Restaurant City : An Addictive and Fun Facebook Application for Chef Wannabes

Do you know whats keeping me busy? Im now running Pinoy Cravings Restaurant on Facebook(I wish its an actual restaurant) haha! Just like you, my Friendster days are now over and if you are not yet on my Facebook. You know my email right?

chef_in_kitchenWhen Facebookl first came out and became available to the general public, Facebook seemed like the basic Friendster copycat.

It didn’t take long for people to notice that there is indeed, something about Facebook that makes it a great social networking site.

Other than the features, there are also some applications that many members have come to love and consider as a standard for other social networking sites. And now, there’s Restaurant City, a fun, addictive Facebook application that give you more reason to log in and stay awhile.

What is Restaurant City?

Restaurant City is actually a virtual game that comes courtesy of Playfish. It can be played exclusively by Facebook members and is not available to non-members. The game is deceptively simple: build your own restaurant, serve meals, cater to customers, complete orders, serve meals and perform repairs and maintenance. For each action you perform, you earn a coin. If you pick up the trash, for example, you get one coin for each trash bag. If you serve food, you earn 2 coins for each meal.

The game seems like child’s play but it’s very appealing even to adults because it provides them interesting way to oversee and manage a business operation, albeit a virtual one.

Do you want to setup your own Resto?

restaurant city facebookYou need to sign up for an account with Facebook if you wish to run the application and that’s the only way you can play the game. If you’re a first-time restaurant owner-to-be, the application will guide you on what to do and how.

The goal of the game is for you to build your own virtual restaurant and earn coins or credits for specific actions. The game is based on real-life restaurant procedures, in that you not only have to build the restaurant, you also have to design it and keep it clean and operational.

The game also requires you to perform restaurant-related tasks such as buying ingredients, preparing food and serving meals. You move levels for good performance and are allowed to upgrade your establishment, such as getting a bigger restaurant or you can hire another worker.

The reason why this app works so well with Facebook is that you can ‘hire’ any one or several of your friends as your workers. You can monitor their progress and keep them happy in their jobs (there is a Happiness Meter that helps you track their performance). You don’t need to pay them, by the way.

Employees only need food and their break time and yes, you can fire a worker, although that will cost you 200 coins. From the get go, be careful about who you hire.

Restaurant City is also a great way to virtually learn cooking. Each day, a question will pop up about cooking and if you answer it correctly, you will receive an ingredient that you can use to improve your menu.

So what do you do with your earnings? You use your coins to purchase what you need to run your virtual restaurant. These include chairs, tables, ingredients, stoves and kitchenware. If you earn enough, you can purchase the more expensive ingredients or improve your restaurant to help you move up a level.

Do you have Restaurant City Tips you can share to us?

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