Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Theres nothing like a warm muffin with a cup of coffee during merienda or any well-deserved snacks. Whether as a snack, a breakfast, lunchbox item, the list could go on and on, one thing for sure… muffins are a staple.

chocolate chip muffins
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Muffin

Aside from being a tasty snack, Muffins only requires less than an hour to prepare and bake.
Check out this easy to prepare Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe: (more…)

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Pandesal Overload @ The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar

Last week, I went to Ortigas with Nina, Karla, Gail and Marcto meet people from Seair and the owner of Jayj’s Inasal. After our dinner, we decided to look for a coffee shop to have some chat and cafeine reload.

Embutido Pandesal @ The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar
Embutido Pandesal (Php99.00)Embutido is made from ground pork and beef, boiled egg, pickle relish & Chorizo. Served with house gravy.

We discovered an interesting coffee shop that offers authentic pinoy pandesal sandwiches filled with delicious dish of your choice like corned beef, longganisa, sardines, embutido or kesong puti with pesto. They also offer freshly brewed kapeng barako and their famous native hot tsokolate. (more…)

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Pork Binagoongan sa Gata Recipe (Pork with Shrimp Paste and Coconut Milk)

Pork Binagoongan is probably one of the most popular pinoy recipe for pork. We know for a fact that pork is high in cholesterol but who cares? Most Filipino food tends to be high in fat and calories. But Yes! It’s a great tasting food even if it’s not exactly healthy. While reading the September edition of Yummy Magazine a couple of days ago, I saw this recipe and decided to cook it for lunch.:)

Binagoongan sa Gata (Pork with Coconut Milk and Shrimp Paste
Pinoys Favorite Binagoongan

Pork Binagoongan sa Gata Recipe : (more…)

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Experience Wine and Raclette Buffet at Astralis in PowerPlant Mall Rockwell

I was invited a couple of days ago to try out one of Manila’s newest place for Wine and Cheese lovers. The restaurant was just newly opened that’s why they invited few food bloggers for wine tasting and to try out their Raclette Buffet.

Wine and Raclette Buffet
Chef preparing Raclette for us

The restaurant’s décor was simple and the different sets of chairs is somehow surprising; the waiters were all friendly and attentive not to mention the Chef who prepared the Raclette for us.

astralis wines
Wide Selection of Wines @ Astralis

Wine is such a wonderful luxury and probably one of the worlds most favorite beverage. From the same names behind Diamond Hotel, this new epicurean landmark in the chic Rockwell area offers wine connoisseurs a venue to satiate their taste for this classy intoxication. (more…)

Manila’s Portal for Indulgence Goes to Rockwell

For busy, globe-trotting sophisticates, everyday meals may be limited to anything that can be ordered to-go. But every once in a while, they crave for exquisitely prepared and presented food, elegant surroundings, attentive service and a glass of fine wine.

modern caesar salad
Modern Caesar Salad – Astralis offers a diverse mix of continental fare starting with its wide array of salads from the Traditional Caesar Salad to a sophisticated Seared Norwegian Salmon Salad can delight the most discriminating weight-watchers.

To break the monotony in the everyday dining experience of urbanites is the inspiration behind Astralis – a new epicurean landmark in the posh landscape of Rockwell. From the same people behind the rich culinary heritage of Diamond Hotel, Astralis fuses the reasonable price of casual dining with the feel of luxury restaurants topped off with one of the most progressive wine selections in the metro.

mini US wagyu beef burgers done 3 ways
Mini US Wagyu Beef Burgers done in three ways

“We always strive to make our offerings more accessible to many by being present in major commercial centers,” says Diamond Hotel President Cecile Ang. “We started this by bringing in the acclaimed desserts of the hotel through the Cake Club in Rockwell. And now, we are making our epicurean expertise available to many through Astralis.” (more…)

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Palitaw Recipe

Just like any Asian cuisine, Filipino light snacks and desserts are mostly rice based. Among all popular pinoy snacks, I especially love Palitaw where boiled flat rice cake is dipped in grated coconut served with refined sugar and toasted sesame seeds. Hmmm Yummy!

pinoy recipe
Ready to Serve Palitaw

Palitaw is made from “bigas na malagkit” (sticky rice) washed, soaked, and then ground. Palitaw is a tagalog term which means to float. Scoops of the batter are dropped into boiling water where they float to the surface as flat discs – an indication that they’re done.

Do you want to try making your own Palitaw? Heres How: (more…)

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Patricia & Vince Hizon work together with White Hat for CHARITY

The WHITE HAT – Italian Frozen Yogurt company’s third CELEBRITY-FOR-CHARITY event resumes this October 25, 2008 (SATURDAY) with TV-PERSONALITY Patricia “Shaan” Bermudez-Hizon and EX-PBA PLAYER & husband Vince Hizon as their special guests.

picture of the HIZONS
Patricia & Vince Hizon

The famous couple will be wearing THE WHITE HAT uniforms as they serve customers for the day in an effort to raise money for their charity foundation called “EVERYDAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY FOUNDATION”. For almost 8 years, EIYBF has provided a way for people to share their blessings with the needy. It encourages people to celebrate their own birthdays not just through the usual way of splurging on a big party with friends & family, but to also share the greatest gift of LOVE, to the less fortunate. (more…)

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