Sugar Free Profiteroles @ Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks now have a new set of cakes and pastries and one of them is Sugar Free Profiterole. Its for people who loves to eat pastries but is also trying to loose weight. It taste pretty much like cream puffs, only with less sugar and less guilt:)

Sugar Free Profiteroles @ Starbucks Coffee
Sugar Free Profiteroles

Is Toffee Nut Latte your favorite coffee drink from Starbucks? We all know that this drink is only offered during Christmas season or until their supply lasts but hey! did you know that you can ask any barista to mix Caramel and Hazelnut syrup with Latte? You can now enjoy your all time favorite Toffee Nut Latte all year round.

Sakae Sushi : Experience Manila’s five-star quality Sushi’s at two-star prices

I’m not a big fan of Japanese cuisine but when I started food blogging, I became more adventurous and I started to appreciate Japanese food. Last weekend, fellow food bloggers and I were invited to Sakae Sushi’s “Chef For a Day” event to experience a short Japanese food cooking lesson and to feast on the food that we will be preparing.

Sushi All you Can
Sushi Buffet

I arrived at the restaurant with Nina, we were too early; in fact the restaurant had just opened but everything was already prepared and I was amazed to see the variety of sushi, sashimi and maki in their Kaiten –┬áthe conveyor belt that strategically passes through booths and counters ready to be picked and enjoyed. (more…)

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Benguet Blend Coffee @ Tam-awan Village Cafe

Tam-awan Village in Baguio City is not only popular as a cultural hub for the Cordillera people, This place also offers good food and… Flavorful Coffee! Unlike Barako which is also a popular Philippine coffee with a pungent and nutty flavor, Benguet blend has a sweeter aroma and is full-bodied Arabica.

Tam-awan Village Cafe - Tam-awan Salad
Fresh Tam-Awan Salad

Aside from their famous Benguet Blend Coffee, I also ordered Tam-awan Salad P90.00 – a delightful mix of fresh vegetables like Parsley, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, Green Bell Pepper, Apple and Basil with Honey Mustard Dressing. (more…)

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Home cooked vegetables still the best

In time with the Department of Health’s HL to the Max program or a revitalized Healthy Lifestyle campaign. Eating a balanced diet particularly consisting mostly of old home-cooked vegetables is still the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Home cooked Chopsuey

According to Davao Medical Center Consultant, Diabetes Specialist Dr. Roy Ferrer, people nowadays should not forget what their grandparents believe that the most nutritious food are vegetables prepared in their homes. (more…)

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Etihad launches 24×7 World Class Dining Experience while Onboard

It was a rainy morning when we visited Miascor Catering in Paranaque with fellow food bloggers and friends from TV and print media to taste the first class onboard culinary offerings of Etihad Airways.

breakfast dessert - Cream Yoghurt - Pineapple with fresh blueberry - Etihad
Breakfast Dessert – Cream Yoghurt with Pineapple and fresh blueberry

After a couple of security checks, we finally entered the Miascor’s facility – an inflight catering service provider located at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Paranaque City. (more…)

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Starbucks Fix in Camp John Hay

I recently visited Baguio to celebrate my birthday and also to explore some interesting restaurants in the place called “The City of Pines”. Since I stayed at Camp John Hay where most interesting restaurants are located, I immediately went to Starbucks after leaving my things in the hotel room.

coffee shops Baguio City
Starbucks Camp John Hay

Unlike Starbucks in most cities in the Philippines, this branch in Camp John Hay is probably the most relaxing branch I’ve ever visited. Imagine the cool breeze and the smell of the pine trees while fixing your favorite coffee. (more…)

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Special meals and delectable desserts only @ Cravings

Come this special month of love and romance, where better to celebrate than in place that puts delectable taste where your heart is.

Cravings caramel cake
Caramel Cake

Owing to 20 years of culinary experience straight from hearts of kitchen masters who truly love their food, Cravings is sure to be the perfect spot to spend Valentines Day with that special someone. (more…)

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