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Do you want to travel back in time to try 1913’s version of Pancit and experience the difference from its modern day counterpart? Im sure you’d be interested to find out how filipino dishes were served and prepared by our ancestors. Most of us no longer explore the pinoy culinary tradition and this can be blamed on the popularity of Italian and Japanese food.

Adarna Food and Culture Facade

I was invited to try out Adarna Food & Culture with fellow food bloggers last week to experience their distinctive menu of historical, regional and heirloom recepies of Filipino dishes that reintroduces Pinoy’s culinary surprises the old school way. It was really impressed at how Beth Angsioco transformed the place into a beautiful rendezvous and how Chef Giney Villar researched the best selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks.

Banana Nut Turon with Caramelo and Chicken Relleno

According to Chef Giney, Adarna’s Bestsellers are Sulu Piassok, Pancit 1913, Menestra Favorito, Bicol Express, Sigarillas Salad, Pancit Musiko, Batanes Yellow Rice, Adobong Batangas and grilled meats with Salsa Monja.┬áIt was totally a nostalgic experience, I felt like I was dining in a restaurant with the Ilustrados during Manila’s old glory days. The place looked like an old stone house converted into a restaurant that now offers refined authentic pinoy dining experince.

Antique Filipiniana Collection
Antique Table Ornaments

Aside from the food, you will also be amazed with how they’ve managed to decorate the restaurant to showcases Pinoy Culture by using antique muebles and kitchen wares, old newspapers, ads, movie memorabilia, old flat iron, capiz windos, brass ornaments, silver wares, old radio and an antique piano that is still in working condition.

Sari Sari Store
Sari Sari Store

For kinds and Kids at heart, you can also enjoy wide variety of candies like chocnut and white rabbit, pinoy toys like yoyos and various pinoy komiks and palabunutan in their Sari Sari store.

Chicken Mole Soup
Chicken Mole Soup Php135.00

Chicken Mole Soup – Chicken chunks in savory coconut milk with fresh pechay and spices, a dish reminiscent of our South East Asian heritage. This soup taste like Laksa without shrimp and chili

Sigarillas Salad
Sigarillas Salad Php140.00

Sigarillas Salad – Adapted from a salad served by the long-time cook of a convent school. Light and refreshing winged beans, onions and tomato dressed in a citrusy vinaigrette and springkled with Ilocano bagnet bits. For vegans : you can replace bagnet bits with crip tofu crumble

Sulu Piassok Php304.00

Sulu Piassok – A Muslim dish from the royalty of Sulu. It is cooked in smoked coconut milk with various spices.

Seafood Special
Seafood Special Php471.00

Seafood Special – a true-blue Manila family shares an Iberian style seafood dish of shrimps, scallops and fish in a flavorful tomato-olive oil sauce topped with bell pepper, fried onions and parsley.

Pancit 1913
Pancit 1913 Php280.00

Pancit 1913 – Chinese panciterias popularized this favorite take-home one dish meal that all types of people would willingly queue for as a take away treat for their loved ones after a long day’s work.

Adobong Batangas ala Adarna
Adobong Batangas ala Adarna Php176.00

Adobong Batangas ala Adarna – The base recipe for this pork dish was generously shared by the architect granddaughter of a prominent family from Batangas City. Adarna uses the original ingredients with other traditional cooking methods on a defining Filipino classic.

Chicken Relleno
Rellenong Manok Php448.00

Chicken Relleno – Roasted chicken stuffed with chorizo, ham, quezo de bola, nuts, dried fruits and everything nice! Courtesy of a 1940’s recipe notebook. It takes a whole day to prepare this spicy dish making it a measure of the importance of the occation and the guests. Good for 2-3 persons

Kesong Puti and Langka Fry
My Favorite Kesong Puti and Langka Fry Php86.00

Kesong Puti and Langka Fry – Original Malolos, Bulacan carabao cheese and sweetened langka in a crisp wrapper with mango cream sauce. Four Pieces

adarna-food-and-culture Old Photos
Remember Sampaguita Pictures?

The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people and they also have a room for small business functions. Adarna Food and Culture restores its guests in a refined and homey ambiance where they can enjoy great food and be reminded that it is amazing to be Filipino.

adarna-food-and-culture Brass Candle Holder
Brass Candel Holder

Many thanks to Adarna for the wonderful experience and also to the students of St. Joseph Collage for making this event possible.

Adarna is open from Monday to Saturday
Lunch 11:30am – 2pm
Merienda 2pm – 6pm
Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm

Adarna Food & Culture
119 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 926-8712
Mobile: +63 917 961 8113
Email : adarnafoodandculture@yahoo.com

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