Tiramisu @ Jeepney Cafe

I recently attended the Acer Mobile Phone press conference last week in Hotel Intercontinental and since the press con will start at around 11am, that means i have to leave two hours earlier just to be on time. I just hate rush hours.

Tiramisu P130

I arrived in the hotel 30 minutes earlier but since food chains are far from the hotel vicinity, I decided to have coffee in the Hotel managed coffee shop called Jeepney Cafe. I ordered my favorite Tiramisu and a cup of one of the most expensive coffee Ive ever had (P180 / standard cup) oh well. The Tiramisu doesn’t have broas or lady finger which undoubtedly my favorite part but it was definitely one of the creamiest Tiramisu Ive tasted.

The overall flavor was more than satisfactory and its definitely well worth the price. I’ll definitely go back for their Tiramisu and I’ll make sure I’ll bring my own Venti Starbucks Caramel Latte.:)

Intercontinental Manila
Makati City Philippines

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Batangas Bulalo @ Rose & Grace Sta. Rosa

After almost a week of combined land and sea travel while covering the DBP RoRo Race 2009, the race organizers treated us for lunch in Rose & Grace in Sta Rosa before heading to the last and final pit stop which is in DBP head office in Makati.

Rose & Grace Bulalo
Batangas Bulalo

Ive been seeing a branch of this restaurant in Sto. Tomas Batangas each time I visit my hometown in Quezon but I haven’t got the chance to tryout their specialty which is the Bulalong Batangas. (more…)

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Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant and Hotel

For Leyteños, kinamot means to eat with hands much like Kamayan in Luzon.

Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant
Pinoy Breakfast

Our breakfast was served in an alfresco setting, overlooking the Maasin City pier. Everything was served in buffet style and the food choices are composed of steamed rice, garlic fried rice, fried dried pusit and crispy fried danggit, tocino, skinless longanisa, hard boiled egg and sinaing na tambakol. (more…)

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Las Paellas Café Robinson’s Galleria

Yesterday, I had dinner with friends (Nina, Marc and Gail) in Las Paellas Café in Robinson’s Galleria. Nina recommended that we try their Paella so we decided to have a dinner in this restaurant since Nina will be out of the country to fulfill her one month long Asian tour.

Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana P450.00
Saffron rice with chicken, pork, chorizo, seafood and vegetables (more…)

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Malacca : Authentic Malaysian Food from the strait of Malacca

Update : The restaurant in Jupiter is already closed

Apart from South East Asia’s rich culture and tradition, Asian cuisines are getting more and more popular in the culinary circuit and is currently reputed as one of the tastiest food in the world. Magellan even visited Asia to search for spices but before he fell in love with Asia’s exotic gastronomic creations he first colonized the Philippine archipelago to gain more control.

Beef Rendang
Beef Rendang P380

When it comes to great tasting Asian Food, Malacca or Melaka in Malaysia is not an exception, this part of Malaysia’s colorful past explains why they have developed such wide variety of eclectic recipes. Their unique recipes are part of what we call now as Nonya Cuisine. Nonya cooking started when some Chinese traders married Malay natives in the Malaccan port, Since then, different kinds cooking were introduced where Chinese and Malay recipes were combined and improved to perfection. (more…)

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Gomuko Ramen @ Sakura

Healthy lifestyle is so hard to maintain, achieve and most of the time its also expensive:) I went to Mall of Asia a couple of days ago to have my first day of workout in Fitness First. With literally empty stomach, I decided to look for a Japanese restaurant. Luckily I found Sakura, I immediately requested for the menu card and since Its raining I ordered Gomuko Ramen, California Temaki and Japanese green tea.

Gomuko Ramen
Gomuko Ramen P258

Gomuko Ramen is a huge bowl of hot egg noodle soup with cabbage and assorted seafoods. The ramen’s broth is hot and tasty but it doesn’t have enough seafood in it but i love the fresh vegetables in the soup though. (more…)

Spicy Beef Rendang @ Wild Ginger

“Are you free tomorrow for lunch?” Jessica asked, I said Yes, it’s been a while since the last time we talked about her blog etc. Jessica suggested that we have lunch at Wild Ginger, one of the few restaurants at Power Plant Mall that serves Asian specialties from all over Southeast Asia.

Pork with red curry paste
Pork with red curry paste

I love Asian food, Who doesn’t? I must admit, I had a hard time choosing from the menu and instead of going back and forth and possibly ending up with the wrong choice I just asked Jessica for suggestions since she’s already familiar with the restaurants menu. After a short chat she ordered Pork with red curry paste while she recommended that I try their Beef Rendang. It’s no doubt that the place is her favorite restaurant, in fact she calls this restaurant her office extension. Hmmm I dont think thats advisable for me:) (more…)