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Our first day in Batanes was sunny and perfect for outdoor activities. After visiting Tukon Radar Station, the multicab driver brought us to Sitio Diura in Mahatao for our Lunch. I was informed by Tita Remy from Novita House that our food will be served in a beach front alfresco cottage in Mahatao for only Php150.00 per head. Ivatan Food may not be as unique as other regional cuisines but you will surely enjoy their food specially when you are eating right in front of the beach.:)

Fried Idek (Blue seachub)
Fried Idek (Blue seachub) – Crispy Fried Idek

The fish was a little bit overcooked but i it was definitely delicious. Idek is one of the most expensive fish in the island since fishing in the Batanes is very much dependent on the weather. Bad weather conditions in the island makes batanes seafoods sometimes a little bit pricey.

Ivatan Pork Lonyes (Crispy Fried Pork)
Ivatan Pork Lonyes (Crispy Fried Pork)

Aside from Ivatan’s unique Crispy and dry pork Adobo, Ivatan Pork Lonyes is simply delicious. Pork Lonyes does not require too much preparation, just coat it with salt and have it deep fried.

Ivatan Laoya Baka (Nilagang Baka)
Ivatan Laoya Baka (Nilagang Baka)

For our soup, Monica aka Moning served Ivatan Laoya Baka which is also known as Nilagang Baka in Tagalog. Although the beef is not that tender, i love the local petchay that was added in the soup in replacement of repolyo (cabbage).

Compared to the other local destinations that I have visited, Batanes does not have many specialty restaurants or cafes to dine in. We included Casa Napoli in our itenerary but unfortunately the store was closed when we visited the restaurant.

Monica Fadullo’s Cottage
Sitio Diura, Mahatao Batanes
Contact # +63-906-6884275

The fastest and safest way to reach Batanes is by flying with South East Asian Airlines, visit http://www.flyseair.com/ . For inquiries on the packages please call SEAIR at 8490100 or SEAIR Leisure Escape Packages at 8437308.

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