Tchayapan’s Rice : Food Trip in Mountain Province

After visiting the Bontoc Museum, we headed to Tchayapan’s Restaurant to have lunch. The restaurant is Bontoc’s best and biggest restaurant according to Violet – the tour operator / guide.

Tchayapan's Rice
Tchayapan’s Rice P70

I didn’t expect too much from the food that they served but after checking their menu, I think their food is pretty much safe though it may not be for people with adventurous palate.

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice P70

Forgive me but whenever I’m out of town, I prefer to eat something unfamiliar – something that I can’t normally find in Manila.

I ordered Tchayapan’s Rice, Its Bontoc’s version of Lechon Kawali with buttered fresh and crunchy vegetables on the side while my group mates ordered Fried Chicken rice – medium portion of crispy fried chicken with mixed vegetables and steamed rice.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken rice P70

We also had our lunch in Tchayapan’s Restaurant on our way back to Manila and that time, I ordered Sweet and Sour pork rice – a crispy fried pork in sweet and sour sauce. Their set of food may not have met my expectations but It I will still recommend it specially for budget travelers who want to visit the highlands on a shoestring budget.

Tchayapan’s Restaurant and Hotel
Bontoc Mountain Province

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