Starbucks Multi-grain Bagel and Cream Cheese

During my childhood Pandesal always completed my breakfast. I always made sure to have it toasted, “tostado”, then I dip it in a cup of Kapeng Barako. Rarely do I see bakeshops in urban places like Makati, so I thank Starbucks, which is all over the metropolis, in fact I think Starbucks Coffee shops outnumbered 711.. at least in Makati.

Starbucks multi-grain bagel
Starbucks Multi-grain Bagel and Cream Cheese

Since Starbucks is the only coffee shop near my office, It’s always my first stop before going to work. I don’t know when Starbucks started selling Bagels but this is where I was introduced to it. I used to love their Corned Beef Pandesal but that was forgotte when I had my first taste of their Multigrain bagel. Don’t you just love bagels with cream cheese? I do! The only time I go for other breakfast meals are when Bagels are out of stock. I love the multi-grain bagel when its hot, crispy and toasted.

I am now a self confessed multi-grain bagel addict, I can even eat it without cream cheese and that’s how addicted I am LOL. Aside from the fact that Bagels and Cream Cheese are a yummy combination, its also nutritious and its also good for digestion.

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