Manos Greek Taverna – Authentic Greek Cuisine in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a popular destination for its’ unique food offerings and adventure spots. Together with fellow bloggers, we visited Tagaytay last December 26 for our first Tagaytay Food Trip aka Plurk Lakbayan. One of the most interesting restaurant that we visited is Manos Greek Taverna – a Greek restaurant. In the midst of the cold city that sends shivers down your spine, who would have thought that a Greek restaurant was present in this Bulalo country?

Manos Greek Taverna Grilled Lamb
Grilled Lamb (P450.00)

I’ve seen this restaurant a lot of times, but I haven’t tried their food since the combination of aegean blue and white paint of the restaurants facade never attracted me, good thing this restaurant was part of our food tour itinerary. To start with, Manos Greek Taverna – a walking distance from Tagaytay rotunda – is a must visit restaurant, with simple structure, painted in typical fashion, beautiful posters of Greece mounted on the walls and empty bottles of a Greek wine brings about a sense of simplicity to each dining table. The restaurant’s interior and exterior design may not be grandiose but they surely offer great tasting Greek foods for a casual and yet unique dining experience.

Manos Greek Taverna Pita Bread
Pita Bread with Tzatziki

We were the only ones in the restaurant when we arrived, probably because everyone loved to stay home and enjoy the holiday season together. We requested to have the tables arranged so that all 25 of us is just in one table. Manolo suggested that we group ourselves into 6, for ease in paying the bills. After browsing the menu, our group (Gail, Marc, Nina, Karla, Sharlyne and me) ordered Pita, tzatziki, Mousaka, grilled lamb and yogurt shake.

Manos Greek Taverna Mousaka
Mousaka (P220)

We started with some Pita paired with Tzatziki – a homemade yogurt mixed with garlic and olive oil. What a refreshing appetizer! I didn’t like the Pita bread and it looked like it was not freshly baked since it was a bit hard but it was definitely bigger than the other Pita’s I’ve tried in other Greek restaurants in the Metro. Overall, their Tzatziki is good and I like the strong taste of garlic in it. I was even surprised how quickly it disappeared from our table.

Manos Greek Taverna Yogurt Shake
Yogurt Shake (P120)

Mousaka (P220). Contains olive oil, eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, onion, minced meat, white wine, eggs, béchamel sauce, grated parmesan cheese.  The most expensive food that we ordered was the Grilled Lamb (P450) – It has 3 pieces of lamb ribs or lamb shoulder cooked with olive oil, vinegar, salt, oregano and served with plain rice, potato fries with corn and carrots on the side.

Manos Greek Taverna Bloggers with Mano
Karla, Gail, Shantee, Sharlyne and Mano

I loved their yogurt shake, it’s not the same yogurt shake I’m used to having at Mr. Kebab, it was not mixed in a blender but rather served as pure freshly fermented yogurt mixed with ice cubes.

Taverna is a Greek word that means a small restaurant serving Greek cuisine, preserving Greek culture at the same time. Greek Cuisines are known for simple and fresh ingredients which fish, lamb, pork and of course Greek salad with feta cheese and olives, and dips such as tsatsiki. The restaurant may not be fine dining but I loved it that way though the food was not that affordable but it was well worth it. `I will definitely go back to try other dishes and their famous delectable treat which includes Baklava – a dessert made from strudel leaves and walnuts.

Manos Greek Taverna Inside
Inside the Restaurant

Manos Greek Taverna is owned and operated by Manos Sapountzakis and his Ilocana wife named Estrella. It was amazing how Mano manage the restaurant, he serves the food, entertains his guests and would you believe he also manage the parking space? It was like dining in a neighborhood restaurant offering a simple but lively, yet intimate environment offering probably the best Greek food in the entire archipelago.

Greek Taverna Tagaytay
Manos Greek Taverna

Manos Greek Taverna is open 7 days a week from 10am until late at night for lunch and dinner. They also deliver to hotels, apartelle’s and inns located within the City of Tagaytay.

Manos Greek Taverna
Calamba Road, Brgy. San Jose (Olivares)
Tagaytay City
Mobile : 0916 429 8358
Fax : (046) 860 2559

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