Lemon Pie @ Lemon Pie House in Sagada

After a half day of touring Sagada’s adventure spots, I decided not to join my group mates on another adventure activity and instead I decided to go back to the Lemon Pie House to try out their specialty.

Sagada Lemon Pie @ Lemon Pie house
Sagada’s famous Lemon Pie

Sagada as a destination has a lot of surprises despite of its simplicity. When it comes to food in Sagada, I never really thought food in this far flung town can be that surprisingly delicious. (more…)

Filipino Breakfast @ St. Joseph’s Inn & Cafe

It was black saturday and our third day in Sagada. I woke up early to prepare myself for a scheduled tour in some of Sagada’s tourist spots. I went straight to St. Joseph Cafe which is located few steps away from my hostel. I came in too early, the cafe just opened and the food was still being prepared. Good thing another tourist came in, we had a short chat and decided to order coffee and a chocolate filled bread which I forgot the name.

Chocolate Filled Bread @ St. Joseph Cafe
Hot Chocolate filled bread

I just loved that morning, Imagine sipping a cup of mountain coffee paired with a huge “fresh from the oven” chocolate filled bread while chatting with another complete stranger. That bread and coffee built friendship, Tintin – a manila based lawyer is now my friend on facebook:) (more…)

Buffet Dinner in Sagada’s Log Cabin

Our first night in Sagada was a total blast. After a short nap, everyone went to the Log Cabin for our dinner. Log Cabin is one of the best restaurant in Sagada and during holy week, where there’s a huge influx of tourists, you need to book and reserve your table if you want to experience their ala carte or buffet dinner.

Log Cabin Sagada Buffet Dinner
Log Cabin Buffet Dinner

I was actually surprised when I learned that they serve continental and oriental cuisine. Chef Aklay is Log Cabin’s resident Chef, a French guy who has more than 26 years of culinary experience across the globe. Aklay is Chef Phillipe Heyer’s Igorot name, like all visitors of Sagada, he fell in love with the place and decided to live in Sagada. Chef Aklay has been cooking and serving food in Sagada Log Cabin for over 9 years now. (more…)

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Sizzling Gambas Recipe (Sizzling Hot Chili Shrimp Recipe)

Shrimp is my favorite seafood, You may have seen some of the recipes that I have cooked and most of them have shrimps. It was the day after my Sagada Trip when I had a craving for Sizzling Gambas.

spicy hipon
Spicy Sizzling Gambas

Since Trabajo market is just near my place, I went ahead and bought the ingredients for my late lunch cooking. (more…)

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Orange Rum Cake Recipe

Ive been wanting to bake Rum cake ever since I created this blog but I cant find an easy and simple recipe. While browsing an old magazine, I found an orange rum cake fuss-free recipe from Heny Sison. The instructions are easy to follow and you can even multi-task while baking it:)

Orange Rum Cake 1
Easy to bake Rum Cake

I remember my first baking class with Heny Sison and Chef Jill Sandique a couple of years back, I learned that baking is all about following instructions, following instructions and following instructions. So here’s the recipe:) (more…)

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Banana Pancake with Butter and Strawberry Jam @ Rock Inn & Cafe

After visiting Sagada Weaving Center, we went to Rock Inn & Cafe to have some refreshments. Unlike most hostels in Sagada, Rock Inn is quite far from the town center where most restaurants and souvenir shops are located.

Banana Pancake with Starberry Jam
Banana Pancake with Butter and Strawberry Jam P70

Rock Inn & Cafe is famous for its Sagada Orange orchard where you can pick fresh mountain oranges when in season. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the orange picking season was only until the end of February so we ended up browsing their menu for a snack. (more…)

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Tchayapan’s Rice : Food Trip in Mountain Province

After visiting the Bontoc Museum, we headed to Tchayapan’s Restaurant to have lunch. The restaurant is Bontoc’s best and biggest restaurant according to Violet – the tour operator / guide.

Tchayapan's Rice
Tchayapan’s Rice P70

I didn’t expect too much from the food that they served but after checking their menu, I think their food is pretty much safe though it may not be for people with adventurous palate. (more…)

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