Protein Supreme Pizza @ Visco’s in Session Road

It was past 3pm and I was still walking around Session Road in Baguio City looking for a good pair of pants in the Wagwagan (Ukay-Ukay) area. I must admit, I keep ignoring Ukay-Ukay shops in Manila but when a friend gave me a North Face jacket from Ukay Ukay, I started to become an Ukay fan.

Protein Supreme Pizza
Protein Supreme Pizza P240.00

Call me cheap, that’s ok I won’t deny it haha. After endless walking and successful Ukay hunt, I decided to look for a good afternoon snack in Session Road. Whenever I go out of town, I always make sure to try out as many restaurants as I can.

Right beside Don Henrico’s is another Italian inspired restaurant called Visco’s Restaurant & Cake Shop. I did not order immediately since the spot near the entrance was still occupied. I always want to be seated in a table near the entrance or near the window, for photography sake I admit! Food shots are better taken with natural lighting.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake P98.00

After five minutes of waiting, I finally got my preffered table. I ordered Protein Supreme Pizza, Mango Cake and Blueberry Cheesecake (to go). Visco’s Protein Supreme Pizza is great – Its loaded with Pepperoni, italian sausage, Ham, Bacon and mushrooms!! My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than your’s, damn right it’s better than your’s, I would teach you but I’d have to charge.

Mango Cake
Mango Cake P56.00

So how do i rate Pizza? It’s not just all about the ingredients, I think its also the preparation and the presentation of the food. Their Protein Supreme Pizza’s ingredient is just enough, its not overloaded with spices and the ingredients are not also short and best off all the pizza crust is not oily unlike the one served in Pizza Hut which I actually love eating by the dozen.

Overall, because it’s all meat and because I am carnivorous, Visco’s Pizza and Desserts are satisfyingly good, It’s even better than most of the Pizza’s I’ve tasted in Manila. You should try it on your next vacation in Baguio.

Price inclusive of 12% Vat

Visco’s Restaurant & Cake Shop
#5C EDT Bldg (Puso ng Baguio Bldg.)
#5 Session Road, Baguio City
Tel# (074) 446-7082

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