Banana Pancake with Butter and Strawberry Jam @ Rock Inn & Cafe

After visiting Sagada Weaving Center, we went to Rock Inn & Cafe to have some refreshments. Unlike most hostels in Sagada, Rock Inn is quite far from the town center where most restaurants and souvenir shops are located.

Banana Pancake with Starberry Jam
Banana Pancake with Butter and Strawberry Jam P70

Rock Inn & Cafe is famous for its Sagada Orange orchard where you can pick fresh mountain oranges when in season. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the orange picking season was only until the end of February so we ended up browsing their menu for a snack.

Yoghurt @ Sagada Rock Inn
Blackberry Yoghurt

I ordered Banana Pancake with Strawberry Jam and their Mountain blend Robusta coffee. Their Banana Pancake was really good, they used Strawberry jam instead of maple syrup and the fluffy pancake has fresh banana inside hmmmm I’m drooling:)

Mountain Brew Coffee P30

Lori and Grace ordered Blackberry Yoghurt which is one of their specialty, I’m just quite wondering where their yoghurt came from since the taste is really similar with the one from Yoghurt House located in Downtown. As usual, a cup of mountain brew coffee always makes my day.

I will definitely go back to Sagada in the next couple of months to experience the Orange picking and other Sagada culinary offerings.

Rock Inn & Cafe
Rock Farm, Balatao Sagada
Mountain Province
Contacts:  Bang – (63920) 9095899
                     Fely – (63920) 9028608
Email :
Web :

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