Mogwai : Feasting on Food and Film

I was never an Indie film lover or some sort but since my fellow night crawlers; Laise and Lara convinced me to join them at Cubao-X for dinner, I found my right foot roaming the artist’s hub. After being overwhelmed with pre-war cameras in an antique shop in the area, we finally decided to eat and look for an interesting restaurant in the place.

Mogwai Cubao-X
Mogwai in Cubao-X

Cubao X has been known as an artistic venue for music lovers, fasionistas, photographers, film producers and antique lovers. Though most of the buildings are considered run-down, they were able to revive the place with fantastic collection of paintings, clothing’s, music, movies and antiques.

Sole Fillet Rice P185.00
Bestseller : Sole Fillet Rice P185.00

Moving around, we found Mogwai – a café and restaurant / mini-cinema which is owned by directors Erik Matti and Lyle Sacris. They opened the restaurant last November 17,2007 fusing their artistic ideas and financial resources. I like the restaurant’s ambiance, I felt like I was sitting in an old table inside my grandmothers demolished ancestral house… It’s incredible atmosphere is nostalgic… much like home. The mismatched furniture, Moroccan lamps and colorful plates made the restaurant even more interesting.

Bacon Liver Roll P140.00 @ Mogwai
Bacon Liver Roll P140.00

Unlike most restaurants I’ve visited, Mogwai offers Filipino fusion cuisine which only proves that pinoy food still stands out and will always remain authentic even when mixed with international ingredients.

Alamang Rice P35.00
Alamang Rice

I ordered the restaurants bestseller which is the Sole Fillet (P160) – a fish entrée, fried in olive oil with a strong flavor of anchovies and capers. I liked their Alamang rice, Direk Erik Matti’s heirloom recipe from his hometown in Bacolod. Lara enjoyed the Bacon Shrimp Roll (P180.00) – A deep fried shrimp covered with bacon with bamboo shoots and corn in creamy coconut cream sauce. Laise had Grilled Beef Mushroom Rice (P210.00) – a portion of beef grilled to perfection served with mushroom gravy sided with buttered corn & carrots.

Bacon Shrimp Roll P180.00
Bacon Shrimp Roll

I was delighted when I found out that the San Miguel Premium beer (P80.00) is available in the bar, Shoot! I already forgot how may bottles I’ve had but I highly recommend you try it out with Bacon Chicken liver roll as pulutan – It’s chicken liver covered with crispy bacon served with gravy.

Grilled Beef Mushroom Rice P210.00
Grilled Beef Mushroom Rice

The restaurant also offers a good selection of home grown coffees for coffeeholics and for those just love to stay awake while enjoying dinner with friends. On the restaurants second level, Mogwai has a small cinema which is good for 35 film enthusiast.

San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer
San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer

Mogwai, CCP and the U.P. Film Center are the only film centers in the country that has no censorship restrictions. They have an excellent audio-visual facilities that showcases best indie short films apart from private screenings which they also offer. It is also the place where workshops and discussions with top local directors, cinematographers and writers are held.

With its exuding artistry, unique sense of style and good food, this restaurant is now part of my “A” list which means, you will often see me hanging out in this part of the Metro.

For screening schedules and seat reservations, check The restaurant is open from 5pm-2am (adjustments may be made for private functions and special events)

Unit 62-63 Cubao Expo
Gen Romulo Avenue Cubao, Quezon City
Tel : (632)913-1060
Mobile : (63927) 365-8675
Web :
Email :

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