Starbucks Fix in Camp John Hay

I recently visited Baguio to celebrate my birthday and also to explore some interesting restaurants in the place called “The City of Pines”. Since I stayed at Camp John Hay where most interesting restaurants are located, I immediately went to Starbucks after leaving my things in the hotel room.

coffee shops Baguio City
Starbucks Camp John Hay

Unlike Starbucks in most cities in the Philippines, this branch in Camp John Hay is probably the most relaxing branch I’ve ever visited. Imagine the cool breeze and the smell of the pine trees while fixing your favorite coffee.

Starbucks Camp John Hay Multi-grain Bagel
Multi-grain Bagel and Toffee Nut Latte

Since it’s located in Camp John Hay, this branch is very quiet and peaceful. This branch in Camp John Hay is my favorite among all its branches since its far from the busy streets of Metropolis. I just love the ambiance of the place and their Barista’s are friendly too:)

Starbucks Camp John Hay Italian Pocket
Italian Pocket

Since I just arrived from Manila and Deluxe Buses don’t have stop-overs, I pampered myself with my favorite Toffee Nut Latte, Italian Pocket Pie and Multi-grain Bagel with cream Cheese.

Starbucks Camp John Hay Baguio City 2
This way to Starbucks

I’m glad Starbucks Baguio now offers pastries and breakfast sandwiches just like the ones offered in Manila, they used to have a different set of pastries and breakfast sandwiches in their menu.

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