Spicy Curry Laksa @ Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant

Asians are known for our love for rice, spices and good food. This is why Asia will always be recognized as the continent of spices which explains why the majority of exotic dishes are found in Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Food ingredients in most South East Asian countries commonly include coconut milk, lemon grass, pepper, sugar, basil, fish and shrimp paste and several kinds of chili. The rich culture and traditions in South East Asia adds flavor to its unique culinary offerings.

Nasi Goreng at Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Nasi Goreng

Treat yourself! Penang Hill will take you on a different culinary experience as they offer a unique taste of Asia. The restaurant features a selection of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean to spicy Thai gastronomical delights.

Curry Laksa at Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Kari Laksa

Malaysia is a multicultural country, much like the Philippines but there are a lot of dishes that only reflects Malaysian culture. Most Malaysian cuisines have been influenced by Chinese, Indian, Thai and many other cultures to produce an entirely fusion cuisine that is truly Asian.

Mango Sago at Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Mango Sago

To satisfy my curious taste buds, I ordered Nasi Goreng (Php.190.00) one of Malaysia’s popular food – a set meal much like our very own Tapsilog, Nasi Goreng has a spicy sambal rice served with satay, fried egg and shrimp crackers. Their Kari Laksa (Php210.00) is definitely my favorite, its a spicy noodle soup topped with vegetables, egg, seafood with rich coconut curry sauce hmmmm Yummy!. For dessert, I had Mango Sago (Php85.00) – its the same old Sago and syrup topped with ice blended fresh mangoes.

Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Penang Hill Robinsons Place Manila

Penang Hill, one of Malaysia’s popular tourist haven has been regarded as one of Asia’s food Mecca. Since Manila is fastly becoming one of Asia’s tourist hub, you no longer need to visit Malaysia to taste their appetizing food offerings. Yes! No one can stop you from tasting mouth-watering Malaysian foods, just visit Penang Hill Restaurant and enjoy their enticing cuisines anytime you want.

Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Penang Hill Menu

Branches : The Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan, Podium and Robinsons Place Manila

The restaurant accepts all major credit cards.

Robinson Place Manila
Manila Midtown Wing
2/F Alfresco Area Robinsons Place Manila-Midtown
Manila, Metro Manila
(632) 567-1926

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