Coconut Crab “Tatus” Lunch in Sabtang Island, Batanes

Breathtaking Batanes is not only known for its peace-loving people, fresh air and beautiful scenery, this lovely destination can also amaze anyone with its fresh and rare selection of seafoods.

Coconut Crab in Sabtang Batanes
Steamed Coconut Crabs

During our Batanes visit a couple of weeks ago, Sabtang Island tour was part of our second day itinerary. The caretaker of Novita House where we were billeted pretty much prepared everything including our transportation to San Vicente which is the jump-off point to Sabtang Island.

After waiting for almost 30 minutes, the faluwa boat finally left the Ivana port heading Sabtang, an island known for its well preserved Ivatan Stone houses and deep canyons that allow it to be considered as the New Zealand of the Philippines. The waters surrounding the Island of Sabtang is known to locals as the richest source of quality fish and coconut crabs. Sabtang is an island town with barrios scattered along the several islets.

Steamed Sigarilyas (winged bean) Batanes
Steamed Sigarillas

Manong Romy welcomed us in front of the old San Vicente Ferrer church in Sabtang and introduced us to our driver / tour guide before we started touring the island. After visiting the lovely village of Chavayan, we headed to Nakanmuan beach to eat lunch.

Typically, Batanes offers its tourist an irresistible Ivatan meal which includes steamed Lobster, Nilagang Baka with fresh vegetables, fried fish and served with a long grain steamed rice but our tour guide in Sabtang served us a different set of delectable seafood menu for only Php250.00 per head.

Fried Fish in Sabtang Batanes
Fried Fish

Manong Romy’s wife prepared our food right beside the Nakanmuan Arc and It was probably the best lunch I’ve ever had in Batanes. Imagine yourself eating in front of a beautiful white beach with your friends feasting on a coconut crab, beef soup, steamed sigarillas and fried fish plus a fresh buko juice… It was priceless.. It was flavorgasmic! LOL!

Fresh Buko in Sabtang Island Batanes
Fresh Buko Juice

Our boat trip back to Ivana is a total disappointment probably because of the uncooperative weather but I guess its part of the adventure:)

If you plan to visit Sabtang Island in Batanes and you are looking for a tour guide, lodging and lunch by the beach, you may contact:

RCJ’s Food Hut
Romy Cielo – Manager
Sabtang Island, Batanes
Email :
Mobile Phone : 0916-854-8285 / 0921-715-4919 / 0916-674-2344

The fastest and safest way to reach Batanes is by flying with South East Asian Airlines, visit . For inquiries on the packages please call SEAIR at 8490100 or SEAIR Leisure Escape Packages at 8437308.

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