Martabak with Chocolate & Cheese – Indonesia’s Bibingcrepe?

After having late afternoon snack in Bona Coffee, Karla and Sha decided to look for a place to eat within Mall of Asia. While roaming around, I noticed a restaurant that serves Indonesian food. One thing that caught my attention is their Martabak coz it’s totally similar to our very own Bibingcrepe. Out of curiosity, I suggested that we have our dinner in Martabak Indonesian Food & Cafe to try out their food.

martabak chocolate and cheese
Martabak with Chocolate & Cheese P100

I just ordered Martabak filled with Chocolate and Cheese since I was still full from having a heavy Buddha Belly Sandwich from Bona Coffee. I guess I just had very high expectations, but Halfmoon’s Bibingcrepe remains to be my favorite and I don’t even think its even comparable.

Apparently, Martabak is widely known in Indonesia, as a matter of fact, Sweet Martabak also known as Martabak Manis is a popular snack in Indonesia. This sweet pan-cooked snack is a popular street food which is cooked in a round shaped pan much like how Bibingcrepe. Once the rice based pancake is cooked, one can choose from variety of fillings such as cheese, chocolate, crushed sweetened peanuts, sesame seeds and condensed milk. After spreading the chosen fillings, martabak is cut into half and flipped onto the other.

There’s no doubt, Bibingcrepe is patterned from Indonesia’s famous Martabak but when it comes to flavor and quality of the pancake, I’ll still go for Bibingcrepe.

Martabak Indonesian Food & Cafe
G/F North Park Building
SM Mall of Asia Pasay City
Telephone number : (632) 4420387
Fax number : (632) 4193861

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  • ive never tried bibingcrepe or martabak but the photo looks yum!

  • @mrs lavendula – you should try it soon:).. thanks a lot for visiting this blog

  • u8mypinkcookies says:

    looks yummy.. wanna try the one w/ peanuts or choco filling!

  • Lee says:

    Would love to try this in my next Pinas trip! I’m a “bingka monster” and I seek to try every kind of bibinka in the world.

  • Ran says:

    Hello, warm greetings from indonesia. err…just to clear things up here, indonesian martabak batter is using wheat flour, not rice flour. i guess that’s why you find it slightly different from bibingcrepe. Haven’t tasted bibingcrepe yet, but i’m sure it’s just as good as our authentic martabak here.

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