Christmas Ham for Noche Buena : A Pinoy Holiday Tradition

Serving Ham in the table during Christmas eve has been part of Filipino Christmas tradition. Just like setting up and decorating Christmas tree, buying or cooking ham will always complete Pinoy’s Noche Buena.

Pineapple Ham
Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham is said to have come from a Norse pagan tradition of yuletide celebration. It is also called Yule Ham – a traditional dish associated with modern Christmas. The tradition is suggested to have began amongst the Germanic peoples as a tribute to Freyr, a god in Germanic Paganism associated with boars, harvest and fertility.

Chinese Ham
Chinese-style honeycured hams

Yesterday, I went to Quiapo to checkout digital camera prices in Hidalgo. While waiting for the camera shop to open, I passed by a Chinese Ham store in Palanca street and tried their products. I like how they cooked the Piña Ham, the meat is firm but tender with perfect sweet taste and a good balance of saltiness.

Scrap Sweetened Ham
Scrap Sweetened Ham

According to the attendant, their Chinese-style honey-cured hams are the most salable specially during the Holiday Season.

Liberty Premium Ham Quiapo
Liberty Premium Ham

Checkout their Price List:

Piña Ham – Php560.00/kilo
Chinese Ham – Php760.00/kilo
Cooked Bacon – Php460.00/kilo
Sliced Bacon – Php400.00/kilo
Scrap Sweetened Ham – Php500.00/kilo
Scrap Chinese Ham – Php680.00

Liberty Premium Ham
Palanca Street
Quiapo Manila

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