Brunch all Day @ MoMo! Food + Drink

It took me an hour to reach Robinsons Place Manila due to heavy traffic in Quiapo area. Since I left my place without having breakfast, I walked around Manila Midtown wing and saw this new restaurant called MoMo! Food + Drink. Its pretty new restaurant, In fact it was their third day of operation when I visited their recently opened restaurant.

Bacon and Pancakes @ MoMo Food + Drink
Bacon and Pancakes Php119.00 ++

Unlike Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place is much more accessible for me and all areas are fully air-conditioned maybe that’s the reason why I prefer to set most of my meetings in this mall. Robinsons Place new wing offers a good range of restaurants from mid range to uber pricey restaurants catering to the rich and famous and social climbers too (LOL).

Mocha Choc-Nut Frappe 16oz @ MoMo Food + Drink
Mocha Choc-Nut Frappe 16oz Php99.00++

Since the restaurant is relevantly new and still unknown to most urban foodie, most tables are vacant and I was able to choose a well lit area for food photography sake. After securing a seat, I immediately went to the counter to order my brunch. It has been past 11am and as you know brunch always falls halfway between breakfast and lunch.

Apple Crumble Slice @ MoMo Food + Drinks
Apple Crumble Slice Php129.00++

I was greeted with a smile by the cashier named Rye and even before she asked me about my order, I took the initiative by asking first whats their best seller ignoring the fact that their shop is newly opened (LOL). She recommended their Pancakes and Bacon hmmm how can I say no to pancakes and bacon so you know what i ordered hehe. Aside from the pancakes and bacon, I also ordered a pinoy inspired coffee based frappucino drink with bits of choc-nut on top and for dessert, I ordered Apple Crumble slice since Ive been hankering for an apple pie for the past couple of days.

MoMo Food + Drink Robinsons Place Manila
MoMo Food + Drink in Robinsons Place Manila

The four layers of pancake is good enough to start my day though the bacon was a little bit salty, the sweet whipped cream on top of the pancake made it a perfect brunch. The Mocha Choc-Nut Frappe is more than what i expected, Its not too sweet and best of all, it has a pinoy twist. There’s nothing extraordinary about their Apple Crumble Slice but don’t get me wrong, I also enjoyed it!

ā€œIā€™m telling you what, I love the service, the ambiance and of course the food at this place. I highly recommend MoMo Food + Drink if you are looking for a good place to eat in this area.ā€

MoMo Food + Drink
Robinsons Place Manila
Manila Midtown Wing
Tel : (+632) 567-3417
Operated by : FoodParks by RAINTREE

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