Ziggurat Cuisine : A Food Mecca in the heart of Makati

Do you want to taste the cuisines of various Islamic Empires without going through the hassle of traveling to various continents around the globe? Are you a food fanatic seeking a different kind of adventure? Then visit Ziggurat and take one look at their menu, you will be surprised at the huge selection of foods for you to indulge in, it’s not gonna be called a Food Mecca for nothing.

Mixed Kebab at Ziggurat Cuisine
Mixed Persian Kebab at Ziggurat Cuisine

Ziggurat Cuisine is for those who hanker authentic Arab, Persian, Afghan, Mediterranean, Indian and African-Islamic cuisines. Aside from the huge selection of Islamic foods, you will definitely enjoy the enticing and pulchritudinous decors of the restaurants interior, from the beautiful chandelier, intricate Persian carpets, colorful lamps, hookah pipes as ornaments and the vibrantly painted wall which provides an outlandish ambiance to its customers.

Ziggurat Cuisine
Interior of Ziggurat Cuisine

Ziggurat is named after the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians temple tower, similar to the structures built by the Mayan people of Central America. The restaurant was conceptualized and is owned by James Puyat Concepcion  – a well traveled hotelier, a gourmet chef and a travel magazine publisher.

Ziggurat Cuisine
Fresh Fruits for Yogurt Shakes

My curious palate started to crave for Mideastern cuisine when Lara told me that she saw an inquisitive venue near our office that we can try out. Equipped with a digital camera and a useless umbrella, we ignored the rain as we head to Makati Ave. to check out the place and entertain our taste buds.

Ziggurat Cuisine
Inside Ziggurat Cuisine Restaurant

Upon arrival, the friendly attendant gave us a two folded gazette featuring the wide variety of exotic food choices they offer. Its amazing how this restaurant manage to provide such an extensive selection of foreign cuisines of different influences. Since I was too busy pointing my lens to the restaurants interesting interior, Lara reviewed the menu for our orders.

Mezzo Mezze at Ziggurat Cuisine
Mezzo Mezze at Ziggurat Cuisine (300 Php)

The food that we ordered were a mix of Mid-Eastern, Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine like the delicious Beef Kabsa, Mezzo Mezze, Mixed Kebab and sweet Baklava.

Mango Lassi Ziggurat Cuisine
Mango Lassi (120 Php)

I ordered Mango Lassi (Mango flavored Yogurt shake) while Lara ordered a Ziggurat Iced Tea for our drinks.

Beef Kabsa at Ziggurat Cuisine
My Favorite Arabian Beef Kabsa (250 Php)

Beef Kabsa is an Arabian rice dish cooked with tomato sauce, Arabic herbs and spices. This dish is similar to the Paella of Spain.

Mezzo Mezze at Ziggurat Cuisine
Mezzo Mezze at Ziggurat Cuisine (300 Php)

Mezzo Mezze is composed of four favorite mezzes served on a special Mediterranean tile, it includes Humus, Mutabbal, Jassar, Mahroussa and three pieces of Khobiz. (300 php) Khobiz is a roud shaped traditional bread recipe in Arabic gulf area.

Baklava at Ziggurat Cuisine
Baklava Pastry ( 75 Php)

Baklava is a traditional Mediterranean sweet pastry made with phylo pastry, honey and pistachios.

Mixed Kebab at Ziggurat Cuisine
Mixed Persian Kebab (285 Php good for 2 people)

Mixed Kebab Special is composed of beef tikka, chicken tikka and a choice of beef, chicken or fish kufteh served with grilled vegetables.

True to its promise, we truly enjoyed our first visit in this restaurant. We will definitely go back and try some African dishes.

Ziggurat Cuisine
A must visit restaurant in Makati

The restaurant is open 24 hours and entrees are ranging from 150 pesos to 300 pesos. If you are in town, don’t forget to visit Ziggurat and experience a different kind of food-trek for your adventurous palate.

Ziggurat Cuisine is located at the Sunette Tower, Durban Street corner Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion in Makati City. It is directly behind I-Bank and Tiananmen Bar.

Telephone number (632) 897-5179 / 899-3336
Website : www.zigguratcuisine.com

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