Bacoor Gastronomic Delights!

Bacoor may be known for its rich history and Philippine revolutionary legacies, but it is also known for at least two culinary specialties – tahong talaba and halo-halo!

Ocean Delight Adobong Tahong
Adobong Tahong in Bottle

Bacoor’s shores abound with mussels and oysters (tahong at talaba). Manila chefs and food enthusiasts do not mind trekking to Bacoor to get their supply of sweet, safe and fresh oysters and mussels.

Baked Tahong recipe
Baked Tahong

This abundance in oysters and mussels has spawned an industry in Bacoor. Since the harvest of oysters cannot all be consumed at a particular time, the need to convert the tahong into something else made sense and eventually resulted in Bacoor-made Tahong chips.

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips from Bacoor Cavite
Crispy Tahong Chips

Soon, Tahong Chips were fastly being snatched from shelves for balikbayans and Overseas Filipino Workers. Pasalubong centers nationwide are not complete without Tahong Chips. Bacoor also takes pride in perhaps its contribution to the world of Filipino refreshments and desserts: Halo Halo!

Matamis na Saging Digman Halo-Halo
Digman Halo Halo

This can be gorged in generous heaps at Digman Halo Halo, located along side alley of Evangelista Street that makes it a best-kept secret among the uninitiated but a favorite route among aficionados.

Digman Halo-Halo
Bacoor’s Popular Digman Halo-Halo

Digman Halo Halo carries on the tradition established by Nanay Puring Toledo via her daughter, Benjamina Toledo Gonzales. In its modest eatery, Digman Halo-Halo serves that colourfully icy delight with ingredients still made from scratch! So just imagine the heart and effort that goes into every Digman Halo-halo ingredient such as banana, beans, mango, leche flan, langka, gulaman, ube and nata de coco mixed with ice crushed by an original katam.

Digman Halo-Halo
Special Halo-Halo

Bacoor is also home to the unique Kainan sa Balsa located in Barangay Banalo. This restaurant is known for its unique set-up as its tables are perched on small kubos scattered on a vast fish pond. Balsahan, as its fondly called, serves fresh seafood dishes such as inihaw na pusit, inihaw na tuna, kinilaw na talaba and sinigang sa miso that are sure hits among locals and tourists.

Another restaurant that draws crowds in is the Water village located near SM Bacoor. This restaurant serves good food and provides wholesome entertainment which makes it an ideal venue for family gatherings.

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