Chami Guisado @ Star Bowl Haus

It was the night before my birthday when I arrived in Baguio City. February is one of the coldest month in this northern city and for some weird reason I craved for a freshly cooked pancit which I couldn’t find in any restaurant near Camp John Hay where I stayed.

Chami Guisado
Chami Pancit Guisado P120

I ended up having my “Pancit Hunt” in Session Road, I really don’t mind walking downhill or even uphill so long as the weather is cold. Right in the middle of Baguio’s busiest street, I found Star Bowl Haus – a two story restaurant that offers typical Chinese food found in most Chinese restaurants in Manila.

Talking about Chinese food, I first ordered Lemon Chicken without verifying with their menu if they even offered the dish… good thing they had it listed, haha. They have several types of pancit but I ordered my all time favorite Chami Guisado.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice P120

I’ve been telling myself that I will not eat fatty foods upon arrival in Baguio so to lessen the guilt, I ordered Fried Chopsuey paired with their version of Yang Chow Fried Rice.

The crispy Lemon Chicken is generously portioned and tastes pretty good but I think it’s too sweet and it has too much food coloring. I liked the Chami Guisado, Its not too salty but their version is not the one to crave for.

Lemon Chicken
Lemon Chicken P150

Their Yang Chow Fried Rice surprised me though, I cant think of any secret recipe for this fried rice but their prawn fried rice is one of the best for me. There’s nothing extra ordinary with their Fried Chopsuey, I was initially intrigued as to how are they were going to serve it but overall it was good.

Fried Chopsuey
Fried Chopsuey P150

Baguio is one of the Philippines top tourist destinations and that’s the reason why there’s a lot of restaurants in the “City of Pines”, that only means I have more reason to go back:)

Star Bowl Haus
Anne B. Antipolo Bldg.,
Session Road
Baguio City

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