Sakae Sushi : Experience Manila’s five-star quality Sushi’s at two-star prices

I’m not a big fan of Japanese cuisine but when I started food blogging, I became more adventurous and I started to appreciate Japanese food. Last weekend, fellow food bloggers and I were invited to Sakae Sushi’s “Chef For a Day” event to experience a short Japanese food cooking lesson and to feast on the food that we will be preparing.

Sushi All you Can
Sushi Buffet

I arrived at the restaurant with Nina, we were too early; in fact the restaurant had just opened but everything was already prepared and I was amazed to see the variety of sushi, sashimi and maki in their Kaiten – the conveyor belt that strategically passes through booths and counters ready to be picked and enjoyed.

Ham and Cheese Roll
Ham and Cheese Roll

I love these kind of activities, cooking Lessons allows you to learn the proper way of cooking easier than you would when reading a recipe book or watching a cooking show on TV. I shared tables with Nina (a long time travel buddy), Kaoko (a lady who is totally obsessed with Bento), and Ajay (a pioneer in food blogging and a tech writer for Manila Bulletin).

Kami Salad Inari
Kami Salad Inari

My first rolled California Mini Maki was a major fail, I must admit I never thought it was that difficult to prepare. I was too excited and realized that I was rolling the Bamboo sushi-roll mat too tightly which made the ingredients squeeze out.

Unlimited Sushi
Sushi Buffet

We also toured around their kitchen and I was lucky to meet their Sushi Robot. In this restaurant, Sushi-making and rice cooking are facilitated by machines to ensure the cleanliness, quality and consistency of their rice. Did you know that their Sushi is good for your skin? Yup because their sushi rice is enriched with Vitamin E.

Bacon Cheese Crepe
Bacon Cheese Crepe

Sushi prices are based on their ingredients such as the type of fish, seafood, fruit and rice used in the preparation. Food on the conveyor belt are color coded and I was bit surprised at how affordable they were. It’s no wonder that this restaurant is always jammed packed with Filipino, Korean and other Foreign customers. Food choices in purple plates come at a delicious price of P39, yellow plates at P59, green plates at P79 and red plates for only P99.

Kani Shushi
Kani Sushi

Hana Maki with sushi rice wrapped in fresh salmon and topped with cod roe is a must try while fried tofu in light sweet soy and takoyaki lightly kissed with mayo is another bestseller.

California Mini Maki 2
California Mini Maki

Sakae Sushi offers All you can Eat promo from 2:00 to 6:00 pm everyday for only P349 for adults, P299 for senior citizens and P199 for kids.

Corn Salad Inari
Corn Salad Inari

Their menu is not limited to what is available on the conveyor belt, you can browse through their menu to order a wide array of appetizing tempura, temaki, donburi, teppanyaki, ramen and udon choices.

Ebi Fried Cheese Crepe
Ebi Fried Cheese Crepe

In Sakae Sushi, you are not only paying for delightful sushi’s and other food offerings, you are paying for the complete experience of eating authentic Japanese food.

Okaka Roll
Okaka Roll

Japanese food is known to be one of the healthiest in the world, with the use of fresh fish and sea foods, Japanese rice and mostly green fruits and vegetables.

Soft Shell Crab Cheese Maki
Soft Shell Crab Cheese Maki

Call it Tempura, yakitori, takoyaki, sashimi, sushi, okonomiyaki and ramen – these are the only few Japanese food that I have tasted but I promised to treat myself to Sushi Bars more frequently to tryout more Japanese dishes.


I’m starting to love Japanese food, I’m blaming myself for not discovering it early (LOL). I am not surprised at why Sushi sells better than hotcake nowadays, I find it really good tasting.

Tamago Sushi
Tamago Sushi

Aside from their Mall of Asia branch, you can also try their branch in Crescent West Park in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Tuna Mango Inari
Tuna Mango Inari

Sakae Sushi is a popular Sushi Food Chain in Singapore with close to 30 outlets spread out in the city-state. It is also located in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and now in the Philippines.


Sakae Sushi Branches :

The Fort
26th Crescent West Park
Global City Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City
Tel: (+632) 843-4891

Mall of Asia
Unit 2145 – 2146 Main Mall (near Mc Donalds)
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Tel: (+632) 556-0150

Have you tried dining in Sakae Sushi? Post your comments here in Sakae Sushi Forum!

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  • entrepgirl says:

    hi! you have a great blog. i love you photos! i hope you can also visit my blog. would it be ok if we exchanged links? thanks! 🙂

  • dyosa says:

    I haven’t dined in Sakae Sushi. I went there twice and they’re always closed. Unlucky me. But I’m thinking of paying it a visit again and this time, I’ll go at night. Most probably, they’re open by then. 🙂

  • ok sure… thanks for the kind words

  • leslie says:

    fantastic photos. I hope I can take photos as beautiful as yours:)

  • thanks a lot leslie, hope to see you soon:0

  • mike says:

    looks good:)

  • abbee says:

    I keep forgetting to eat there. Every time I’d pass by their MOA branch, I’m always full!

  • anji says:

    ur sushis and maki too ordinary can u create new ideas for it so that guests will crave more of ur sushis and maki

  • aimee says:

    Hi there!

    I just want to share my Sakae Sushi experience in MOA. I guess it used to be a good restaurant before but when we dined there Dec. 2009 it was one of the worst holiday dinners my family and I had.

    The restaurant wasn’t full packed and I asked the manager if they were shorthanded. I was told it was their usual fare. The night was terrible!

    Our orders took 1-1.5 hours before they came out. My brothers who had the conveyor belt buffet had to endure totally empty conveyor belts and in the 3 to 4 hours we were there, we only saw 4 red plates (2 kinds).

    Guys, if you’re ever at MOA and want Japanese, go for Yakimix instead.

  • Crane Services says:

    amazing images. I wish I can take images as wonderful as yours:)

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