Osaka Style Okonomiyaki @ Kagura Japanese Restaurant

Outside Japan, Okonomiyaki is normally described as a Japanese savory pancake except here in Manila where we call it a Japanese Pizza. Okonomiyaki in Japan is usually sliced in two but since Pinoys tend to associate this dish with Italian Pizza, Kagura Restaurant in Makati Cinema Square started serving it in six equally divided slices much like what else? ….. Pizza 🙂

Okonomi-yaki @ Kagura Restaurant
Ebi-tama Okonomiyaki (with shrimp and egg) Php230.00

Unlike Pizza, this favored Japanese dish doesn’t have tomato sauce so it must be more like a Pancake than a Pizza right? haha:) Just try it and enjoy every bite! (more…)

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Lobster Feast in Batanes

After our first day of touring Batan Island, we dropped by the market to buy something to cook for our dinner before heading back to Novita house – our home away from home in Batanes. Who said that our first day of Batanes adventure was over? It was just the beginning of a gastronomic adventure! While frying fish and cooking Pako Saute for our dinner, Tita Remy – the house caretaker arrived with 3 kilos of Lobster that Gail and Eric ordered for their pasalubong. Since we were’t due to fly back home for 3 more days and Gail wanted the lobster fresh when we get back to Manila, everyone decided to have a Lobster feast.

Lobster in Batanes
3 Kilos of Lobster

After boiling the entree with salt and water, it was time to shuck and serve the lobster. It was indeed a Lobster feast, there was alot of quiet intervals during our dinner due to the lobster overload. While the rest are still familiarizing their taste bud with the Pako (Wild Fern) Saute that I introduced them to, I was shucking the remains of what was once a lobster. For me, eating lobster is not a refined pastime specially if the shell is hard but this scary looking sea creature is justified by its delicious flavor. (more…)

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Beef Tapa Breakfast @ Cafe Del Sol Boracay

It was a perfect morning, Imagine the sound of the sea waves and the sight of sunrise kissing your window. I woke up early to witness the islands spectacular sunrise and to not miss the best meal of the day.. Yes its time for Breakfast! The sun is barely up and after taking few photos I immediately looked for a place to eat.

Belgian Waffle @ Cafe del Sol Boracay
Belgian Waffle

I just love breakfast and It’s probably my favorite meal of the day when I’m traveling — What more if you are in the paradise island like Boracay? It was my last day on the island and definitely that was my last breakfast unless I’ll jump to another restaurant and pretend that I haven’t had my breakfast yet, Who cares anyway? (LOL) During my 3 days and 2 nights food trip in Boracay, I tried as many early-morning breakfast restaurants as I could manage so it was too bad I can only have one breakfast per day since I’m also cutting down my calorie intake. (more…)

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The Travel Whore Fondant Cupcake Collection by Bohemia Cakes and Pastries

It has been my longest dream to become a Pastry Chef, not only to bake sweet pastries but also to learn more recipes and probably publish my own book (dream on). Oh well! I dunno when this dream will come true because I don’t know when and where to enroll and one thing for sure that Pastry Diploma course is so expensive.

Shrimp Plate Cupcake Fondant
Because I love to Eat – Who doesn’t?

Baking may look easy but based on experience, you really have to be careful on preparing the ingredients and of course following the baking procedures. While window shopping in Rockwell last weekend, I saw a kiosk that sells chocolate lava cake, made to order fondant cakes, cookies and biscotti. Immediately after seeing her line of products, the cupcake fondant immediately caught my attention.

Philippine Map Cupcake Fondant
Philippine Map Cupcake Fondant

When it comes to really attractive cupcake designs, I think fondant icing is my personal favourite due to its amazing colors and artistic output. Fondant icing can be tricky though and sometimes the icing has the tendency to sweat, so working at the right temperature is really imperative. Being impressed and knowing the fact that its really hard to make a fondant cupcake, I decided to order 6 travel themed fondant cupcakes with miniature Seair aircraft, Nikon Camera, Jansport Bag, Passport, Shrimp in a Plate and a Map design. (more…)

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Experience Authentic Heirloom Filipino Cuisine @ Adarna Food and Culture

Do you want to travel back in time to try 1913’s version of Pancit and experience the difference from its modern day counterpart? Im sure you’d be interested to find out how filipino dishes were served and prepared by our ancestors. Most of us no longer explore the pinoy culinary tradition and this can be blamed on the popularity of Italian and Japanese food.

Adarna Food and Culture Facade

I was invited to try out Adarna Food & Culture with fellow food bloggers last week to experience their distinctive menu of historical, regional and heirloom recepies of Filipino dishes that reintroduces Pinoy’s culinary surprises the old school way. It was really impressed at how Beth Angsioco transformed the place into a beautiful rendezvous and how Chef Giney Villar researched the best selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks.

Banana Nut Turon with Caramelo and Chicken Relleno

According to Chef Giney, Adarna’s Bestsellers are Sulu Piassok, Pancit 1913, Menestra Favorito, Bicol Express, Sigarillas Salad, Pancit Musiko, Batanes Yellow Rice, Adobong Batangas and grilled meats with Salsa Monja. (more…)

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The Classic Brews of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

In a world where the hierarchy of taste is usually determined by what’s brand new – nothing provides more satisfaction than classic flavors delivered with a distinct twist.

Double Chocolate Ice Blended @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Double Chocolate Ice Blended

This is why, nearly 50 years since its inception, the distinct blends, down-home flavors and cozy ambiance continue to remain the main draws for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, who has gone on to indulge the palate of millions across the globe.

As the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s commitment to quality is evident with every sip of their finely brewed coffee and tea mixes. (more…)

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Authentic Pinoy Food @ Travel Cafe Philippines

I haven’t experience dining at Travel Cafe Philippines yet but I’ve been hearing praises about this travel inspired pinoy restaurant. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend in the opening of Bratpack Greenbelt 5. Aside from the newly opened uber huge Bratpack store in Greenbelt 5, I think one of the highlight of the event was its delightful set of meals served by Travel Cafe Philippines.

Saranggani Smoked Fish Linguini
Saranggani Smoked Fish Linguini

Travel Cafe Philippines was a pet project of The Philippine Department of Tourism together with Makati Skyline, Inc. as Food and Beverage Consultants. TCP aims to showcase food that is reflective of traditional Filipino cuisine. The restaurant has been known for its authentic pinoy dishes such as crispy squid, crispy ukoy, kinilaw, Pandesal Sandwiches, Lumpia and everyone’s favorite Halo Halo. (more…)

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