want you to know that it’s not all about “YOU”. It’s all about “US”.Just the two of us. No matter what ,I promised to stay by your side.We will face the future together, through thick and thin I will hold your hand.There is nothing else I would rather be than to be by your side.Thank you for all the love. And I will always be proud that I am raised by a single parent.Cheers to our future together! Happy Dad’s Day to my single Mommy!

  • Carlohan says:

    My dad passed away 3 years ago..I made this acronym for him for Father’s Day

    B- Bringer of joy,love and peace in the family.
    E- Exceptional!A man of honor,dignity and with humble beginnings.
    N- Naughty at times, but equally nice!
    J- Just and fair at all times.
    A- Achievements in life are more than you could imagine.
    M -Molded us to become the person we are today.
    I- Inspired us to do better and attain our goals.
    N -No one can ever replace your place.Not now,not ever.You will forever be the world’s greatest Dad!Thank you for making me a proud Daddy’s girl!Happy Father’s Day,Dad!

  • cheche01 says:

    when my dad had motor accident i was the one to take care of my dad in the hospital because he have fracture in his legs and it takes 3 operation to put the steel in his legs and stay for almost 5months after the recovery he got the therapy and now I’m living at rosario pasig and my parents still live in cavite city.i always keep in touch everyday thru phone or txt to my parents specially to my dad because of his condition.

  • Colwin says:

    It happened when I was an eleven.

    I helped him in his business during weekends. I cooked our food, instead of him. There’s only 2 of us at our house, ‘coz my mother was an OFW.

  • rain says:

    one of my sweetest gesture was when I was 7
    dad has some colds and I volunteered to make
    him a glass of calamansi juice. I was so excited
    at that time serving my dad but upon drinking it
    his face becomes bad but manage to smile…
    unknowingly, what I put was iodized salt instead
    of sugar i was so ashamed but he kissed and
    told me, my thoughtfulness is enough !

  • Vivian says:

    Dearest Papa,

    I will never forget the times when I would pluck those white hair from your beard and mustache. Yes, I was very young then…maybe 8 or 9 years old when I would enjoyingly do this while sitting on your lap. I felt so bonded with you and felt that I was really a “papa’s girl”. It’s so sad that you passed away so soon. But the memories I had with you while growing up were memories that I will forever treasure in my heart.

    I know you’re in heaven right now and this Father’s day I want to tell you that I miss you so much and I LOVE YOU, PAPA.

    I am still your baby.

  • zpider says:

    For my loving tatay who have done everything for his family; but have left 12 years ago… Prayers are the best gift that I can always offer him. He might not experience playing with his grandkids, but I know how proud he is for I am also I’m doing the best for my family.

  • gwenny says:

    Last Father’s day, I gave Daddy a new pair of shoes, a big hug and a sweet kiss…

    I love you Daddy

  • Corazon Santiago says:

    When I was younger I always think of the best gift I could give for my TATAY… I usually end up buying things he like. I started of buying him 1 pack of cigarette eventually upgraded to expensive lighters, extra extra large mugs for his coffee and finally gave him his most ecpensive gift a cellphone. Now I am still thinking of a gift that I could give him… One day I was staring at him and seeing him very weak because of his ailment, his heart condition is getting worse. Seing him that weak made my heart burst to sadness and I always pray that spare him every Father’s Day for me to give him the best gift. You know what we al realized that everytime we are with him, having a family reunion or emergency meeting due to his condition makes him more active and he looks like fighting for his life. The LOVE that we give him that is the best gift that he receives every day… Every Father’s day…

  • eden says:

    my family used to sleep in one bedroom back when i was in grade school. when my mom and dad had a fight one time, my dad slept in another room in the house. after a few days i missed him so i told my mom that i wont be sleeping in their room that night, because i want to sleep beside papa. papa came home that night with me sleeping on one side of the bed.
    my mom and dad became friends the next day and my mom told me my dad was incredibly touched. 🙂 hehe

  • michelle says:

    The very first letter I gave to my Dad on Father’s Day. Here it is:

    Papa, I can never forget the hardships you have taken to bring me to the level I am today. I wouldn’t be where I’m now had it not been for you. Thank you for everything. I may not have said it often, but how could I let father’s day go by without saying how much you mean to me. However far from you but still I know you are always there for me as before. I have always respected you for being the most upright person in my life, I know you do not show yourlove for your daughters so openly but you love us a lot. We might have had a lot of interaction but you have made a maixmum impact o the way I think and react best part about you as a father has been that you never really taught us anything. You just lived your life and showed us the path of rightful living. You provided us with all the essentials of good life and never made us compromise on anything without ever showing how hard it could have been for you to provide such a decent life to all of us. thank you for everything


    Your Eldest Daughter
    Happy Father’s Day =)

  • itt says:

    my fathers loves gardening and we (my brother and i ) help him take those those nasty weeds out under the scorching heat of the sun and yes we were still young at that time and we sort of take some time off playing just to help him:) the best part is our little merienda after the hard work:)

  • Liz says:

    This year’s Fathers Day, we only give our Dad a solo Selecta Family treat ice cream (Choco Brownie flavor), the one endorsed by Carmina Villaruel and family and chocolate with “Your the best Dad! Happy Father’s Day! =P” greetings written on the chocolate itself.

    We love our Dad very much! Since my mother past away last 2003, he is the one who take care of us until now. He’s not only our father but he also act as a mother for us. Cooks for us if he have time. He’s a good cook! and I love his caldereta recipe! the best!

    So Pa, Happy Fathers Day!!! We love you very much and for me, you’re the Best Dad! If I will be reincarnated in my next lifetime, I will still choose you to be my father…

    Love you!


  • Skylah says:

    I am my daddy’s look-alike. I am proud to be his “princess junior”. I can only buy a “Father’s Day Card”; and I am really glad that I made him very happy!

  • Joy Ann says:

    Last year, as I was on my internship year my dad suddenly had complaints of chest pain, palpitations, and headache one morning. That morning, my mom secretly told me that she just had a dream that dad passed away in a heart attack. She and I prayed together in tears before I went to the clinic. It was a different morning. Usually my dad brings me to work but I decided to leave the house earlier, to go there by fx so my dad could get a few hours of extra sleep. On the way, flashbacks of the last night came to mind. My dad and I was on the car, and he was telling me that he’s not that young anymore. He said that when he was gone, I should listen to my mom and always help her out. I told him not to talk like that.

    Throughout the day, thoughts of my dad kept coming back to me. I kept expecting to receive a phone call telling me that he was admitted to the hospital. I kept praying “Lord, not yet. I’m still young and my brother’s only 10. I want him to be able to be there for my graduation, my wedding, and to witness other important milestones in my life.”

    The Lord heard my prayer. I graduated from college last april. My dad was there. I pray he’ll be there still for many more years.

    Papa, I just want to tell you that I’m glad God assigned you to be my dad. You’re the best one there is. And though I don’t get to say this very often, I love you very much!

  • cel says:

    This year’s father day I gave a polo shirt to my dad
    Perfect one for him to wear on Sunday mass and I
    have chosen a blue one bec its his favorite.

    I am person of few words and dont often say how
    much I love my father but so much care and love
    are always in my thoughts and heart.

    happy father’s day dad ! and I am so bless having you
    in my life !

  • lynette buco says:

    i still remember our first time to step foot in manila. it was all because of our dada. my dad is a tricycle driver but he has big dreams for us, we are 4 kids in the family.he would work day and nite and save some for his dream for the family and that is to EAT LUNCH at LUNETA and take us to a tour at manila zoo and chinese garden. being the eldest and i was 12 years old then, i remember that we rode an ordinary bus going to manila, we were seated on a 3 seater area so that we pay only for 3 persons but we were six all trying to fit in that space. and now that i am old, and have work of my own i promised myself to bring my dad back to luneta, eat our baon adobong manok cooked by my mother, together with my siblings and his grand children.then go to the mall. though this time we wont try fit in a 3 seater bus space but in our own private car.happy father’s day dada!

  • Manny says:

    I was not really close to my father, In fact I had this biggest “tampo” from him because he would not acknowledge my achievement. He will get angry with me if I didn’t get to be the top in the class. I was always on the top ten students of my batch, but I never got that top spot. I was contented with what I achieved but he is not. I guess he always have that high expectations from me.

    When my father bought us our family van, he asked me to enroll in a driving school. My father didn’t knew how to drive, and didn’t bothered learning. So I was the one who was always on the wheel, when running errand for the family. And I was also his personal driver. That became our bonding moment. During those times that I drive for him, I learn many things about my father that I didn’t know when I was younger. We talked about many things during those long drives. And I being more matured that time, that’s when I understand where he is coming from. The way he gets angry with me everytime I didn’t reach the top. He wants me to be the best, and he believes I can do it.

    One time, during one of our drives, he told me he would buy me a car if I pass the board exam, I was already in college then taking up accountancy. But two years before my graduation, he was stricken with a desease, and he left us forever. After passing the board exam, I was sad not because there wouldn’t be a new car waiting for me in the garage, but because I wouldn’t be able to share my greatest achievement with him. No, I didn’t top the board, but I know he is proud of me.

    And yes, I still drive that van. It’s getting old and rusty, but I never thought of selling it. It’s my father’s legacy to us. I miss the long drive, I miss the conversations, but most of all I miss the man in my passenger seat.

    Happy Father’s Day Papa! We will always miss you!

  • My dad loves to be younger looking always. His a really cool dad, we were like buddies. He loves to sing and play drums. I bought him a perfume for father’s day and two shirts one with his favorite band “the beatles” on print, and another one with the words ” I fear no Beer” =)

  • zai says:

    When I was a kid, I have heard stories from my grandparents that my Dad worked his way through school. He was not able to enjoy his youth, as his time was spent on working and studying at the same time.
    I gave my Dad a toy car on Father’s Day. He cried as he saw a matchbox car on his desk at home. I knew right there and then that “boys will always be boys”. No matter how strong they are outside, protecting and supporting their families, dads are still very much young at heart and toys would always make them smile. The toy car still sits on my Father’s desk at home and every time I see him holding that car and smiling, I would run towards him and give him my warmest hug.

  • For almost 21 years my dad is really my strength in my daily living because he keeps always telling me to fight what is right and do my best to attain my goal. The role of my dad is not a simple. For me my only prayer to God is always protect my family especially my father because without him we could no do anything good to teach us what is best for us and yo lead us in the right path.I love my daddy so much and i will always take care of him until the rest of my life.

  • Frances Ivy says:

    To dear Papa, I love you! Never really came up to you to say the words but I try to do my best to show it. You are a silent man and not really fond of sweet words. I grew up in fear of you for you rarely scold me but when you do, it only meant that I obey you. I was young and I took them badly but I grew up with a mature mind and learned that you only meant well for me.

    When I got married and pregnant, you make way for us to sit and talk. I totally appreciated that day for it was the first time you offered advice on life and marriage. It was a wonderful memory for me.

    Looking back, I can say that you and mama raised me and my siblings well.

  • elijah says:

    I gave my Dad a big hug and lots of kisses all over his face =)

  • Ken says:


    You’re the coolest in the whole world! You always teach me to stand up for myself instead of turning my back and being afraid. I promise to do my best not to disappoint you. Happy Father’s Day!

  • My sweetest gesture would be when I took care of him when he was sick with fever. Mom was out of town then. 🙂

  • Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for your support even if I live far away from home.

    May you have more Father’s Day to come! (woot!) 🙂

  • Les says:

    Dad, I can still remember the numerous times you carried me in your arms and waded through the flood just so I could get to school. You probably think that I was still too small then to remember but I do.
    You didn’t want me to ruin my school uniform and miss school and that was the only way we could get there.

    Thank you for being kind, selfless and giving. You were the only one who believed in me and trusted me when I was going through a rough patch. Now that I have made it through, I look back and realize that I couldn’t have made it without you. You told me to go on and be strong, and I did that.

    Our relationship isn’t perfect, but if I had the choice to choose my father, I would still choose you. Happy Father’s Day!

  • My father has already passed away for more than 10 years now but I still miss him everyday.

    The sweetest thing and also the most memorable gift I gave my father for father’s day was a banana republic printed white shirt.
    I know that he loves wearing printed white shirts that I immediately bought it the moment I saw it on display. It’s the first gift I gave him from my own money.

    It’s just sad that he never got to wear it. Because he got sick immediately after and died just 2 weeks of being ill.
    That’s the most memorable and also my last gift to him for father’s day.

    On his epitaph we wrote, we can only give you love that will last forever. A line from That’s All, the themesong of my papa and mama. True enough, eversince his death, that’s the only gift we can give him, for father’s day, his birthday, Christmas, new year and every day of the year, our love that will last forever.

  • Garrizaldy Santos says:

    I rarely buy any gifts for my father in the past father’s day but this year was the other way around I was on the mall when I though about my father a OFW. I wondered how long he has been working for us I’m 23 years old as of this writing I have a picture of me still a baby at his office then at his office here in the philippines he worked really hard for us setting aside his own dreams to give way to ours. He likes vehicles especially SUV typeI can’t afford to buy him a new SUV either a second hand I don’t want to buy him a model toy car because I want him to get what he wants. I thought about giving my father a book about investing I can only wish it can help him save up for his dream car.

    Happy Fathers Day to my Dad kudos to your dream car.

  • Jalysa says:

    I made a toolbox card for my papa. This is my gift for him last Father’s day!

  • rica says:

    I gave my dad a box of his favorite donuts, Krispy Kreme Original Glazed! 🙂 Happy father’s day 🙂

  • pink diamond says:

    My dad is in the twilight years of his life and I believe that it is my turn to give back the love that he truly deserves… For years, he has spent his life for work inorder to sustain our family’s needs. He devoted his life to be a good provider to his family, not minding his own pleasure. Sometimes he would even sacrifice buying a new pair of shoes or pants for my monthly allowance in college. If God permits that he’d be given longer life, I would like to give my father the “gift of time, love & joy”, for the rest of his years with us… I want him to spend the last years of his life with so much joy, laughter & unforgettable memories… my one way of showing that I love him so much & how thankful I am for all his love & sacrifices. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

  • Tony says:

    Love you lots, Papa. Thank you for being there always.
    Everytime I see my children growing, I am reminded of those things you taught me when I was a child.

    Know I now that freedom allows me to makes choices and work on responsibilities that comes with it. Happy Father’s Day to the Number 1 Dad in the world!

  • karen justine says:


    good day! i know you’re very busy today, as everyday, working hard for the money you have to give me every month to be able to send me to school and provide me my wants and other needs. i’m glad you really do that for me, because not all dads care enough for their kids as much as you care for me.

    for 12 years, i really didn’t have the chance to have a dad by my side. we both know what happened to us before, but now it’s not really important anymore. i am thankful for we had forgiven each other and we already put our painful past to our repressed memories.

    i would have to say that i really did not expect that we will meet again. in fact, i already lost hope that we’ll still have that “reconciliation”. God was just so great because he did not let me live without a dad forever.

    thank you.these two words just can’t describe how grateful i am for you have returned in my life. though we do not often see each other, i assure you that i am always here for you no matter what, just what you are for me. 🙂

    happy father’s day pa. i love you this much! *arms wide open*

    hugs and kisses,
    unica hija karen

  • ian says:

    My dad died when I was in high school, I always try to visit his grave and bring flowers.

  • I’m only 25 years old, but what I think the sweetest gesture I have done for my Papa was buying 4 VCD’s of Errol Flynn films as gifts for him in 2003.
    I used to work in a video shop. One time, when I was out with a co-employee retrieving some video tapes and VCD’s, I saw my dad’s mountain bikers’ group. I called him immediately, told him about my whereabouts (I was already living on my own then), and he asked me if we have several tapes by the said classic movies actor. I said we do, but only a few. His question gave me the idea that he admires Errol, that’s why every payday, I would go to other video shops and hunt for Errol Flynn VCD’s, until I was able to collect 4 of them. He was really surprised when he tore open the gift wrapper, and gave me a big kiss like he used to.

  • Bambi says:

    I’ve always been a Papa’s girl. Although he’s strict, he’s always there for me.

    I almost died when I was a baby. It was raining and there was a raging storm that had been battering the city. My father braved the flooded streets just to rush me to the hospital.

    I owe my life to you, Papa! For that, I love you so much.

  • leona says:

    Each bite of krispy kreme reminds me of my late father. He is warm, sweet and comforting, just like a fresh glazed krispy kreme doughnut. Now, whenever I miss my father I just run to the nearest Krispy kreme shop. happy father’s day Tatay!

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