Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant and Hotel

For Leyteños, kinamot means to eat with hands much like Kamayan in Luzon.

Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant
Pinoy Breakfast

Our breakfast was served in an alfresco setting, overlooking the Maasin City pier. Everything was served in buffet style and the food choices are composed of steamed rice, garlic fried rice, fried dried pusit and crispy fried danggit, tocino, skinless longanisa, hard boiled egg and sinaing na tambakol.

Puto and Sweet Mango
Puto and Sweet Mango

Puto in leyte is made of sticky rice but unlike our very own Suman, Puto is not wrapped in banana leaves.

Kinamot Restaurant and Hotel is located in Maasin Southern Leyte.

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  • gloria de casro says:

    The food choices will make anyone wake up early to satisfy ones for filipino breakfast.

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