What’s Delicious in F Word?

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a food tasting event with the Philippine blogosphere’s finest food bloggers. It was a night of unending discovery, a feast for the palate and a phantasmagoria of food choices at Erik Matti’s F Word Resto.

F Word Facade
F Word Resto

If I can put my own meaning to the “F” in the restaurant’s name, it would be “Flavorgasmic“. It’s definitely a set of Fabulous Pinoy Cuisine served in a fantastic and orgasmic way that can make you say “F” with a full tummy.

F Word Inside
What’s Delicious in F Word?

Together with Laise and Lara, we arrived late since our work ends at 7pm. I was pleasantly surprised to see my fellow food bloggers seated around one long table, but since we were late, we had to sit at a separate table beside them.

Chef Francis started serving their famous starters and as he laid down the food he described the ingredients and shared the story behind each recipe.

Black Calamares F Word
Black Calamares

Black Calamares is probably one of the most eccentric appetizers in their menu, imagine: crispy calamares coated with squid ink batter.

Tamaraw wings F Word
Tamaraw Wings

Tamaraw wings are their version of buffalo wings. It was satisfyingly spicy and somehow similar to my recipe, hehe.

Hassle Free Gambas F Word
Hassle Free Gambas

Hassle-Free Gambas made of deep fried shrimp balls in a sweet and sour sauce was extremely tasty and would have made a good entree on its own.

Pakbet F Word soup
Pakbet Soup

If you love Pinakbet then you will definitely love their Pakbet Soup, It’s pumpkin soup with a twist – a mixture of crunchy vegetables found in Pinakbet like ampalaya, sitaw and eggplant.

Potato leek F Word
Potato leek Arroz Caldo

Another soup, Potato Leek Arroz Caldo – a mixture of rice porridge and potato with bits of chicken chicaron, ginger and leeks, is a definite must try.

Soup number 5  F word Soup
F Word Soup

Soup #5 which the restaurant wittily renamed “F soup” is made of cows balls (poor cow). This soup is believed to be an aphrodisiac. No wonder this soup is only served 11pm onwards..

We then moved on to the carbs; Chicken Liver with Thai Daing for the liver lovers. This dish is creatively served with cranberry sauce. The sweet cranberry serves as a contrast to the earthy flavor of liver.

I like the Hipon Labong Ravioli with Basil Gata Sauce, the sauce complimented the shrimp instead of overpowering it so the combination worked out great.
Tuna Tinapa Pasta F Word
Tuna Tinapa Pasta

Tuna Tinapa or Tuti, according to F Word’s menu, is a pasta dish. I never tried mixing tuna and tinapa with pasta yet this combination is really good and definitely something new. The two main ingredients are usually served in a dish of their own but apparently they can work together..

The maindish; Lamb Menudo is another favored Filipino dish. This is usually a time consuming dish since you have to allow the meat to tenderize. At F Word.. they got it just right.

Isla de Maji-Maji is F word’s version of fish sinigang. It’s not the sinigang soup we are used to. It was served on a plate with crispy fried fish coated with crushed cashew placed on top of your favorite sinigang vegetables with a creamy sinigang sauce dominated by the taste of gabi.

Sole Fillet with seafood paella F Word
Sole Fillet with seafood paella risotto

Sole Fillet with Seafood Paella Risotto is topped with crab fat (aligue), so hypertensives beware.

Pinoy Roast Pork F Word
Lechon Kawali

Lechon Kawali was another crowd pleaser. The roasted pork was so tender, but the most interesting thing about the lechon was the dipping sauce. No ordinary mang tomas sauce here, F restaurant’s partner for salty lechon kawali is a bracing, mildly sweet cranberry concoction.

Banana Turtle Pie F word
Banana Turtle Pie

I enjoyed the Kasuy Tart but Durian Cheesecake was definitely my favorite. It was close to my favorite Durian Cheesecake from Lachi’s.

Durian Cheese Cake F Word
I almost forgot to photograph this slice of love=)

The kasuy tart was served with vanilla ice cream on top so it leveled the sweetness and gave a contrast of texture. Banana Turtle Pie…the name itself emmetts glory. Definitely another must try.

kasuy desserts
Kasuy Tart

F Word is for people who appreciate the culinary arts and for foodies with a discerning palate aiming for a different kind of adventure. Experiencing the real meal is the reason why I love to eat out.

Pinoy Food Bloggers @ F Word
Pinoy Food Bloggers

Discovering different mixings of food you never thought possible is something you can expect at F Word Resto. Chef Francis Bodegon and Erik Matti take Pinoy recipes to the next level with their out-of-the box food offerings. More and more restaurants are copying their recipes so make sure to try the original.

Just a tip : Everything they put on top of the plate is a must try!

F Word Resto
G/F 109 F&M Lopez Bldg C
Palanca St. Legaspi Village,
Makati City
contact numbers: +63928 8130475 and +63922 7775142
open from 12 noon-1 am (Mon-Fri), 6 pm-1 am (Saturdays)

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  • dyosa says:

    F Word. I have a feeling that they got the name from Gordon Ramsay’s food magazine and cooking show in the UK called the F Word.

    I’ll drop by this restaurant in Makati one of these days. 🙂

  • edelweiza says:

    my eyes stopped at the black calamares.must be becoz i so love squid and this dish is new to me. erik matti is a film director, right? nice food trip! 🙂

  • yup Erik is a film director… you should try the black calamares.. its really good:)

  • ajay says:

    Thanks for including me in the invite list Melo. Still have to write my post, but I enjoyed the food. Hoping to come back… as a customer! 😀 F Word waas good <3

  • pepsi says:

    just last night, my two indian friends and another friend of mine went to this F*#%^! Word
    to eat dinner and have 2 bottles of beer before going home. since one of them is a vegetarian, we requested to have our food customized. i asked to remove the dried pusit on the spicy veggie salad and the other indian asked for a tuna sandwich. the tuna sandwich came out with just the patty so we were quite confused why. my friend called the waiter and asked were the bun is. i think the two had a misunderstanding with regards to the ordering. the servers are not quite good in conversing in english. i still have to translate what they have said in tagalog.

    the next thing that happen really got into my nerves. one of the kitchen crew went to our table and complain (in a very loud voice and with gestures na sobrang angas) that he did what we have ordered. so i told him, it’s not really a big deal and maybe they just had a misunderstanding and to just give him the bun. and then the waiter told me that they already gave us the special favor of customizing my salad (so that my friend could also have some of it). i was really pissed off because i asked them if it’s okay not to include the dried pusit in my salad and they said yes. and what the heck, it is really alright to request to have your food customized. other restos are alright with it because it is a kind of respect to your customers.

    in the end they gave my friend the bun… but they let him wait for almost 30 minutes… my indian friends were both patient, while me and my other friend was not. i mean, put yourself in my shoes… it’s just a bun. something they don’t need to cook. all they have to do is just to place it in a plate and bring it in our table. my friend is not even asking to have it redone. he’s just asking for the bun. but the kitchen crew is making a big deal about it, like i want chicken in a beef casserole.

    what else? they’ve got wooden tables with bed mites (surot) in it. i have to put tissue on the edge of the table because i can’t help resting my arms on the edge… i’ve got several bites on my arms…

  • Im sorry to hear that, I’ll try to let them know about your experience

  • Hello Ajay! Thanks for joining us:) I know you are busy and I wish you all the best:)

  • pffft. says:

    i’ve been to fword just to see what the new fuss is all about. my boyfriend and i ordered their sizzling bulalo and that pork i-forgot-the-name (their own version of adobo). for Php280 each and good for 1 person, i think it was okay for the sake of trying out something new. however, right after having the taste of each, we weren’t quite sure how to justify the price. not that it’s not delicious. it’s just that it wasn’t really a unique experience. when i tasted the sizzling bulalo, sure it was good. but if i close my eyes and try to guess what i’m eating, i’d probably say it’s just an ordinary braised beef. my boyfriend had the ‘adobo’, and he says he’s tasted something like that before. and i believe him ‘coz they own a food catering service.

    strategy-wise, fword serves a good definition of “out-of-the-box” kind of cooking. but personally, their menu just confused me with the real food.

    in case you didn’t get me, try to cook hotdog and name it bacon. serve to your friends and make them believe it’s your version of it. makes sense?

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