Filipino Breakfast @ St. Joseph’s Inn & Cafe

It was black saturday and our third day in Sagada. I woke up early to prepare myself for a scheduled tour in some of Sagada’s tourist spots. I went straight to St. Joseph Cafe which is located few steps away from my hostel. I came in too early, the cafe just opened and the food was still being prepared. Good thing another tourist came in, we had a short chat and decided to order coffee and a chocolate filled bread which I forgot the name.

Chocolate Filled Bread @ St. Joseph Cafe
Hot Chocolate filled bread

I just loved that morning, Imagine sipping a cup of mountain coffee paired with a huge “fresh from the oven” chocolate filled bread while chatting with another complete stranger. That bread and coffee built friendship, Tintin – a manila based lawyer is now my friend on facebook:)

Breakfast at St. Joseph Cafe Sagada
Breakfast Plate

While chatting with Tintin, everyone started to arrive and the previously unoccupied tables in the restaurant started to become jampacked and full of hungry tourists waiting for their orders to be served. After few minutes, my plate arrived. I was delighted to see tuyo (dried fish) in the plate, its been a while since I had one.

Mountain Coffee at St. Joseph Cafe
Mountain Coffee

Our breakfast plate was composed of violet colored mountain rice, sweet longganisa, tuyo and scrambled eggs with vegetables and herbs. That’s not just a complete breakfast, it was a perfect one:)

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