Home cooked vegetables still the best

In time with the Department of Health’s HL to the Max program or a revitalized Healthy Lifestyle campaign. Eating a balanced diet particularly consisting mostly of old home-cooked vegetables is still the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Home cooked Chopsuey

According to Davao Medical Center Consultant, Diabetes Specialist Dr. Roy Ferrer, people nowadays should not forget what their grandparents believe that the most nutritious food are vegetables prepared in their homes.

Nowadays Dr. Ferrer, capsules are being sold in the market which proclaims to contain the nutrients of certain vegetables which Dr. Ferrer said is skeptical. He said that most of today’s world believes in shortcuts and that includes diets. He said that many young people are misinformed particularly by the proliferation of these ads in the media.

He said that home-cooked vegetables contain no impurities or any harmful chemicals which these health capsules have. Dr. Ferrer said that the secret in having a well-managed diet is to take fibrous food like vegetables and taking white-meat like poultry and seafood and reducing the intake of red meat like beef and pork.

With its “HL to the max campaign” the DOH are now endorsing seven health practices such as putting a stop to vices like smoking, drinking alcohol, and illegal drugs, hypertension prevention, engaging in physical activities, and also managing stress, plus as what Dr. Ferrer has stressed a healthy well-managed diet putting a premium on taking high fiber, low fat and low sugar foods.

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