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I mentioned before that Japanese Food is my least favorite. I even mentioned it to my Japanese friends; what a shame. I am now literally eating all my words coz Im now fully hooked and addicted to Japanese food.

tempura japanese grill makati avenue
Temari Sushi P96.00

I currently work on a graveyard shift so my dinner is usually around 12nn Manila time. While walking towards Makati Avenue to look for a cab, I saw Tempura Japanese Grill so I thought I may want to satisfy my hankering for Ebi Tempura since the one I cooked a couple of days ago was a major fail.

I was a bit overwhelmed with their menu thought I haven’t tried most of them, I decided to order those unfamiliar. After ordering several unheard dishes, I was informed that they weren’t available yet so I ended up ordering Ebi Bacon Maki and Temari Sushi.

shrimp maki with bacon
Ebi Bacon Maki P185.00

Temari Sushi is a popular dish which is composed of kani balls with various toppings such as ika, maguro, ebi and sake while Ebi Bacon Maki is composed of shrimp, winter mushroom and rolled in grilled thinly sliced pork belly.

shushi house tempura japanese grill
Temari Sushi

I was a bit overwhelmed with the taste of Ebi Bacon Maki, I dont know which among the engridients is overpowering, Is it the the Ebi (Shrimp) or the bacon? I like it though specially the sauce thought its a bit salty. Their Temari Sushi is good and I’ll definitely order again when i go back anythime soon. Maybe later?

All prices are Vat inclusive. No Service Charge

Tempura Japanese Grill
Makati Ave. Makati City
Phone Number: (63 2) 897-5991

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