Kopi and Kaya Toast @ ToastBox Trinoma

It has been 3 days of having a relaxed and exhilarating adventure in Batanes. Now that I’m back in Manila, Batanes will be missed, but It’s good to be back in Manila where a wide variety of food choices are offered. While inside the Seair bound for Manila, I asked Nina if we can drop by in Trinoma to have some coffee, good thing she immediately said Yes!

Chuan Tong or Kaya toast @ ToastBox
Kaya Toast Php80.00 ++

After safely arriving in the old Manila Domestic Airport, Nina and I headed to Trinoma to look for a coffee shop. She asked me if I wanted Laksa, How can I say No? It’s my favorite soup and right after hearing the magic words we headed to ToastBox right next to Bread Talk.

Aside from Nonya Laksa, we also ordered Kaya Toast, Kopi, Milo Dinosaur and Green Curry Chicken Spaghetti. Kaya toast is a popular sandwhich in Singapore and Malaysia. Kaya spread is also called srikaya in Malaysia or coconut egg jam is a coconut jam made from coconut milk, duck or chicken eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with brown sugar.

Kopi at ToastBox Trinoma
Kopi with Milk Php65.00 ++

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee, I haven’t tried tasting Coffee in Kopi Roti but I find ToastBox Kopi really really good. According to the staff, their kopi has a mixture of evaporated and condensed milk to make it thick and creamy. Hmm. I’ll try that!

Nonya Laksa @ ToastBox
Nonya Laksa Php199.00 ++

Nonya Laksa is definitely my favorite dish in ToastBox. It is composed of rice noodles in special coconut broth. Their popular Laksa has lots of fresh aromatic herbs and robust coconut milk broth. I’ll probably go back soon for their Nonya Laksa:)

Thanks to Bread Talk for bringing in Toast Box here in Manila. ToastBox is a popular Singaporean food chain specializing in Singaporean breakfast food.

Green Curry Chicken Spaghetti @ ToastBox
Green Curry Chicken Spaghetti Php189.00 ++

ToastBox is a subsidiary of BreadTalk, A popular Singaporean bakery chain that drives me crazy whenever I come across one of their branches, most of the shopping malls in the metropolis have one. BreadTalk for me is probably one of the best specialty bake shop in town next to my favorite Japanese Bake Shop in Glorieta Mall.

Singaporean Food Chain ToastBox Trinoma
ToastBox Trinoma Branch

ToastBox Trinoma
Edsa Corner North Avenue
Pagasa Quezon City
Email : CustomerFeedback@toastbox.com.ph

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  • ryan says:

    i love their kaya toastand coffee.

  • @ryan – … i already have a recipe:)

  • ry.borines says:

    ToastBox has good kaya toast but i still prefer Ya Kun Kaya’s.
    Not sure if they have a branch here (heard they did but have been too tamad to look for it)
    Ya Kun Kaya was my almost-daily haunt when I was still in Singapore — crisp toast, enough kaya, and a heart-attack inducing slab of butter in between.
    The Kopi Roti kaya toast isn’t something to write home about, just had one last sunday at their Columns branch. Their Kopi though was good, just as how I remember it, even their take out coffee was similar how they take out (“take-away” hehe) in SG — there’s cellophane plastic near the lid so you can carry it around like a bag handle.
    Love Kaya, but it’s just not the same if you take it home and you do it yourself, mas feel talaga if its any of these shops 🙂

  • I have tried Ya Kun Kaya in SG. the best.. im sure sooner or later meron na rin dito nun.. we have a lot of singapore food chain here in PH

  • breakfast foods should always be high in carbohydrates to provide the energy you need in the mornign .

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